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Snoop Dogg
Snoop Dogg

Background information
Birth name Cordozar Calvin Broadus
Born October 20, 1971
Origin Long Beach, California, United States
Genre(s) Gangsta Rap
Years active 1992—present
Label(s) Doggystyle Records
Capitol Records
Geffen Records
Death Row Records
Priority Records
No Limit Records
EMI Music
Associated acts Tha Dogg Pound
Nate Dogg
Pharrell Williams
Cypress Hill
Ice Cube
Tha Eastsidaz
Nine Inch Dix
Website Website

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Snoop Dogg Album

Dead Man Walkin' (10/31/2000)
May I (feat. Lil' Malik)
Head Doctor (feat. Raphael Saadiq & Swoop G)
Tommy Boy (feat. Dat Nigga Daz)
Gangsta Walk (feat. Tha Dogg Pound)
County Blues (feat. Kevin Vernado)
I Will Survive (feat. Kurupt, Techniec & Kevin Vernado)
My Favorite Color (feat. Big Hutch)
Me And My Doggs (feat. Techniec)
. . .

Now... who got the beat that makes ya bump?
And who got the bump that ya thump?
Well, I got the funk that makes ya bump
So we gon funk this motherfucker right on up
Well here's a toast to the boogie while I step on in
So put your lighters in the air and let the smoke kick in
I got the motion, the potion 
and once ?? hit the groove everything is in motion
We coastin through the neighborhood and lookin around
And all of my homies on lock down, we keep it underground
Man, I done foudn the only way to put mine down is to dip, skip with the homies from the Dogg Pound
Sup, Bow-Wow, how my nigga feelin?
Oh, I'm on the money mission to get a pocket full of millions
Like Sicilians, we do it mafioso
Doggy style, Dogg Pound, Death Row is the logo
I do it by my lonely cause I'm true to the code
Plus I die with the homies cause that's all I really know
Who started with me, who departed with me
Through thick and thin we heartless-ass G's
Regardless, let's see with biphocles, let's try the locals
And y'all wonder why they despise my vocals
I fooled you like crystals, rap spittin like lips do
When I dismiss you, me and my click, fool

May I (may... I), may I funk with you?
(repeat x4)

To be a high rolla, you need a pistola
And about a half a key of some Coca Cola
Now that I got older, I got a little colder
And I don't trip to get a chip off my nigga's shoulder
Million dreams of a gangsta, being like Cagney
A bowlie for Snoop Doggy
Ain't no follow-up, man, I'm a general, so when I put it down I gots to be so orignal
I'm quick to bust, just like Daz Dillinger
But that's the little homie, I'm the big homie, Snoop Don Corleone
Spit three words up in lightning
As long as I'm bouncin with this I know you like it
Fo' sho tho, you can't take my fo-do'
I'm layin around in the DPG in a grey photo
Get pushed around downtown in the back of a car
The Double R from the Durwood store


Well in verse three, the worst see?
After part two, know when I stop the clock there be a heart, too
And just the two of us, gonna show you how we do, 
I thought you knew we bust
I demolish, stay polished, no time to rust
No dividing, multiplying cause it's never too much, like Luthor
Cause ya see ain't no loser 
that can get the scoop on the supa-dupa Snoop
I refuse the tactics, you ain't used to drastics
I choose to mash like Land Cruisers
You know I isn't the bomb digga-dee, bomb-beeze
They can't get with the D-O double G
You no MC slash master of ceramonies
Runnin thangs, pullin strings callin Snoop pesky
Lesson, blessin', stressin' manifest me
Don't wanna test me, I'm guaranteed to let it rest, see?

Chorus x3

May I?

. . .

G shit, LBC shit, remember how it used to be?
Mmm, you remember so much
No we didn't, see if you can remember this shit

1982 now what was I to do
All I wanna do ic claim RTC
Cuz all of my homies from ICG
So we gon do this thang for tha LBC
Cuz we all one love and yeah this tha dub
On my eleven gettin slicker
Buyin liquor from a non-liquor store
Quick to dick a hoe and get tha big homie for a 64
He ain't gon miss it though
Cuz I'm too slick for him to notice it was gone
But I fucked up and scraped his chrome
Now he's tryin to take my dome
Hangin out all in front of my home
Now I got to getsome of my chrome on my own
Now it's really on
Cuz I'm a dome this nigga and get him for his shit
Put tha switches on his riches 
Now his bitch is my bitch
Ain't that a trip how I'm a crip
But I won't hesitate to test another rip
See thats the plan I was brainwashed not to know
But nigga fuck what you goin through this 2-0
And by tha time I'm 17 if I ain't in tha pin
I'm on a mission wit tha homeboys mashin again
Ridin, hoo-bangin like Mack 10
Back on tha streets again and strapped in
I'm lookin for tha niggas wit tha wrong fingas up
Nigga I don't give a fuck, nigga I don't give a fuck em
Straight bang, bang, bang, bangin, bangin

Shoot em up, shoot em up bang bang
It's all fair in tha gang bang

I feel like livin it up 
I mean will like livin it up, you know
Bang to tha boogie and boogie to tha bang
Tha sound of mi nina when she feel tha need to sang

