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April 25, 2011

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July 19, 1960
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July 19, 1947
Bernie Leadon (The Eagles)

July 19, 1947
Brian May (Queen)

July 19, 1946
Alan Gorrie (Average White Band)

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Kele Okereke Admits Bloc Party Songs Are Autobiographical

July 19, 2010
Kele Okereke Admits Bloc Party Songs Are AutobiographicalKele Okereke has admitted that Bloc Party's songs were autobiographical, despite previously denying that the lyrics were about him.

Okereke has often maintained that the songs he wrote for the group weren't written from his point of view.

But, in an interview with The Sun, the singer admitted that he had come to use song writing as a form of therapy.

"I've always lied and said the songs aren't about me, but they are,” he said.

“Writing is my therapy. Being creative in itself is a form of therapy.

The singer added: "I was thinking about Michael Jackson recently and how he was an other-worldly performer, the whole package, but his personal life was in ruins.

"Performing must have been his therapy."

Okereke is currently touring in support of his debut solo album, 'The Boxer'.

(by Jason Gregory)

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