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Origin Teignmouth, Devon, England, UK
Genre(s) Alternative Rock
New prog
Space Rock
Years active 1994—present
Label(s) East West Records
Mushroom Records
Warner Music Group
Website Website
Matt Bellamy
Dominic Howard
Chris Wolstenholme

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Queen's Brian May Praises Muse's 'The Resistance'

October 13, 2009
Queen's Brian May Praises Muse's 'The Resistance'Queen guitarist Brian May has praised the new Muse album 'The Resistance' saying it's “great stuff”.

The Devon band have come under fire from some critics for apparently mimicking Queen's harmonies on the record, but May is full of praise.

Asked what he thought of the record, May said: "I love it, I think it's great stuff. I think they're very good boys and extremely talented, and like us they have their tongue in cheek a lot of the time."

In an interview last month, Muse drummer Dominic Howard said he understood why people think their single, 'United States Of Eurasia', nods towards Queen.

He said: "I guess people have thought it sounds a bit like Queen, particularly that big chord and the big harmonies.

"When we did that in the studio we laughed a lot because it was so uplifting. It's a real chest out, hand in the air moment in the song."

Speaking to the BBC, May, infamous for his perm, said the song was “brilliantly done” before continuing to enthuse about the trio.

"They are extraordinary musicians. Real virtuosos - much more than I am. I like the way they let their madness show through, always a good thing in an artist," he added.

(by Scott Colothan)

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