I got a gang of bitches who ride for me now
Not to mention tha homeboys locked down in tha p now
See now tha road get shaky but you can't break
Watch out for them hoodrats, snakes
Cus E told me a little story that left me kinda hurt
The lil homie did too much dirt and got worked
Now he's on the run and dyin of thirst
Stayin at his girls spot on 21st 
And when he gets snitched on that ain't tha worst
Cuz he might not make it to tha last verse
But meanwhile back in tha p now
Me and my niggas is representin LBC style
Straight hoo-bangin and slangin cigarettes
I shank ya baby brotha just to get a rep
We straight bangin

*Chorus x4

This is Dogg Pound for life
This is Dogg Pound for life, yeah right
What you join tha game for you lil busta
Now you wanna cross us out and disrespect us
Musta thought we was bustas or sumthin
I drop two niggas I don't need you niggas
Thats tha one thang I learned about tha gang bang
If you gon gang bang
Ya gots to be able to bang like yourself man
So whether you bangin for crip or blood
You better bang for sumthin young thug
Cuz you'll get banged on not by bangas
But by Johnny Law cuz they love to hang us I hear ya 
I ride wit ya dogg if you can get me to tha border
My baby mama flipped out and dipped out wit my daughter
I oughta trip on that bitch I oughta flip on that bitch
I can't trip cuz she look like my daughter and shit
So I'm a load up my clip and go ridin high
And every police car that I see ridin by
I autograph their car wit my brand new lid
Drinkin to tha set and hope my dogg young have head
Throwin up DPG for L-I-F-E cuz thats all I see
Wit love for the LB

chorus (w/ Snoop)

. . .

f/ Swoop G

You remind me of somebody
I used to know, I used to know

Snoop ***talkin w/ chorus***
Ya'll ain't even gonna believe this shit man
Remember that bitch I had
That little light skined bitch
Yea this bitch was a trip
You know how she loved to sucked a niggas dick
Every once in a while this bitch got to the point to
Where she thought she was gonna be getting
Some here and there 
I told her I wasnt tryin to have that
and the bitch wipped out
So check this out

Verse One: Snoop Doggy Dogg

I'm at home, layin low
Everything is everything watin on my hoe
I know its hard to imagne yet a nigga on my status
Had a night like tonight look here I'm glad
Came to an end
My girlfriend slid into the bedroom with a women
Come in, is what she said closed the door and jumped in the bed
Baby would of gave a nigga head insted of flippin and trippin
I run along with the PG, hm
and that's on DP
I mean what could I say, what could I do
Anything I say and do is a catch 22
and I knew I had a clue 
Of some type of suspion
Tuesday night when I see you up a peanuts fishin'
I wasnt really trippin
At first I wasn't gonna go dippin
Then I said dame look at all these bitches
I went inside couldnt believe my eyes
Snatch up four fly bitches, time to ride
Tell by the earl pull the Bently in front
Hit me with a G thang, fuck a blunt
Ridin at the highway, thangs going my way
Tell the bitches that be goin to my place
Fellin like Teddy Pendagrass on the freeway
Get my dicked knocked off, in a G way
Yea they know the program its a set
and lovin each other and lovin my dick
It's a trip but I don't see nothin wrong with it
So you could work your thang would you Snoop
and I'm sip this drank, thank and recoop
Cuz when you close the bar down
you know what {you know what}
Baby you a star know

Hook 2X: Snoop w/ chorus
I can't fuck no head doctor
I don't give a fuck even if the bitch is proper
She might be cute, she might be thick
but she will get G'd if she don't suck dick

Verse Two: Swoop G

Man I wanted the fly 
When it come to what these women say 
You know I'm the coldest
Cuz I spit that shit you niggas thank
Like proper, pimpin', prevence for preformances
I have the baddest bitch go get my grip
Go walk the strips, her ten toes touch the payment for mine
You know the time, cuz when it's time to make the payment of mine
My bitch grind, make that G's stack come back and gimme that
All of that proper amount yea, my full count
and know she wants to have sex with me
I told her please sell my piece make my portion a fee
and I'm put you in position for victory
As long as you follow directions carefully
So I flossed her a month, nephew you know whats up
I keep a bad broad servin that raw and uncut
So I send her up in peanuts for the trickin
She ran in this nigga and some bitches
Who talkin bout he gone pay in a real way
No more be said, break off the big heads
and you can get that, hit that, and spit that
Boss up muthafucka and you can pimp that

Hook: Swoop G w/ chorus
I can't fuck no head doctor
I don't give a fuck even if the bitch is proper
She might look cute, she might be thick
but she fuck with Swoop
The bitch gon get pimped

I can't fuck no head doctor
I don't give a fuck even if the bitch is proper
She mignt look cute, she might be thick
but she fuck with Swoop 
So you know she gettin' pimped

**Snoop & {Swoop} talkin**

Hook 2X: Snoop w/ chorus
I can't fuck no head doctor
I don't give a fuck even if the bitch is proper
She might be cute, she might be thick
but she will get G'd if she don't suck dick

. . .

