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Inspectah Deck Album

Uncontrolled Substance (10/05/1999)
Movas & Shakers (feat. RZA)
9th Chamber (feat. La the Darkman, Beretta 9, Killa Sin & Streetlife)
The Grand Prix (feat. Streetlife & U-God)
Longevity (feat. U-God)
Lovin You (feat. La the Darkman)
Trouble Man (feat. Vinia Mojica)
Friction (feat. Masta Killa)
The Cause (feat. Streetlife)
. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

This goes out to all my niggas
spendin they last on gas, grass and ass
and to all my ladies playin in bars free drinks
and shit push it up push it up

Keep on
Ya don't stop , if ya don't stop maybe ya won't stop
If ya won't stop maybe ya can't stop
So keep on, keep on an on ya keep on
Ya don't stop , if ya don't stop maybe ya won't stop
If ya won't stop than ya can't stop
So keep on, keep on an on

[Verse 1]
Rebellious-I, felonas city slicker
Real nigga hit ya district with the impact of a twista
Now clear the zone, rhyme down the phone lines and toss motor homes
My poems were found next to dinosaur bones
Perform by the elders before the kings thrown
This style has no origin or birth date
And scientists research can not calculate
The great mind skatin' through space and time
Vibratin' thru the bass lines that stun man kind
Reclined in the leather seat the cassette blasts
Vocals that smash out the bullet proof glass
Rippin' through your 15's like Wolverine
Sick with the lyric there be no vacine
You attach with the tractor beam, rap fiend
And all heads who feel it lick off a magazine


[Verse 1]
We trip the light, ride to the rhythm's of the night
Skin tight honeys show me love at first sight
Work light krazy legs nonstop body drop
My hip hop drop you to your knees in shock
Watch for the spot rushers, slang hustler
Lackluster skills, solute the drill instructor
Yes yes ya'll I heard the ‘S.O.S.' call
INS to the rescue about to bless ya'll
Got ‘em brawlin' in the mess hall and the dance hall
They ants ya'll and I remain to stand tall
Can't fall, son'll restore like Michael Jackson off the wall
Singin' life ain't so bad at all
When ya livin' it we all deserve the finer things
Like foreign cars fancy clothes and diamond rings
My exotic dancers keep shakin' ya thing
To my niggas on the streets thats soon to be king


[Verse 3]
Keep on keep on an on
Last call for alcohol bartender two kahlua's and milk
with crushed ice in the blender
What up love?
Lets jelly off the dancefloor
before ya man come lookin' for points he can't score
More than you bargained for ,deserve an encore
Putt 'em down ,you put ‘em up till ya sore
Motion picture thoughts project in wide screens
Laced off the lime green, duckin' high beams
Swift sword, making fetti out the bill board
Rap pro, throwin' up bombs like Jeff Joard
Catch me next tour feel free to explore
Don't sweat me at the door like we met before
Tryin' to dick ride, I'm inside where the chicks hide
Quick slide move, we lootin' the spy...
Quick slide move, we lootin' the spy


. . .

(feat. Beretta 9, Killa Sin, La the Darkman, Street Life)

[evil laughter]

[La the Darkman]
Yeah, INS, yo
it's La the Darkman
Hit 'em with the death blow

Yo, I'm known to spit poems, throw dices and hold tones
Show ice, puff bones, hit beats like Larry Holmes
Through the Valley of Kings, you catch the Killa Bee sting
Tryin to pick up, you fuckin with the Arch Bishop
Defyin me is like startin Rap World War 3
You rather sell your key to NYPD
My style's vicious, I rap in the lab and break dishes
My words wear jet black hoods, lookin suspicious

[Beretta 9]
Behold the struggle fire ultra harmonizer, the track paralyzer
Ought to see the real, blood spilled on the synthesizer
Yo 4th, turn it up a peak, make the speaker tweet
Iron Sheik camel clutch a beat, rappers take your seats
In fact punch a clock, it's my time to rock, dock the known like a scott
Engineered this thought that I present, strugglin to comprehend
While I fill you in with a bar of tin
And clear the God Sin, do em in kid

[Killa Sin]
I stay lurkin, circlin the premises
Dart chemist on the search, my arch nemesis
Concotin nuerotoxins out of synonyms
Send your physical in triple shock
Crippled in a detox, with no rememberance
Well I rocks the shows with the minimum
capacity to pack the front row and flow naturally
Killin 'em, swing on the stage like jagged pendulums
and blow like dirty schrapnel grenades with now pins in em

[Street Life]
Why risk it? Killah Hill District, we flip shit
Egotistic, I hold grounds with twin biscuits
Put it up, I lay it down, my streets sound surround
Shaolin bound, flash flood watch you might drown
Headliner, move through the city like a sidewinder
Island drifter, black vagina finder
Loungin by the sea seashore, switch like bloody raw
And slap hardcore dick to your main wiz, bitch

[Inspectah Deck]
Toxi' on Bacardi Pina, low crawlin through Medina
Slumped in the seven-seater, thumpin heaters
The bite might cause seizures, weak MC's take me to your leader
We the true source, movin off on uncharted course
My thoughts come across with the blindin force
Killa Bees plant seeds, slide North
or get knocked of like a pawn if you dare lock on

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
You are now in the 9th Chamber
Where the falls of reality closin fast
on the world of make-believe
And your fantasy is nothin more than a memory
Now bear witness to the realness
Showin and provin, we live by the sword...

