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April 25, 2011

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Foo Fighters
"Wasting Light"
Billboard Albums #1 - Foo Fighters

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Lady GaGa
"Born This Way"
Euro Singles #1 - Lady GaGa

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UK Albums #1 - Adele

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"Party Rock Anthem"
UK Singles #1 - LMFAO


June 27, 1959
Lorrie Morgan

June 27, 1942
Bruce Johnston (The Beach Boys)

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The Subways Call Glastonbury Set 'An Amazing Moment'

June 27, 2008
The Subways Call Glastonbury Set 'An Amazing Moment'The Subways’ singer Billy Lunn claimed his band’s Pyramid Stage performance was the alarm call the festival needed.

Speaking straight after his lunchtime slot, he said: “We’ve been an alarm clock for everyone, it was quite early. Wake up! I think we managed that, everyone was singing, oh what fun.”

In 2005 their Pyramid Stage slot was cancelled because of lightning, so it was an emotional occasion for the three-piece to finally play on the Pyramid Stage.

“In 2005, I think it was an omen for the whole year, so today was a bit of a homecoming, an amazing moment.

“I love everything about this place, just the whole aesthetic of the festival,” he shouts, beer in each hand, clearly enjoying the aftermath of a career-highlight permrmance.

“We’ve gotta shoot off now, more shows to play. But I wish I could stay, you guys enjoy yourself.”

(by Greg Rose)

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