Cuz were all a little strong 
In the beach where the papers long 
but as for me I only G when I'm buss'n rocks 

Now when I wake up in the morining 
and I get up out my bed 
I fell good, oh yes I do 
Cause I still can give it up for you {What up cuz} 

Cuz where all a little strong 
In the beach where the papers long 
but as for me I only G when I'm buss'n rocks {Dogg Pound} 

Cuz were all a little strong 
In the beach where the papers long 
but as for me I only G when I'm Buss'n rocks {So take that} 

[Verse One:]
You know you gotta have heart 
I told you niggas from the start 
If I'm still in it I'm in it for life 
Always stay down and keep my muthafucking game tight 
Cuz ever since elementary or was it pre school cool 
I was a muthafuckin fool 
I had to have papers it was routine 
A young nigga on a mission for them collard greens 
I shake niggas, break niggas, make niggas , shank theyselves 
For fuckin with my wealth 
and it'll catch on 
Cuz if it don't it's on 
and cuz I ain't even slippin when I'm all alone 
Sittin back laughin' in the chronic zone 
Clown me ya gone 
Surround me it's on 
and it's the same old song 
Niggas paper so long 
They call him Snoop Capone 
So if you want me, get me , got me 
Should of had shot him 
but now they call me Snoop Gotti 
and that's all I LBC betta yet 
That's all I DPGC 

Hook w/ chorus]

Yea Eastside 
Yea Westside 
Yea Eastside, for life 

[Verse Two]
I'm slappin bones 
Tryin to get some bones 
With some dogg pound gangstas in front of my home 
Bigg 6, bigg 5 3's with ya bitch 
My girls in the kitchen cookin up some fish 
I'm blastin at this nigga that was trippin 
Knuckle head nigga, thought I was slippin 
but I wasn't slippin I was on deck 
I blast his ass peck peck know his shirts wet 
Dead gone lights out 
With no remorse, I had to take him out 
I'm laughin at this shit cause it was funny 
Fuckin with the dogg I take your life and your money 
and now I dip too my spot 
and set up shop with yo rocks 
and bet nobody speak on the 8-7 
Cuz still all dogg go to heaven 
From my hood to your hood 
Game reconize it's all to the good 
So heres a toast to the indo 
Doing it like it's the thang to do 
I thought you knew 

[Chorus: 2X 
Hook w/ chorus]

Eastside, westside 
Eastside for life 


[Verse Three]
Freestylin C-stylin 
Snoop and Pooh comin through fixin to take you to the island 
Where the bitches and the bud come free 
and everybody listen to the D-O double G 
Hoes on my dick, niggas on my nuts 
People be lovin me because I drop cuts 
That makes sense and make big money 
See Snoop is that nigga who don't half to play funny 
but I got yo honey up under my wing 
Cuz she like that song that the bow wow sing 
I'll put her in a cling 
I won't buy her a ring 
but I'll put her on a hoe stroll make me 
and even if she never saw me befo 
Theres just no way that she can tell me no 
You know my game unbelievable baby 
and it's strong enough to make your grandmama pay me 

**Snoop talking** 
You know what I'm sayin 
Is this the question that you have to ask 
Only the strong survive 
but you gotta ask the question 
See why the survivors Eastsidaz yea 

Hook 2X w chorus]

Yea Eastside Westside 
Eastside for life 

**Snoop talkin** 
West coast 
Gangsta shit 
DJ Pooh 
That nigga Snoop Dogg 
DPGC yea 
Old school to the new school 
West coast rules fool 
You betta ask sombody 
DPGC ya 

[Chorus to fade]

. . .

f/ Daz Dillinger

[Snoop Dogg]
Southern hospitality
Yea (This that south shit boy)
Y'all know how we do this (shit)
What up fool
This for all my boys in Mississippi
Magnolia, McConnell (fightin south you know)
This for all my boys in Tennessee (tell 'em)
Holler at ya boy when I get there (MJG and Eightball)
All my playas in Houston
Atlanta GA (Georgia boys, in the hou-)
(We'll say sup to that New Orleans clique out there)

[Snoop Dogg]
It's a Sunday a fun day, one day
Away from Monday, and all day ain't no gunplay
And everything is alright outside (why)
Cuz ? put his speech down and got all the brothers to ride
For one cause, and that's how it is y'all
Wise on up to rise on up dawg
Each one teach one, let the lesson be taught
It ain't my fault your homie Tommy Boy got caught
If he was slicker than grease, he woulda been at peace
Instead tryna ride while the war was at cease

[Daz Dillinger]
When me and Snoop was kids we always knew this kid named Tommy
His parents died left him with gangit kinds of money
But Tommy was a hustler from around the way
Stayed on the northside of town, is where he say
He payed attention to whatever, they was games so clever
If the situation was bad it can only get better
He ran around the dope house

[Snoop Dogg (Daz)]
So he put us up on his scheme
He knew that we was riders so he wanted us on his team
(Uh, poor Tommy)
Getcha money, size team (uh)
Getcha money man
(He was out to get paid)
Getcha money man (Poor Tommy)
Getcha money man (Me and Snoop on his team)
(Get paid) Gotta have that money man (Getcha money man)
Getcha money man (Getcha money man)

[Snoop Dogg]
Tommy was a rider, big money
Tommy had everything, it wasn't funny
All the younger G's used to look up to him
But there was no way, that the bigger ones could do him
They would try him, try him, everytime he was slick
But he never would slip, he always had his grip
And if he did, he'd get away cuz he was just to fast
Homie up Tommy, Tommy, Tommy's out to mash
Get it, get it, get it, cuz ya gotta have it
And when ya get make sure ya grab it and stab it
Maintain it, brain it, the way ya gots to
Cuz this is somethin to rock to