. . .

(feat. Shadii of The Force MD's)

[eerie winds blow]
[winds die down as beat drops]

[Inspectah Deck]
It had to be this way
This is for real
Nobody said it would be easy
So let it be (ooh.. oh yeah)

Aiyyo, S.I.N.Y., Killa Bee hive
Eastside, duckin' the 5, roll wit' the live
Sweet Love, sweep me in the bug eye, we 'bout to glide
Head fried, spittin' the scribe, move in disguise
Wan' test I? Access denied
I live and die by the motto: let none survive
Livin' off my last cut, can't hold the sword up
You can have that for free before I take your best offer
Stalker, preparin' for your sianora
Torture, test my word as I come like orca
Niggaz need life supporters, for bein' so weak
I speak as a veteran and lace the heads I've creased
and live my footprints wherever I've blessed my presence
I.N.S., livin' legend 'til the essence
Givin' with no prescription, this is the medicine
Settin' a new standard, they fail measurin' up to
They suck too, thorns in the hustle
Pawns in the struggle, darts fly like C.I.s beyond the jungle
Trouble Man can't dance the Hollywood Shuffle
Knees buckle when the Killa Bees come thru
All you heard was "1, 2", then the gun blew
Question is, "From who?", numb you
like a 100 CC's of morphine and daily
Keep out of reach of your offsprings

[Chorus: Shadii of The Force MD's]
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
You pumpin' that Substance, that's Uncontrolled

[Inspectah Deck]
Too cold to hold, Substance -- Uncontrolled
5-0 said, "Tell it to the judge", I never told
Never fold, know some turn like fake gold
Young and old I look down like parole holds
In the midst where the clips blow, I rip shows
Hit your zip code, my sick flow condones
Soon to spread like Ebola, the autopsy showed
the reports, another Jon Doe -- overdoser
Overexposure, facin' the flame thrower
I hold you hostage, the code name's the Iyatollah
Mind controller, 2009 time quota
The high roller, sting like a King Cobra
Blow the whistle on kids who unofficial
Pistol pops, ceremony deep within the gristle
Nickel and dime, rhymes sign of the times
My life line, buckle like a fine wine, dyin' for mines
The dopeman, still livin' like the postman
Patrol man, saw the hand-to-hand, did I run?
They know I got the teens strung, plus the fiends come
in abundance, lined up, spendin' 100's
The Substance provides, continuous high
I'll give you one free for every 5 sides you buy
Gettin' high off my own supply, low in the ride
with the low eye, daybreak and makin' dough rise

[Chorus: x2]

[Inspectah Deck]
My style's so underground, I write rhymes on fossils
Use as directed and wear protective goggles
Shaolin's the burough, rap Picasso
Blow like a holo-point, foes sure to follow
Pop a bottle forever, can't stop tommorow
Chewin' all food for thought, hard to swallow
Cold like Chicago winds, taps on my convo
El Diablo cross the Verazanno
P.L.O. Style, released while the beasts raid
and those who can't stand the heat, they seek shade
The rapture was told of how one man tackled the globe
We go so deep, it rattles your soul
I see many have come, but few are chose for the role
in this ritual, rhymes walkin' on hot coals
Quick to spot those who pose as friends and foes
Wind up violated like I was the P-O

[Interlude: Shadii of The Force MD's]
Satisfaction or your money back
Gotta keep to makin' comebacks
It's the best that you ever had
Got you fiendin' on the next bag

[Chorus: x2]


. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, yo, late night, her click deserted
Time is perfect, she worth it
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
The first kiss, took my heart and nursed it
Looked her deep into the eyes, she realized beneath the surface
Infatuated lip servant, black afrodeziat
Cat walked across the floor, her bedroom eyes glanced back
She posed with the Playboy pose, centerfold body rose through her clothes
my love joves rose, the stereo blow, scenario
the lights slow, the hydros rose, 2 totes without the nympho
We went slow, romantic interlude in the nude
Soul Food, dinner for 2, private interview
Silent moans whisper, the bed's bound to break
Pretty brown face, I thought I felt the ground shake
The sound of the rain against the window pane
drove her insane, her wild heart has now been tamed
Got half a blunt flipped in the train, waitin to inhale
Female packed the banger like she been in jail
As we lay, reflectin on the sweet seduction
a brief interuption occured, her man busted in

[beat switches to a slow '70's soul beat]

[Unknown '70's soul singer sample]
You said you was mine now [x4]

[beat switches back]

[Inspectah Deck]
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
I'm takin chances, but can't resist how she worked it
She loved it too, left a stamp with my 'W' (What?)
Your other dude got you vexed, call, I'm comin through
Your spot is hot, I did not, reconsider
It's not the nigga she had, but it's the way she had niggaz
Now, I'm tangled, caught up in her love triangle
Love it on the sideline, remind when I came through
I blame you, the reason that the flame grew
She threw the pussy like Steve Young from all angles
Character on the ankle, made niggaz break fool
The Power U will trank you, but I remain cool
Yo, I'm showin her love, but it's the fellings I'm avoidin
She was pretty as a wild flower, sweet as poison
Poison will the skull and cross bone, spoke in soft tones
Red bone, both hands wore stones
Plus she home alone, temptin for me to eat the tension
No need to mention, I know, your man's got you tremblin
You feelin threatened, jettin when she needed attention
So, now she give your highness most honorable mention
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
Femme fetale, pussy cat growl like Eartha Kitt
I'm takin chance, but can't resist how she worked it

. . .

