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April 25, 2011

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April 19, 1956
Rod Morgenstein (Winger)

April 19, 1944
Mark Volman (The Turtles)

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Rihanna Says Katy Perry's Husband Russell Brand Made Her Sick

April 19, 2011
Rihanna Says Katy Perry's Husband Russell Brand Made Her SickRihanna has revealed that she didn't like friend Katy Perry's husband Russell Brand when she first met him.

The singer had her first introduction to the British comedian-turned-actor when he interviewed her on a TV show.

In an interview with Australian magazine Cleo, Rihanna said she was feeling unwell before the interview and that Brand didn't make her feel any better.

She said: "I was sick and it was the worst interview I've ever done. I was throwing up in a bucket and a doctor gave me a shot in my butt.

"Nothing was funny to me. I thought it was the most stupid f*cking interview I ever did in my f*cking life. Why am I talking to this idiot? He made me want to throw up again."

But Rihanna went on to admit that she found Brand funny after a second encounter on another TV show.

"I was probably a complete b*tch, but only months afterwards did I get it," she added.

Rihanna and Perry are close friends, and the singer was responsible for organising Perry's hen do last year.

(by Jason Gregory)

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