Man, we sacked up dollars and Caddies,
Omiscious muggin 'em for him
We had to gather up cash - whoever owed it to him
The hitman had hit us, niggas runnin shit,
and never wantin to quit us, when the machine gun spit
Now we really deep in the game, now it's murder and drugs
No names involved when that nigga caught a slug
Tommy told us forget it, that he's always down wit us
The problems of the murder will be aquitted (young nigga)

[Snoop Dogg]
Now word on the streets is that Machine Gun Tommy,
ridin on big ballers for a pasttime hobby
So if ya havin money, and ya smoke big weed
First thing ya need is a security team
And we provide, or should I say we ride for Tommy
My compadre, and if he say "spray em", we spray
So I suggest, you get with the 'PG,
or find yourself layin six feet dizzy

[Daz (Snoop Dogg)]
We was down with big Tommy
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man)
On the streets doing his thang, gettin paid
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man..)
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man..)
We was down with big Tommy
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man)
Me and Snoop still on his team, big pimps gettin paid
We was down with big Tommy
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man.. getcha money man)
We was down with big Tommy
(Getcha money man.. getcha money man..)
Check me out now man

We had money, jewelry and expensive cars
Niggas who didn't know us, finally know who we are
We was important to the neighborhood like presidents and mass,
everytime he do a lick he break us off our proper share
A couple of days Tommy was on top of the world
Threw a party with the homies, invited gangs of girls

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, it was off the hook ya'know
We had everything from Indo to blow (Whhaaatt, you sniff blow?)
Oh hell no, I got my whole life ahead of me, no time to be sniffin
If Tommy find out, boy he'll be trippin
So I stay A-Ok, but anyway
Tommy got somethin to say, to say, to say...

[Tommy talking]
Aye look here mayne,
What some people won't do for money
Yea I had these two niggas that was on my team
Ya'know, down with me like the Grey Tape
It's always the niggas that's closest to ya,
that be the ones that try to get'cha, ya'knowhaImsayin
Shit I heard these ladies the other day say that pimpin was dead
I said not in my bed bitch {*echo*}
Ah-ha, that's real, I'll put that on my fiz-sound
I'm a pimp 'til I die, cuz I represent the big,
as well as the small ha-ha

. . .

When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer
(repeat 4x)

Ahh, used to be a hard kid
Rhyme a rhyme and tap this
Sippin silver satin while we smoked on the pin head
A couch was a nigga bed
Mary kept a nigga fed
Twenty first a nigga, yeah that's where a nigga live
I'm on the GA and fucked the D.A.
Why? Cause the railroad the homie easy
And just cause the didn't know what (Whasup)
I'm on a motherfuckin mission to come up, come up


1 - I feel like givin it up
Weall like livin it up
(repeat 2x)

2 - When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer

1 overlaping 2

We are living in a world
Where anything can go at anytime
And if you ain't up on the game
Then I suggest you rearrange
Cause change gone come
And it ain't waitin on no one
They got me plottin from the bottom
With the ??? ain't no stopin'
And all I want for Christmas is forty city hoppin'
Is the to much to ask fo', oh no
And I heard through the eastside you spend to get some dough
So when you get your funk, go take to the store
Take it to daddy rap cause hes a pro-fessional
Guaranteed to get your shit up off the flo'
Beach city rider you know, fo sho'
You see that what flossin' is all about
The tightest rider gone turn it out
Bouncin, swirving and looking cute
Dogg Pound out the moon, Johnny longing for soup

Chorus 2x

Everybody in my family is nervous and waitin'
How can I be patience?
Look at what I'm facin'
They ain't the ones that gonna be riding to the station
So it what it all boils down to just some inspiration
Interpretation, the conversation you had with the judge
Of all judges budge this
And put it in perspective all praises due, true
We are living in a world
Where anything can go at anytime
And if you ain't up on the game
Then I suggest you rearrange
Cause change gone come
And it ain't waitin on no one
For all the drama I done went through
To get this to ya
How do I think I was gone do ya
Have you been mislead, since I asked you all to creep with me
You coundn't be cause ever since its been DP
LB-B.S chronic in my chest
Deathrow doggystyle holding down the west
With a shot of what gangstas drink
And a took off for a choke off, the most kept my G's off a toast
And keep LBC singing yall, DP ginging yall
We and yall face it all
Times living it up
Snoop Dogg again and you know I'm just giving it up

Chorus 2x

When Doggy Dogg comes
You better answer (you better answer)
(repeat 15x)

Fade into backround

. . .

Do you think it is by accident that everytime
a black leader appears on the horizon
with any kind of cleverness, or charisma he's cut down?
Malcom, Martin, Leadkur, I want you to arm yourself
And I've asked Josh to be your bodyguard

All right Dason
It might be good for Joshua to seal, like he has somethin' to do
So detatched from us, these are only for you

(Snoop Dogg)
Damn, cool, good, so good, gotta do wrong
so cold should... gotta do wrong

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
It seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me
The world is filled with so much jealousy
You don't know who to trust cause you might get shot

