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The Faint
The Faint

Background information
Origin Omaha, Nebraska
Genre(s) Indie Rock
Post-punk Revival
New Wave
Years active 1995—present
Label(s) Saddle Creek Records
Associated acts Vverevvolf Grehv
Broken Spindles
Depressed Buttons
Website Website
Todd Fink
Jacob Thiele
Joel Petersen
Clark Baechle
Former members
Conor Oberst
Matt Bowen

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The Faint Lyrics

"Birth" lyrics

In the beginning there was semen,
In a deep mouth of flesh,
At the crest I travelled,
On a wave of virile mass.

Through a tunnel of mucus,
And on toward a vault,
With tourists and traffic,
I just paced myself.

Not "I" as my whole self,
Just the half that I had,
Before greeting the rest,
Of my better half.

A connection was made,
Through the shared love of science,
And vows were taken,
A seed was hired.

A cavern of fluid,
Brought shape to my hide,
In the months that remained,
Til the time of my life.

I thrashed for the reason,
Of spilling from the crack,
To the palms of the doctor,
To a towel full of scraps.

My brains wouldn't fit,
Through her organ of sex,
An incision was made,
With a scalpel and masks.

I should have noticed the beauty,
And not how it hurt,
Wet like a cherry,
In the bloodbath of birth.

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