(feat. Street Life, U-God)

[Inspectah Deck]
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the lyrical grand prix
We have our drivers racin for a $3,000,000 purse
Winner takes all, gentlemen start your engines...

Give me room, hit the tune
Feature presentation comin soon, early June
Killa Bee platoon, well groomed
Spells doom, raise the volume
You react like a werewolf in a full moon
With the force of a trojan horse
Pushin, flowin, have your seatbelt fastened
We blastin into orbit, Wu restore the new chamber
Wu-banger number 9, expert precision and design
Mastermind the plan took a matter of time
>From the confinds of the cold world I shine
It's amazin, the grace, changin in the place
Blazin the brakes, invadin your space
Which remains in the race, claimin first place
Raisin the stakes, it's a game to disgrace
I hold many jewels, drop more than I wear
I come in peace, prepare for the warfare
The invincible fold, when they're caught in the square
and the talk mad shit when the coast is clear

Yes, ladies and gentlemen
We've just completed the first lap

[Street Life]
Blood kin, knowledge, knowledge, I build with rap scholars
Guns and wallets, prowess, Staten Island stylist
12 men roster, live long, prosper
Street philosopher, you end up like Jimmy Hoffa
Ain't a damn thing changed but the aim, bullet range
Strange universe, I was nursed to blow your mainframe
Think first, convert, all verse live in concert
Pull a skirt, burst, while y'all niggaz star search
Mind your's, why you eyein mines for
Posin like a Matten dog, I must got somethin you wanna die for
Touch mine, reach him up, his headline, both grant
9 inch rusty splint push through your nose is vent
Got my eyes on the grand prize, place your bet
Watch me win it by a landslide, pull off an upset
Hold the burner close by my hands and my pocket
Hold the trophy high and keep my eyes on the prophet

[Inspectah Deck]
And a new driver has entered the contest
Ladies and gentlemen, driver number 99
In the red car...

Fog lights beam, car 99 supreme
A high-powered machine spits sparks of baroline
The smell of gasoline, motor roar, the crowd roars
The rag tuck rip, box cut caught in my jaws
Enforcin my laws, rap mirage in my garage
The grease lightnin, dusty rose, shake him, bon voyage
Now duel of the iron, flyin fued for you writers
The speed demon, rebel talk, triggers, freedom fighters
Was tracked in the cock pit, I'm writin exact
I'm crushin corners, who that kid ridin the track
with the Wu helmet, 6th nigga, 5 cars track
The last but not least, I bliss through the scrimmage
No brakes, I dart, I'm racin for the finish
Understand my hunger for my land down under
It's the thunderous rush, after the sounds get crush
The purse snatchin pound, by all means snatch cream
tear your ass out of town

[Inspectah Deck]
As we near the final lap
Team Wu-Tang seems to be buildin
a sizeable lead on the competition

Yo, I know how to fold 'em like Kenny Rogers
Popular demand, overstand these pirahnas
Movin on the track like a Monaco GT
I stand out similar to 3D on your TV
Easily breezin watchin the speed dial climb
Style of rhyme, left the foes miles behind
Leavin skid marks on the charts
Aimed at the hearts of the fake, sparked on the tapes
It's starts from the gate, darts penetrate
Freestyle as the decoy to sharpen the bait
Holdin major weight, my Supreme Team dominates
Circulatin, takin all bets you plates
In and out of state, twirlin L's on the freeway
NY to SC, NC to VA, GA to MD, CA to KY
FL to IL, TX to MI

As we near the checkered flake, ladies and gentlemen
Team Wu-Tang's holdin down the 1st, 2nd and 3rd positions
And it looks like it's goin to be another sure win for Team Wu-Tang
As they take home another pot of gold with this $3,000,000 purse
Rebel INS, U-God, Street Life

Get the loot, get the loot
Cash money y'all, cash money y'all, cash money y'all

. . .

[Inspectah Deck, (Unknown singer)]
(Baby...) Bitch! You know what I want!
(Sweet love.) I wanna talk to Sampson.
(Girl... sweet love.. feel.)
I want yo' sweet ?
(Yeah, baby. Sweet love.)
Yeah, BBC status. (Girl.)
Mockin' birds like Zorro
(Feel... baby.. sweet love.)
(Girl... sweet thing... feel what I feel?)

Ghetto princess told me she settled out in Flushin' Meadow
Fly chick rockin' size six Skiletos
Drapped-out in tailor made leather and suede
A serenade for the moment, then we part ways
What a child girl, quiet at home, huggin' the pilow and phone
Now you're grown, rollin' bones, holdin' your own
I admire, attire be bold just like her attitude
Jewels from head to toe, glowin' natural
I'm after you, your style's what I'm attracted to
Realize it and keep it movin' when you do pass thru
Knowin' when we bump heads, we will soon bump hips
To be swimmin' in an ocean of love that sunk ships
Homin' with the tight grip, come thunderous
To wake up reminicisin' and spark the blunt clip
Have you lovin' it, wonderin' if I shall return
Forget me not, enternally the flame burns

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck, (unknown singer)]
Forget me not (Baby, sweet love.)
Forget me not (Girl, feel what I feel?)
(Baby, sweet love. Girl, feel what I feel?)