(Snoop Dogg)
You might get got, and you might not
Make it to see a whole 'nother day, you better
watch your hand and watch how you play
Cause you don't know how the system might get you twisted
if you don't pay attention, and you'll come up missin'
I'ma give it to you - live and direct
Cause I know, a million niggas doin' bad and they check
They game every day but they try to find a way
But somehow, some way, there ain't no pay (uh)
It's the same game, from my town to your town
from L.A. to Chi-Town, Baghdad (that's right)
To the rebel we deliver the true game
And niggas gettin' upset cause they can't maintain (player haters)
Don't get mad cause I was blessed with a gift
To give you people what you need and no more deep shit (that's right)
Lit up, get up, sit up, I write it
Then I, put you all in the mood, you invited
So come on down and party with the pound (come on)
You ain't never heard a nigga come around and put it down
Just like the Soopa-Doopa, with no Woopers
Guranteed to comin' through the party, see you visual cooper
Take her to my criz-zay, what you dizzy-in'
I ain't gonna discuss this, no more about to bust it
And when I do it, I'm gonna touch it, no discussion
It's Snoop Dogg, I got some languages aimin' for the Russians
and the overseas g's, please
Let me get you one of these with another ill beat (number two)
I gots to do ya, like ya never been done
It's Snoop Dogg representin' Funk-2-1
I'm about the gee-ist of 'em all
Can you name a rapper who can fade the dog - hell nah
And if you can - you're lyin' to yourself
And if you lyin', you're dryin' with your cover
And if you dyin, you fuckin' with your death
I'm Snoop Dogg and I'm the top rapper, at the top of the shelf
I leave these suckers in amazement, dazement
And Death Row is still the label that pays me

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
Seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me
This world is filled with so much jealousy
I don't know who to trust cause
if I trust hey I might, end up shot (end up shot, hmm)

(Snoop Dogg)
I turn to the left and I turn to the right
I see some motherfuckers 'bout to have a fight (whassup, whasssup?)
What should I do? (should I do) Should I watch, uh?
Or should I jump in? Or should I come with the glock?
I knocks on the door, plus "Oh No"
I gots to avoid the drama and take the slow-mo
type of approach - I'm the team and the coach
I hooks a left turn - no burn, for your concern, you gots to learn
Cause Snoop is on the mic and I'ma give you what you earned
And if you get it, watch me spit it
I'm commited to do it and I'm a still aquitted
Never ever did it, or forget it
This guranteed to keep the party hittin'
And I'ma give you people what you need
And I'ma smoke up on just like a bag of weed
And if you into the mixture and into the rapture
Just sit back and listen cause Snoop Dogg's about to catch ya
Snatch ya and adapt ya with the shit that I got (hmm-hmm)
I'm guranteed to rock the party non-stop (that's right)
You ain't never heard a rapper who can flip this script
Guranteed to make the hoe's go ahead and get whipped
And when they stop rockin' - they won't
But if you fake the funk (youse a punk), then youse a punk (haha)
You gots to keep it real with yourself baby boy (boy)
Cause if you don't then you ain't labelled "The Real McCoy"
I'm Snoop Dogg, yes I'm true indeed
I'm guranteed to light it up and ride it up and side it up
I'm guarnteed to, do my thing
Everybody in the party if ya down to bang - sing
What'cha wanna do, what ya gots to
Cause this is somethin' to rock you

(Chorus: Snoop Dogg)
Seems like I gotta do wrong before they notice me
This world is filled with so much jealousy
I don't know who to trust cause
if I trust either I might, end up shot or (end up shot, hmm)
Seems like, (seems like), seems like, (seems like)
I gotta do wrong

. . .

f/ Tha Dogg Pound (Daz Dillinger and Kurupt)

Now this side gangsta walk (say what?)
And this is how gangsta's talk (like that?)

[Breakdown: Kurupt]
Tell 'em how we do, tell 'em what we do
This is what we do nigga - gangsta's talk!
Tell 'em one more time - gangsta talk!
All the homies in the hood - gangsta talk!

To my nigga Eastwood - gangsta talk!
Kurupt and Daz - gangsta talk!
Gangsta's ride, uhh, do what gangsta's do
Bandanna hangin from the rear view
Too smart, know them up, hold 'em up (though)
We could go head up, and I'll fold 'em up slow
There's a gangsta loose, callin all cars
Just left the house in some blue Allstars
Passin by on them thang, it's a brown MC
Niggaz goin buffin DPG (Dogg Pound, Dogg Pound)
Niggaz mad Dogg bumpin a bank account (wood)
But I don't recognize the busta
So I hit up the hood, wit one hand on the heater
The other in the air, Dogg Pound gangsta's yo, we don't care
I gots to watch myself - especially my health, before anything else
My life, my wealth, I'ma G, and I do what gangsta's do
And they do it like me and my G Tray Deee

[Snoop Dogg]
Bitch talkin shit, huffin a dip
Call up my niggaz and say "Yo, don't even trip"
DAZ and my nigga Kurupt
Came through and a MC scooped me up
Aiiyo, I got the ? I usually does
Young Gotti in the back seat fucked up cous'
Man it's ashame how my gang-gang-bang
No disrespect but, hey, we want thangs
In the ? lets see what quest ? seas
Eightball slippin, Dogg Pound trippin
Back in the mo', where we don't give a fuck
My baby brother NYA, and just he got stuck
By them same motherfuckers who supposed to be killin me
Peelin me, and ya niggaz ain't feelin me
Bad news, seem to travel fast
When you on the mask, and all about'cha cash
All my niggaz in the ?, gangsta talk
And all my homies sippin Hen', gangsta talk
If ya can't get out, and you mad as hell
Say "Biatch," that'll make ya sound for real

