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April 25, 2011

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Foo Fighters
"Wasting Light"
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Lady GaGa
"Born This Way"
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"Party Rock Anthem"
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December 17, 1972
Craig "DJ Homicide" Bullock (Sugar Ray)

December 17, 1961
Sarah Dallin (Bananarama)

December 17, 1958
Mike Mills (R.E.M.)

December 17, 1937
Art Neville (Neville Brothers)

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Lily Allen: 'Mark Ronson Got Me In Trouble By Playing Britney Spears Cover'

December 17, 2008
Lily Allen: 'Mark Ronson Got Me In Trouble By Playing Britney Spears Cover'Lily Allen has revealed that producer Mark Ronson landed her in trouble with her record label after he played her cover of Britney Spears 'Womanizer' on his radio show.

As previously reported, Ronson boasted about his “exclusive” before he debuted the track on New York's East Village Radio.

Since the song was played on air last Friday (December 13th) it has appeared on a number of file-sharing websites.

Writing on her blog, Allen told fans that she had recorded the cover because she is a fan of both the song and Spears.

But added “it wasn't my intention for it to have whizzed round the world like it has.”

She wrote: “Mark Ronson asked me for something no one had heard to play on his radio show and 'Womanizer' was the only song I had as an attachment on my Blackberry and I couldn't get home to send him anything else in time.

“I had asked him to talk all over it so it wouldn't get ripped, but he didn't - thanks Mark for getting me in serious trouble with my record company.”

Allen worked with Ronson on her debut album ‘Alright Still’. She is scheduled to release her second record, ‘It's Not Me, It's You’, on February 9th.

(by Jason Gregory)

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