[Inspectah Deck]
Last August, I met this hard chick, caught a carbon pick
'bout to visit her, man, in month six
Just comin' home from a two year trip
Now we 'bout to do two 'cause her man turned snitch
She under pressure, want me to come rescue her
but Inspectah is no haven for the rester
I feel you breakin' out but it's the path you chose
Fuckin' your foes will have sons breakin' your nose
I see her once or twice now as weeks went by
She'd slide by tryin' to hide the black eyes
Lookin' right though, I might go for her seduction
Dangerous curves, I must avoid bein' sucked in
Lustin', I caught her at the function
Slid out the side, saw the ride and jumped in
Later on, the fox unlatched the black box
Got her rocks then collapsed from the backshots


[Inspectah Deck]
(Last night...) changed it all, I had a ball
First of all, I got an obscene phonecall
All I heard was heavy breathin', laugh sounds and moans
An intimate kiss followed by the dial tone
Repeatedly, this person kept callin' my home
Givin' graphic details of her sexual jones
No clue of who, must've been a total stranger
Annoyin' me, yeah, but talkin' me out my anger
State your name and stop playin' games
If you wanna spark flames, it can be arranged
On your side of town, right around now
What you workin' with, let me know how it's goin' down
Then the phone clicked, then once again, it rang
with directions to the lab, where she's doin' her thang
To my surprise, when I arrived, she had her legs cocked
I got her red hot and blessed the wet spot

[Chorus to fade]

[Outro: Inspectah Deck in the background of the chorus]
Yeah, BBC status.
Mockin' birds like Zorro
Give me a phonecall tomorrow.

. . .

(feat. U-God)

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Uh, yea.
In my time, I've seen a lot of people come and go.
A lot of new faces, been to a lot of new places.
Wherever we went, we always held it down.
While we conquered new grounds. It's a universal sound.
The Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game.

[Chorus x2: Inspectah Deck]
Not many last in the game
Wu-Tang come through, breakin out the same way we came
This is not an act, this is actual facts
Nothin but experience placed upon the tracks

[Inspectah Deck]
We stand perpendicular with no flaws
Breakin all laws, plus jaws, the writin's on the walls
Heartless, starvin artists, out to get our's
Regardless, marvelous doctrines, we shock this
Fist of the black lotus, bustin out the steel cage
Iron Mic Duel made the front page
Outlaws, out for your's, get down on all fours
Rebel with a cause, without applause to the score
"Pillagin" with Donna-Cap, the personna raps
Hittin like a cornerback, blistered on the track
Fully-auto, got the mic blow, strike low
High-caliber flow move the crowd, twist your torso
2009, block party, Bobby Digital, pop corks to us
and the God's we trust, it's adjust
To the highs that we bring with the lows
In the midst of hell speakin out in morse code
Runnin wild like dogs out the kennel through the venue
Simple chemistry, vitamins plus the minerals
Organic vowels, consonants, syllables
Condition critical, ill individual
Paint a picture too vivid for the visual
Material rips through to the gristle

[Chorus x2]

Yo, the messages in my music grab you, stuck in my sentence
Got to spit from the bottom less pit, speakin my vengeance
Masked avenger never surrender my heritage
Killah Hill resident, 5'10" be my measurement
On land we stand under flags as confederates
You think you rule, pitty the fool when the shell drops
Hot bodies scream to the extreme, damn, I'm delicate
We livin irrevant, intelligent, dirty habit
They full of fragments, abandon all 10 commandments
Damage is done as the records spins, hatred in my features
Untamed, thus these cold blooded creatures bust
Architect gladiator radiates the power
Erupt with corrupt minds, locked in the tower
The crook's pressure cooked invasion be destroyed
Self-employed paranoid androids

[Inspectah Deck]
My rhyme cold winds clear streets and slams shutters
Basic Instinct to tear the roof off the mother
Drastic verbal gymnastics, far from the average
Hold the planet like Galactus
Lone Ranger ancester rolled with stone bangers
Never met a force deadly as my own anger
Clutch performer, raised on the blood soaked corners
A real life with real tight heads, that prey on ya
And not many last on the game
Whether it be lies, fly songs or drugs you slang
In the beginnin, it didn't come fast amongst the gun blast
Strivin, my eyes on lump sums of cash
Cash Rules Everything Around Me, surroundin me with champagne wishes
But I see long distance, a strong vision planted deep within the mental
Mind detect mind and analyze what I sent you

[Chorus x2]

. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Smooth getaway, yeah
One time on my ass (getaway)
'Bout to make this hundred yard dash...
with the cash