[Daz Dillinger]
Fuck wit us we, gon' hurt somebody
Fuck wit us we, gon' hurt somebody
Only gone, Dillinger, Young Gotti
Fuck wit us we, gon' hurt somebody

Cha-pow! Layin all these wack niggaz down
Churned out, blowned out, work high, hell
Whattup? I see my niggaz all in the cut
Layed back, actin a nut, waitin 'till we 'rupt
No remorse, as we bust, let her feel the dust
Let 'em do what we gotta do, fuckin shit up
Let it be known - Daz Dillinger, rough to the bone
And all alone through the neighborhood Heidi blown
High stylin and profilin, niggaz comin after me
In actuality they face the technicality
Let 'em feel the battle, it was a tragedy
Everywhere a nigga die for the salary
Pray to God, pray to Lord, watch after me
Prepair the back sniff streets mentality
It's the gang and we mad and we walk and we stalk
and we do what we do after dark
Niggaz keep doin what the fuck they gotta do
and we do what we do when we mash wit our crew bitch (ssh!)
Dillinger, willin ya and killin ya
Doin what I gotta do, it's blood that I'm spillin ya (yeah)
All over your floor; tell the fat guy "Ignore"
Break down your door and let kick ya one more!

Gangsta strait out! (bitch)
To the flat like that
Like whaaat, like this, like whaaat
(like this, like that)

[Kurupt] Now this is how gangsta's walk
And this is how gangsta's talk
[Daz] Whattup!?


The homie Big Style, gangsta talk
The homie Tray Deee, gangsta talk
Yeah Bad Azz, gangsta talk
The homie Technique, gangsta talk
Supafly, gangsta talk
Kurupt and Daz, gangsta talk
All my hoes, gangsta talk
All my bitches, gangsta talk
All the homies, gangsta talk
Tell 'em on more time, gangsta talk
Biatch! Gangsta talk..

[Snoop Dogg]
Yeah, this is how the gangsta's talk
Yeah, yeah, gangsta walk
All the real G's out there
I know you gettin yo gangsta walk on right now
Y'know all the real mack's out there
gettin they gangsta talk on right now
Yeah, DPG, as you can see
We in the place to see
We not talkin 'bout history, or biology
We just talkin 'bout g-eology
Strait up, gangsta walkin
We just gangsta talkin
DPG - we're gangsta's meant the world go..

. . .

[Snoop Dogg]
Sittin in a over crowded tank
I'm tryna see which nigga these niggaz plotin to get, uhh
Cause if it's me, it's on
Loc, the Esse wit the black knights just got stoned
And then he fell to the ground
Plus, his homie's ain't around so he better get a beat down
It's not a jack for his scratch or his shoes
It's life in the county and the county gives plenty blues
One point for the black guys
They rolled him up, swelled and belled
and left him with two black guys
He still alive so he know what's next
Any nigga they catch lookin they gon' put him to rest
So I made my best to protect my chest
On point all night cause if I sleep I might
Not make it in this world of fools
I might come up missin if I'm slippin in these County Blues

1 - Niggaz fuck around in they County Blues
You might come up missin, if you snooze you lose
You confused the fuckin system, when you need I be
Why? Cause it's a steady rainology

[Snoop Dogg]
See the first verse got'cho ass scared
But hold up, you gotta take a trip upstairs
What are fools always wonderin?
Young nigga, welcome (welcome)


[Snoop Dogg]
I be "God damn nigga, what'chu gon' do?"
Stay down for yo grits cause he who slips, gets, lick
and stuck, fucked and all that
Boy when you get out you betta not never come back
I tell you that'll make a punk hard
Put him on a killer row, where the killers kill and disregard
Say you don't gang-bang
Well why your homie - baby boo callin you by ya gang name? (Sup nigga?)
Uhh, later that night, a whole 'nother fight
But it's aiight, cause it's a nigga and a white
But damn, the Esse's is deep
And it look like they strait tryna creep, you peep?
Creep like T-L, on the D-L
But you fail, tryna tell Dabbity Bell
Well, that shit was disrespectful, nigga
You ran out on the brotha's
That's what'chu got checked for, and deck for
Nigga you'se a hoe (you'se a hoe)
Uhh, and I'ma let you know (let you know)
I mean, niggaz is bitches, when they get behind the wall
But I ain't talkin 'bout all y'all
Cause I know some niggaz from the C-P-T
and some big homie's from the L-B-C and South Central
Niggaz y'all know, y'all is the looniest
Keep it true and ya County Blues doin this

Repeat 1

. . .

f/ Kurupt, Technique

By dawn's early light
I shine brighter than the stars in the night
And 'bout ready for a fight
Come noon, I've consumed enough juice
To cut loose and throw a mic to the moon
Since I'm the sun, I'll make you one, it's all for fun
I'm torching hot and all the same
From playing war games with Saddam Hussein
Now who's sane? I'm insane, my membrane's on cold-grown
The tempature's rising, to fry the cells in your dome
It might be on, and if you think so, you know me
It's Tech Caponey, the Doggfather's little homey

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Ain't that somethin', how I got little homeys now?
I remember when I was just a little bow-wow
Writing for my rep, calling 'fore I step
Now I put niggas in the game just to stay on deck
High profile, but my style low-pro
Top dogg on the Row, Doggystyle C.E.O.
And I blow the best indo, that you know of
So when I'm in your town, dip down, and show love
You know what? What's up? Shit, I'm feeling good now
You better come and get me 'fore I fall into a freestyle

