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The Mooney Suzuki

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The Mooney Suzuki Lyrics

"Shake That Bush Again" lyrics

Lookin' for some shelter
Lookin' for some peace
The fire in the furnace
Been burnin' like the beast
My pants have all been pressed
All my collars neatly creased
My ride bummin' thumb is up
Cause now the hounds have been

Cloud around my head
Leaves beneath my feet
Fever in my fingertips
And grease between my teeth
Shakin' when I wake up
Keep a heavin' just to breathe
Chubby cherub up above me
Heathen fiend asleep beneath

I dont know where Im goin'
Only where I been
Shake that bush again

Leavin' in the evenin'
Good girl don't you grieve
But babe while I'm away
You keep ya secrets safe for me
Oh do you need the proof
Or mama do you just believe?
Or do you shake the hand of
Man With Evil Up His Sleeve?

Can ya understand
Stand behind your man
Might not always do right
But he do just what he can
Can't tell where he'll wind up
When he come around the bend
But you bet when he get there
Gonna shake that bush again

Shake it baby

Man is just a man
He can leave it he can take it
But baby shake that tail just like a
rattlesnake can shake it
Ignominious decision but somebody
got to make it
Lord I know I made a promise but Im
gonna have to break it

Lookin' for some shelter
Lookin' for some peace
The fire in the furnace
Is burnin' like the beast
Yes Im headed West when the weary
leave the East
There's a new broom near my
Sweep it clean for the deceased

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