[Inspectah Deck]
I'm fleein the crime scene on the major decon
Power steerin, lost the handle in the Jeep spin
Deep in the seat, high persuit by the precinct
My co-defendant turned stake and let the beast in
They rush my old Earth lab, grabbed 50 g's cash
in the stash and let the glock splash
Sun dash down the fire escape past the weed gate
the weed gate, thought it was a sting, popped the tre' 8
Jakes givin chase, now the dread's my 'space
I was creepin down the staircase, we met face to face
In the lobby, cold stares, show no fear
We out for now, but next time we might go there
Cuz po's here, must've turned down the walkie talkie
I thought I heard one tell the other that he caught me
Damn, they got my man, he knows shit
Bitch nigga that I rolled with told shit
I layed low, 007 'til I get dark
He told where my wiz lives and where the whip's parked
Got my address off the license plate
That eliminates, headin to my next restin place
Uncertain, my wiz peaked from behind the curtain
It seen the high beam from the chicky lurkin
The high speed chase, got my swervin
I needed a diversion, crashed in the side of a suburban
In the mirror, I'm starin at the eyes of the lord
Couldn't jump out, fucked up the driver side door
Called China, meet me in a half with the pathfinder
No time to talk, I'll fill you in when I find ya
Stopped at a neighborhood diner, brought me some attire
And swore to hold me down under fire (echo)

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
The word on the street, they can't trace my rap sheets
Still I creap swift, tryin to slip all heat
The word on the street, this thing's way beyond deep
Promise me you'll keep ya mouth close and don't leak
The word on the street, the evidence's concrete
My cold thief mysteriously got set free
The word on the street, the photograph
let the beast splash through the projects, the last you weap

[Inspectah Deck]
You bein watched like you new on the block from roof tops
Get your moves on these hot shots, pop, music stops
Party's over, bold soldier move for his holster
Shot the lights out, struck the bouncer in his shoulder
hard times for po-9, can't control the mass' sweep
for move backstage, we sling V.I.P. passes
Jakes sprayin mace, riots takin place
When the Clan show they face, the fans show they place
Get your blunt rolled, fuck the 5-0, they want it dun' know
Bitches get tripped over, niggaz wildin the front row
Fire marshall catch a beat down, tryin to cut my sound
Radio dispatcher, back-up, bustin rounds
without intermission from a crowd's position
Bullets ricochet off the strobe-lights, strikin Christians
My nigga slipped in, 'nuff ammunition
to bust back, fuck that, them out-of-town cats gon' take the rap
It's war on the dance floor, quarter to 4
Before we peeled off, they tried to seal off the back door
Gats for the beast, high persuit down the side streets
Shot up my getaway Jeep, crashed the front glass
Flew the head rest off the passenger seat
I grabbed the heat, catched in the wif in and escaped on feet
While the locals interrogated for names and photos
work for 5-0, swappin info for dough


. . .

[Intro: Inspectah Deck] [whispering]
Elevation [x15]

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
Tired of trials and tribulations
It seems like life is Hell, dreams the only way of escapin
to worlds that's beyond imagination
I know a place, I could take you there through elevation

[Inspectah Deck]
Where I come from young ones pump jums for lump sums
Bustin guns, trust none, become son
Truth spells broke loose shells that propel
Where I'm dwellin, niggaz bail, tellin what you sellin
My nigga Tone just came home but improvised
The system tried to give him 5 more for gettin high
Fly Stacy, daddy's little lady fucks crazily
Wavy after baby, lost the shape fancy lately
Used to spend the quiet nights home, now she likes to roam
Feelin quite grown, caught in like cyclones
I was taught be the wise of glide and I'll impass
to advance, learn the science of life and earn the masters
Trapped in the havoc, I'm forced to go the whole
Although, it might spell a jail cell and no parole
I fight with the force of Steve Austin
Until my arms can no longer hold off the coffin
In this ghetto Heaven, God bless the children
Whose shattered dreams are offered and hard to mend
We don't believe in Heaven, we livin in Hell
Tryin to escaped, but fate's sealed in the bomb shell
Feelin like U'ey, he knew they would pnat the plot
When high-tech surveillance got my moves on watch
So, I drop jewels, use the music to educate
Can't celebrate 'til we elevate


. . .

(feat. La the Darkman)

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
What is love? Love is love
What is love? (Loving you)

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, examinin her hour-glass frame
Exotic name, passion, splashin the fly fashions
On the 2 train, words soothin her brain
There's the cue, cross the platform, she 'bout to exchange
She wooed slowly in plannin a kiss
And in the same motion, bounced off with the switch
Couldn't let here go, before the train pulled off
She gave me a look that described my thoughts
And I was hypnotized by her ebony eyes
She wised to my scheme, made her temperature rise
Hours later, still zonin off the moment
Happened so fast, it's over with
And now you're gone, like the same short time
But stay so heavy on my mind, I'm...

"Loving you"

[La The Darkman]
Yo, I met a bad chick, model actress
Soft as a mattress, said she was catholic
Physically attractive, earth-toned skin
Thick but thin, looked like she just came off an island
Rolled in Porsches, lady was gorgeous
I'm tryin to ram bar down her mental fortress
Loved my name, La song, how'd you like to have my 4th born?
I'm the God, I'll be your umbrella in a storm
We can smoke, parlay, see a ghetto matinee
Don't worry about me, young thug, cuz I'll stay...

"Loving you"

[Inspectah Deck]
Dana was a girl I knew, she was true
Twist L's with the crew, bust the gat too
Had the stash labbed for when the jake rushed
'nuff head to grab, razors in bags
Lettin me rest my head, wild fugitive
Acceptin all collect calls throughout the bid
Like a big sister, I've got major love
She waved my hair, plus hold a gun in the glove
While you girls move like slippery eels
You the diamond in the rough that been keepin it real
That's why you're closer to me than most I roll with
Smoked bones, rolled dice and made dough with
And now you're gone like the same short time
But stay so heavy on my mind, I'm...