They say, what's a rapper? Well nigga, what's an emcee?
If they don't got the skills, then they don't roll with me
Ain't that the truth?, I'm bulletproof off the roof
I got a mic and a fix, that'll jack you for your tooth
I'm out for rep, but how long will it last?
I'm coming up quick, cause broke niggas need cash
At last, I'm at the top, so I maintain now
Gotta bang now, nigga this Doggystyle

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
All she ever wanted was a small time, love thang
Got my homey caught up in the dope game, coke game
He so sprung, on top of that he young
He's only thirteen years old, and the world's so cold
He never took the time-out to fall down on his knees
Until he fucked his G, got some keys, now they's enemies
The niggas he grew up with, they put him in the game
Now they 'bout to take him out the game
Man it's a shame, but you know how that shit go
That's life in the fast lane, that's why I roll ??

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop),
I'd rather not get shot
I'd rather sit in the studio and rock spots
Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, we're one big family, it's all DPG (DPG)
I got a G on the best bomb money can buy
I ain't out for no homicides, I'm out to survive
Dogg Pound, Doggystyle, one big family, it's all DPG (DPG)

(Niggas) Niggas and hoes will try to get you twisted
But I'm unlisted in the books
You base your life on that, you might get your life took, BLAOW!
Put me in the game, I'm riding hard 'til I win
Serve a crew, kill a few niggas, 'til the end
I mean, I'm a fiend for superior green
And all my life I got advice from a superior team
I gotta stay away from the casket
Don't get blasted, and tell my kids how I lasted
But my crew's mafioso, so my philoso-
Phy is to G to the day that I d-i-e

[Snoop Doggy Dogg]
Snoop Dogg, smooth and imperial
Wake up every morning to my Lucky Charms cerials
Time's getting drastic, man I'm a flas it
Dogg Pound Gangstas' choking off that boombastic
Have you ever heard?
I'm loose, shook the feds, like the juice, Snoop Dogg is 121st proof
Fool, you's a deuce, Deuce is some Genuine Draft
I'm a genuwine, like ??, and all about cash, cash,
Cash, I got some free, so indeed I gets the lighter for the hash
Has it ever been a time when you didn't have a dime
To your name, and the only way to gain is through crime?
Sometimes I used to pack, one time I got jacked by some sacs
But you know I got mine, you know about the Don Corleone
I'm-a survive and thank God for Lil' Spanky B. and Bone

[Chorus]: Kurupt,(Snoop),

. . .

Man what the FUCK do you think we're doin here
We're FED UP, we're sick of this shit!
And the police ain't never gonna get anywhere man
Shakin people down, shinin the lights in our eyes
Treatin all of us like criminals, cause of where we live
And right in front of our kids!

Uh sir do you know where your kids are right now?

Oh, oh, oh, shabba-dooba-dee-da-dee
Shab-dooba-da-da-dee-dee (Black)
Oh, oh, oh, (Part of being black yo)

[Snoop Dogg]
When I get up, shakin up, breakin up, takin up
Tryna get my money on, tryna cake up
Tryna stack up, and tryna back up
Tryna pack up, I gotsta act up, and get my thang right
Cuz you know, it's all part of being black
No disrespect to the white, but you know
When your black your black
You got to do one thing and try an get some get back
Uh it's the truth, it's a fact
That when your black, everybody on ya back
It's true, it's a fact
That when your black, everybody tryna take yo stack
Now watch out for the rat pack
From the black, yo' niggas in the front, yo' niggas in the back
Yo' niggas who got stack, and yo' niggas who got 'Lacs
Yo' niggas who don't get it, but yo' niggas who pack
Now you gotsta have a full game, cuz if you gone be black
You gotsta watch out, cuz these niggas want stacks
These niggas on a mission and they have to rat pack
They don't give a fuck, cuz these niggas is black
They being black about the mind, being black about paper
But being all about black ain't givin you vapors
And try to put you up on game and try to show ya
That if you ain't black, you besta get a white lawyer
Cuz I'ma tell ya and give ya the game, that
being black is like being in the yang
Cuz they always gone label you, always gone fable you
And always gone point at you when somethin go down
And I knew, that it would be me, and not jiz-ou
Cuz they know that I roll, with the biggest black criz-ew
And we all about gettin green
but when your black tryin to get green,
it's hectic, know what I'm mean?
Cuz they always gonna, stop ya - drop ya - pop ya - mop ya
And then they gonna sweep ya, up under the rug
No more gangbangin, no more hidin out thug
I'm tellin you the real, you better feel what I feel
Cuz these niggas on a mission, a mission to kill
And they ain't askin nobody and that's a fact
You better watch out if your black

[Male singer]
We all people
So tell me what we do to get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game
Beware, beware
We all people
Tell me when we gonna get cheated the same

[Snoop over chorus]
Uh, it's true that when your black, they out for ya stack
Gotta watch ya back, cuz niggas is niggas,
and that's part of being black
You gotta keep ya eyes on ya stack
These niggas gone getcha black, uh it's real
It's a fact, cuz ya gotta watch yourself when your kinda black
Be real, watch ya back,
cuz if you don't these niggas gone getcha black

