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Background information
Origin Teignmouth, Devon, England, UK
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
New prog
Space Rock
Years active 1994—present
Label(s) East West Records
Mushroom Records
Warner Music Group
Website Website
Matt Bellamy
Dominic Howard
Chris Wolstenholme

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Muse's 'Uprising' Makes American Idol Appearance

April 21, 2011
Muse's 'Uprising' Makes American Idol AppearanceMuse's hit 'Uprising' was covered on American Idol on Wednesday (April 20).

Singer James Durbin sang the track after contestants were asked to perform a song from the 21st century.

Durbin was praised by the show's judges, who include Aerosmith star Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

The performance marked the first time Muse's music has been used on the programme.

'Uprising' is taken from the band's 2009 album 'The Resistance', which helped the band raise their profile in the US. THe band recently toured South America as the support act for U2.

(by Jason Gregory)

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