"Loving you" [x2]

. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Check out the avenue, New York, New York the Rotten Apple
We grapple in the streets to stack loot and slip the shackles
I'm currently, servin twenty-nine to life
Duckin the searchlight, no sleep for like the third night
The big life is trife, got the young kids hyped
Cops shoot on sight, heat pipe be blowin through the night
The land where you ain't fam, there's no pity
Similar to Chocolate City, ten times gritty
Hittin hard, liquor's God, niggaz plottin on the come off
and come off, quicker than the clothes on the stripper
and slide like she doin up and down the railing
Bitch tailing in the Range with Golden Arms smooth sailin
The clock's tickin, somebody's on the block snitchin
The plot thickens, phones are tapped, cops listen
Too hot for prison, plus too cold to hold my girl
cause I married this life and she's my whole world

[Chorus: unknown singer]

It's just a sign of the times
Calmly listen - to these lines..
I'm goin out of my mind
Livin - the street life..

[Inspectah Deck]
Aiyyo, aiyyo
Make me wanna holla way they do my life
My life, is like a carousel one endless night
Where most die for pies, some holdin their chrome
A large percent die for causes not even their own
When the Inspectah Deck be long dead and gone
long live the INS clone they workin on
Til then, I hold a section, I stand alone no co-defendant
Showin the weapon, this saga had no story endin
It's ghetto heaven, and at the same time hell - shots propel
The one that missed me got Chanel
In the future ruled by computer, I self tutor
The music is the simulator, facin the user
I do it for those who walk the same road
And no regrets do I hold for the path I chose
No sleep since the intro, patrol the windows
I reminisce, with the chalice and my eyes half closed
If I could do it again, I'd probably do it the same
Thought I was through with the game, I'm goin through it again
The hood life, I'm in it to the limit
Couldn't quit it for a digit, die for it cause I live it


[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, been around the world but just can't seem to leave
the state of mind that causes tangled web I weave
Made my home in the heart of it
Move like Seagal, "Hard Target"
Most want no part of it, it's logic
Cutthroat party in the Shark Pit
Cold blooded souls carry bulldogs and oxes, knowledge this
Maintain and remain sane
In the cold world where the rules ain't changed
Still Rebel to society, government be eyein me
They probably watchin me right now as I'm speakin
But all I'm guilty of is teachin you the truth
They got proof, so you know I'll be home before the weekend
The hood life, I'm in it to the limit
In it from the scrimmage, livin it, lovin every minute
and every hour, til the powers that be
eventually stress me to the death

"Y'all know the science right?"
"Death with the intellect"
"aight.. aight.."
"Represent, I make it hot"
"13th.. chamber.. specialist.. from the Bricks"


[unknown singer]
Street life.. so trife..
Street life.. for life..
Feels like.. feels like..
my paradiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiise..

"Yeah y'all.. uh-huh.." [x7 to fade]

. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Oh, Killah Hill, Killah Killa Hill
Killah Hill, Killah Killah Hill
Killah Hill, Killah Killah Hill
10304 style, kid, yea
For all my D.M.D. Rec posse niggaz
You out there? Is you out there?

I throw your brain in the cobra clutch, behold the hold rush
A dazzlin display if you could get close enough
Cold Crush like the 4 stinger anaconda
Fierce darts that'll pierce through solid armor
Lounge in the barracks with Blue and Cappadonna
Spiderman identity Peter Parker
Crowd pleaser register off the meter
Vocal street sweaper bucks shots through the speaker
Pleasure seekers, 50 thou' in the stands
True fans get it hot like Jamaica sands
Conquer land, wide like a eagle wingspan
Clansman stabbin the track with both hands
Not a lost soul who falls for fool's gold
I shine like a diamond in the true state of cold
Too hot to handle, too cold to hold
Rap with a road block, I might lose control
Hold the globe in my iron palm
One hand holds the firearm on a mission that's life long
Strike calm through the fire like Chaka Khan
World wide on the web without the dot com

Killa Bees live in the place be
Burn third degree on the M-I-C
So deadly goes the catastrophe
And this is the way we crash the party
Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec
Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec, Rec

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, Killa Bees swarmin
Protect Ya Neck! What's the warnin?
So, procede with caution, I walk with my swordsmen
We all in together, Wu-Tang forever gon' win
>From Puerto Rico 'cross the caves of Berlin
Echoin through cell blocks and federal pens
It be the Wu-Tang, you came in when
They left the game mentally and physically bent
What I invent, sharp as bardwire fence
I represent, sure to make a grand entrance
With the deadly lecture, contents under pressure
Inspectah, put your rep in the stretcher
Feather weight contenders surrender
T.K.O., first round knockout, vets to big spenders
Journey on the mic like Marco Polo
Internal bleedin occurs to your photo
Thoughts brought forth as wild as up north
It's bloodsport, get rushed for tough talk
But I hold my ground like it's high noon
While police tapes surround the mic room
I jump on a live tune, provide the boom
Those who consume become faint from the fumes


. . .

(feat. Masta Killa)

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Is you ready?
Back by popular demand...
Murderous specialist tactics
Wu-Tang Clan, no rehearsal or practice
Niggaz ain't ready for this...
Niggaz ain't ready for this...
Niggaz ain't ready for this...

