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April 25, 2011

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Foo Fighters
"Wasting Light"
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Lady GaGa
"Born This Way"
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"Party Rock Anthem"
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February 22, 1937
Bobby Hendricks (The Drifters)

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Jay-Z: 'The Rise Of The BNP Is A Problem'

February 22, 2010
Jay-Z: 'The Rise Of The BNP Is A Problem'Jay-Z says the rise of the BNP is a “problem” and that Britain needs a new leader with the charisma of Barack Obama to “galvanise” voters.

The rapper, who is actively engaged in US politics, said it was up to the British public to demand change.

He told The Sun: "Everyone needs new blood once in a while. And Britain needs it to shake up the country.

“People are calling it Broken Britain, so there's obviously a problem.”

Jay-Z added that neither Gordon Brown nor David Cameron were capable of engaging with young voters.

This, the rapper indicated, was vital to prevent the rise of political parties such as the BNP, who have enjoyed recent success at the polls.

"The rise of the BNP is also a problem,” he said.

“Power is dangerous in the hands of the wrong person and it's up to the people to get them out of there - which goes back to voting.

"We have to use that power. We can't just sit back and not vote - that's dangerous.”

Jay-Z went on to praise the way President Obama had connected with the US public before stepping into The White House.

He also renewed his support to the president, whose recent policy changes have been blighted by a number of setbacks.

(by Jason Gregory)

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