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Ray Davies Rules Out 'Nostalgic' Kinks Reunion

September 23, 2008
Ray Davies Rules Out 'Nostalgic' Kinks ReunionThe Kinks frontman Ray Davies has said he has no intention of reforming the band for “nostalgic reasons”.

But Davies said the band, who formed in the 1960s, are "three quarters of the way" towards recording new material.

The only doubt is his brother Dave Davies, the band's guitarist, who suffered a stroke in June 2004.

"The stumbling block is my brother because he was seriously ill recently and whether he feels ready to do it,” Ray Davies told the BBC.

Davies, who is due to appear in his own musical, Come Dancing, in London this month, said the desire was there to reform.

“But the thing that would make me decide yes or no would be whether or not we could do new songs, even if it's four or five," Davies said.

"But I couldn't do it just for nostalgic reasons. My pitch to the other guys in the band - because I'm really for it - was what would we have written if we hadn't have had our first hit, 'You Really Got Me'?"

"What if we put ourselves in that situation, what would have happened? So I think new work is important for artists as they mature and get older.”

(by Jason Gregory)

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