[Inspectah Deck]
Chrome dips beamin off July sun rays
Trees are fade, blendin with the side burn shades
Cotton club status, clientel, SL, heavy jewel
Niggaz jail, young niggaz screw well
Swingin like Smokey on the slow beat
Shiny walker hold me, closely as I mosey on the low key
If you don't know by now, you'll never know me
You know me, I swing it to the young-ins and the OG's
Witnessed by notary public, certified rough shit
Does it feel good, how was it? Gritty like the subway tracks
My protocal permanate like graffiti on the project walls
On the AWOL, alias Jamal Duval
Roam through the universe, plans of roamin it all
In the meantime, in between time, we shine
Dangerous minds travel on this uphill climb

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
If you want some, get some
This is it, son, this one
Make 'em feel the friction
Guarenteed hit, son, miss none
Flip one, you better bring your big gun

[Masta Killa]
Some niggaz I'd rather not spar minds with
They can't simutale my thoughts or fuck with
Creative testosterone, mic-phone calms the menopausable hormone quakage
trapped like estrogen, we makin, all of the above
supremely I hold my shit, when I run, I hesitate to stomp the come
bring water from the brain, nigga, they tried to send me back, but still I
Teraform mindframe contains elements of iron which began steel
Healin men life, Allah just brought me forth to bust mine
This time I spare no one, poison sword seed technique
Breathe the Earth, take the head of those and feed 'em to the universe
Blessed with volts of electric, life threatnin segments, it's hectic


[Inspectah Deck]
Poetry in motion, east to west coastin
Overseas blowin with lines tightly woven
Still goin full speed, pullin g's
Tryin to eat 'til my mouth gets too full to feed
I excel, cast spells similar to Merlin
Mic surgeon, hang like Dr. J. Erving
Splurg inner city like uncensored version
Mergin with the fast lane, stained with the urban
Word in the street, his work was dirt teeth
Synthetically weak, make the fans start beef
Any comeback attempts would only be in repeats
They soon fall off, be mentally lost beyond reach
My technique's heat leaves a permanent crease
Plant my 2 feet, shootin with the quick release
Never cease fire from a Street called Desire
The sire, disturbin the peace with c-ciphers

[Masta Killa]
Who dare comes amongst and tries to peep it
The secret of the deadly art, then leak it
Snakes, leeches surround the righteous
I link the diversion shot, then slip with the swiftness
The weaver raindrop, leavin the eye confused
Understandin blurred, cloudy electrical storms occur
from the Masta, classical head bang slang
The deaf tone rises like the blind and dumb
Lickin shots at the microphone, Iron Lung
We the first to set off shit, last to run
Who want some, come and get some


. . .

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, the bare facts make 'em take Flight like Air Max
Hyperdermix raps, share it and you'll both have tracks
Dope man supply fire to wax, push your wigs back
Hit ya like a tall cat, make ya relapse
Never before have ya ever heard this level of raw
My metaphors touch down like the hammer of Thor
Knee deep into the war, sirens and gats roar
Livin life, ragin bull, life's the matador
I soar, above the law, branded illegal
They still rush my door cuz I'm power to the people
Sharp as an eagle's claw, certified lethal
Keanu Reaves can't match the Speed I exceed to
Crash the party, make 'em jump like KenEvil
I take cash in advance and blast off on retrieval

[Ghostface Killah] "Check the bangin sounds that I invent, marvelous...
Check--check, marvelous...
Check the bangin--the bangin sounds that I invent"

[Inspectah Deck]
Yo, yo
I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin
Representin all those who ain't got a pot to piss in
Went from small timer to a top position
I'm not kiddin, so what? Radio's not mixin
While shots whistlin, niggas on my block listen
to the Uncontrolled, mentally hold you P.O.W.
Comin through, ain't no good, ain't no love for you
Cameleons play the wrong side of the fence
Switchin like Clark Kent when the drama commence
Ladies and gent's, my poetry's beyond intense
Find me in the trench, while you hold your spot on the bench
Best invest in me, favored heavenly
I.N.S., address me, as your excellency
Successfully defendin my belt with first rounders
Where close friends get treated the same as out-of-towners

[Ghostface Killah] "Check--check--check--check the bangin sounds that I invent...
Check the bangin--the bangin--the bangin...
The bangin sounds--sounds that I invent"

[Inspectah Deck]
Jurrasic insides, I rise above the norm'
Urban icon, ridin on the eye of the storm
Veteran form, spaz like memories of 'nam
Duckin bombs on the rendezvous with Miss Saigon
Calm assassin, showin my face so they can know
When on Beatstreet, I paint a picture like Raymo
On the lay-low, makin dough, aimin to blow
Got away to go, so I'm just takin it slow
>From the Shao' borough, throwin the thoroughbred flow
Echoin in the ghetto, throughout the metro
'Bout to let it go, give me some room to elbow
Watch bitches stick to a nigga like velcro
Yo, the plan is to grap what I can within my reach
Expand like the crystal white sands that fill the beach
With my hand on the piece, one eye is on the beast
Through the rhyme I teach history class and move the mass


I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin [echo]

I can't, won't, don't stop rockin to the rhythm
Droppin wisdom, for my niggas locked in prison
For those on the streets, rock ir in your system
One's restin in piece, in my heart ya livin [echo]

. . .