[Snoop Dogg]
Now you wonder why I put so much pressure on my brothers
But niggas is niggas, and I can't put it no other -
Way, just play and say what you wanna say
Niggas is the same all throughout the USA
I been around the world, and I came on back home
And niggas is the same, they always try to get ya boy
They like dogs, squabblin, tryin to get yours
But if you ain't gone open it, they knock down the doors
They gone take what they get, gonna get what they take
And if you gone be fake, check that shit from the gate
If you afraid of the dark, then stay out the alley
They got blacks being blacks way out in the valley
I used to be afraid, like to be shook up
Cuz niggas like you always leave the game hooked up
Tryna get yours, but you gone get it too fast
Cuz I'ma tell ya, watch them niggas,
cuz them black ass niggas on the move in the mash boy
And niggas don't care cuz they out for cash and they know
If they catch you slippin, they gettin you and gettin away
Its part of the pay, its part of the day, they do it they way
And if you black it goes on like ev-er-y-day
I don't know black on black, black for black
But blacks take off on blacks
Blacks need to realize and wake up
And see we all one color, all one game
You my sister, you my brother
So you my daddy, or you my mother
I don't know but I know we all realated
And if we stay down there's no way that they can fade it
But that's just a game peice from me to y'all
But if black on black gone continue to brawl
Then black gone fall, then black knah
Y'all better wake up and check out the black Dogg

[Male singer]
So Snoop Dogg speak the real
It don't even make a difference if it got matching sho'real

[Snoop Dogg]
Uh, its like that,
then your black, they out for ya stack
And its a fact, when your black, ya can't come back
Cuz if ya go to the hood, they watchin you
They will lurk in you, they gonna get you
Cuz your not payin attention, you led a nigga too much,
but that nigga straight snitchin

[Chorus - Male singer]
We all people
So tell me what we do to get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game
Beware, beware
We all people
Tell me when we gonna get cheated the same
Beware people
Better watch your back and step up your game

[Snoop Dogg over chorus]
Black, like that y'all,
Uh too black ya'll, black
It's like that ya'll
Yea I'm too black ya'll
It's like that y'all
Haha too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all
Uh it's too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all
Yea it's too black y'all
Yea it's like that y'all

. . .

(Snoop Dogg)
I was sittin at the pound about to eat dinner
Had a hard day at the studio, I was gettin thinner
My nigga Spanky-Loc was playin basketball
And my niggas in the backyard, y'all about to squab my Doggz
Dirty Red gets CREAM, it's a good scheme
But you know it's all a part of the Corleone team
I squabble...Friday cos that's what I do
Dogg Pound for life nigga, uhh thought you knew
But you didn't, you think I'm kiddin nigga, my Doggz scrap
They get down for theirs, bring em right to the back
Hit the gate don't wait and ask the homey Nate
He gotta pit named Tiny mobbin behind him
Now they've got Michael Corleone
Oh, Kurupt he got Lonely the psycho assassin
He likes to smash on, uhh
And ain't no need to reach for heat cos you can't get your blast on
Doggz we keep em, busters we sweep em
And when it's time all my Doggz'll bite your momma
We leave you niggas on stuck in paws
And I'ma dedicate this one to my Doggz
Remember that pit, the one I had named Petey
Uhh, she got killed so I didn't need him
Uhh, it's like that, what about Sweetie?
He got killed too (damn) so I didn't need him
It's a cold thang but it's a cold game
But when you wit a Corleone name it's a cold thang
Cold name, cold game ya got ta get down
Cuz if you don't then you can't represent the Pound
Now it's like a sport
And if I get caught I'm right back in court
So I gots ta keep it on the DL and don't yeezell
But you know I gots tha pitbulls for seezell
So if you want one, get one, holla at'cha boy quick
Cuzz I'ma be on the lookout for the sell-to-dem pigs
Ask my little homey Technique
I 'came Scarface, Corleone killers, baby boy OG
The homey Tray Deee I give him rock seat
But the rest of the pits they rollin wit me
We're layin low in the cut, holstered up in Chino
Scrappy-Du and the crew called the Gambinos
Ma bark and she'll spark up some shit real quick
Just last week y'know what? She bit the shit out of me
Man this bitch is a trick, I had to get cold feet
To get the bitch up off me
And I can't tame her and I can't blame her
That's why I had to name her the top Dogg gamer
Man, it's a shame-uh nigga got love for y'all
But I got more love for my motherfuckin Doggz
It's just....

Me & my Doggz (sick em), me & my Doggz (sick em)
(Beware, beware) Me & my Doggz

(Snoop Dogg)
Now when it comes to my Doggz they stay fly like geese
But as for me I'm Snoop Dogg I'm soopafly like Priest
I unleash my Doggz then I tilt my brim
I'm bout to trip off Locko cos he go taken my swim
I think cos my CREAMy low, get back to the pound
He gon' be itchin like hell to put the bite on the clown
And when you look with the frown he gon' get like 1-2
And ain't a damn thang that your ass can do
I think it's cos he lost his big homey Don Killer see
Who ran the whole yard and gangbanged OP
And leave your ass red and yeah half-Dead
He's a damn fool, he'll jack you for pants leg
Don't beg you're dead, and don't dare show fear
Young gangsta fucked wit Scrappy and Red tore off his head
And all the kid do was cry like a bitch
His life was a pit and mine's in the shit

(Beware, beware)
(Sick em) It's just me & my Doggz
I keep my heat in my seat, my killers in my backyard

. . .

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