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The Real Thing

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The Real Thing Lyrics

"The Real Thing" lyrics

Ive seen your face a thousand times,
have all your stories memorised,
Ive kissed your lips a million ways,
but I still love to have you around.

ive held you to many times to count,
I think I know you inside out,
and were together most days,
but i still love to have you around.

and your the one i want,
and its not just a phase,
and your the one I trust,
our love is the real thing.

Dont go away, my love,
I want you to stay in my life,
dont go away,my love,
Im happiest when we spend time.

your a salty water, ocean wave,
you knock me down you kiss my face,
i know the storms will always come,
but i still love to have you around.

And heaven knows what will come next,
so emotional, your so complex,
a rollercoaster built to crash,
but i still love to have you around.


Its your there when I close my eyes,
and you in the morning,
i never thought you'd still be mine,
or id ever really need you around.


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