[Chorus: Sample, (Inspectah Deck)]
The power of God's in you (show and prove)
The power of God's in you (show and prove)
The power of God's in you (show and prove)
True, The time has come through
Chose the few, must show and prove

[Intro: Inspectah Deck *in the the background of the chorus*]
Yea, this is the power, true power
Showin and provin

[Inspectah Deck]
I once asked God to forgive for my sins
Bent on my knees pleadin to be heavenly cleansed
Said the Holy Ghost changed the ways and actions of men
When I stood, I felt the same as if I just walked in
I was twelve at the time, held nines, held mines
A frail mind, criminal thoughts well-designed
Then the Older Gods put me on, on how to rock this
Maintain, 360, lord and live prosperous
His jewel was priceless, keep the cypher righteous
Bare in mind, God, some of your own won't like this
I'm mentally scarred, recooperatin from abrasure
Fooled by interpretations made from a traitor
It's in my nature, I was taught, that's the first law
Obtain the food, clothin and the shelter that I search for
The fire in my eyes is hot as Earth's core
What hurts more, the fact that we still dirt poor
In hard times force crimes out of honest man
And most fiend to see the so-called promised land
Sun of Man, knowledge, wisdom and understand
that it's time to take matters in our own hands


[Inspectah Deck]
The wicked ways of the world can't escape sin
I'm facin masses gun on the plantation
Seen source from home yet I'm still caved in
Cuz 9000 miles is such a long way to swim
and many die tryin to survive the next mile
Famillies was raised as slaves and exiled
I learned it as a child, knowledge be the key
to unlock your brain and set your mindstate free
It's true, the times come through, chose the few
Show and prove, the power of God's in you
or remain a savage in pursuit of happiness
Who lacks jewels, love and peace completes the package
The fact is five out a hundred know the truth
The wisdom might blow the roof when shown and proved


[Inspectah Deck]
Through the course of time, we was dumb, deaf and blind
Now we on the incline, build with one mind
Came a long way, but, yo, we still far behind
So, uplift the mind, God, rise and shine
I speak to the black-bellied yellow seeds
My fellow breed all races, colors and creeds
Search for the knowledge, use science and math
and be queens and kings like the centuries past
The devil tried to fool my people, said we was equal
But I believe him when my culture sees freedom
You beat 'em with the positive thoughts, you don't need em
Leave him in the dirt, let the blood suckers see him

[Chorus to fade]

. . .

(feat. Streetlife)

[multiple gunshots]

[Intro: Inspectah Deck]
Yo, when we do this, we do it for real
We do it for the love, we do it for the money
For the cash, for the women, the birds
We do it for the foundation, for the people
No matter how we do it, we do it for The Cause
Yea, yo

[Chorus: Inspectah Deck]
What you in for? What you live for?
What you die for? I hope its for The Cause
What you work for? What you stand for?
What you strive for? I hope its for The Cause

[Inspectah Deck]
Inspectah, rhyme beretta nine in ya sector
Wet the scenery with extreme measures
Supreme lecture, bless the heads, you dare enter
the 9th Chamber, dance with the mind bender
Surrender your thrown, there's no room for pretenders
Bystander pollyin worldwide with nine members
Distributin, my verbal sharp shootin
While I execute the deadliest moves with fine tunin
Duel of the Iron Mic bound to spark fusion
Movin at the speed of light, nice at what I'm doin
Drop it in ya brain like spice, without the five mics
Heads roll off hilltops when I strike
Sniper aim, stick you up for your price of fame
Like the flame, watch you get hot inside the game
Recognize my name, I.N.S., your highness
I rep for live sets, place ya bets, make ya threats
There's no cure, even the experts are stunned
My work is done as soon as I've just begun *echo*


Strictly, Streetlife, I never play a fan of the fame
Just build on my name, and master the slang
I'm hittin harder than a lot of artists in the game
I'm lyrically inclined, rockin just the same
Than any MC who ship platinum or gold
And only recoup to pay back what you sold
Over budget your video, got pimped like a hoe
My niggas move slo-mo like robotic clones
I'd rather be alive and paid, than dead broke
My life is like a thin line, on a tight rope
A fiend with no dope, wrong way to provoke
The man behind the scope, tucked, ready to smoke
From the same place you from, different hood, the same slum
Mother's third seed, father's first son
Bastard child runnin wild, livin foul
Ran into some juvenile niggas in design
P.L.O. Style, sign my name on the dotten line
Your beef is mine, dangerous minds combine, we all carry nines *echo*


[Inspectah Deck]
Hitman like Thomas Hurns, bustin while the weed burns
Shorty, sixteen, yearns for my crew to take turns
I'm a loose cannon, medically examined
Found deadly as a plague, soon to spread like famine
Splurgin, livin out the dirty version
Throwin rocks at the ghetto birds circlin the urban
Workin overtime, you notice the shine
Niggas scope mine, models won't work Capone nine

We travel in pairs, you got the front, I watch the rear
Got money on my mind this year, by all means
Put an end to your cold stairs, crush your small dreams
What you hear is the truth, fuck what you used to
I provide you with street music you can ride to
Push through, sound blastin through the sun roof
Street surfer, lurkin, thirsty for the loot
I'm in it to fuck fans and rock mic stands
I work for cash and fans, and die for the Clan

. . .

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