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Jennifer Lopez
Jennifer Lopez

Background information
Birth name Jennifer Lynn Lopez
Born July 24, 1969
Origin The Bronx, New York, U.S.
Genre(s) Latin Pop
Years active 1986—present
Label(s) Epic Records
Def Jam Recordings
Website Website

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Steven Tyler: I'd Never Have Left Aerosmith For Led Zeppelin

April 27, 2011
Steven Tyler: I'd Never Have Left Aerosmith For Led ZeppelinSteven Tyler has said he would never have left Aerosmith to join Led Zeppelin.

In 2008, the singer was one of a number of musicians who sang for Led Zeppelin's Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham when they were looking for a frontman to replace Robert Plant.

Speaking in the new issue of Rolling Stone, Tyler admitted he was interested in the role before realising that he couldn't leave Aerosmith.

"I decided, 'Well, I know that I'm mad at those [Aerosmith] guys, but I'm not that mad'," he said.

"So I called Jimmy up after I left, two weeks later, and said, 'You're in a classic band, and so is mine, and I just can't do that to my guys, and I can't do it to Robert [Plant],' and I couldn't see finding a year to really put myself into it."

He added: "So for whatever the band thought, never in a million years was I going to quit Aerosmith to start Zeppelin."

Alter Bridge frontman Myles Kennedy also reportedly auditioned to replace Plant, who ruled out any more performance after the band's 2007 reunion gig.

(by Jason Gregory)

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Totally, totally unrtnseadd. Just know you've got a lot of fans out here who love you immensely, admire the heck out of you and think you totally rock. Take your time, take care of yourself and, blogging or not, know that we're here for you if we can help.

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