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Inspectah Deck

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Inspectah Deck Lyrics

"9th Chamber" lyrics

(feat. Beretta 9, Killa Sin, La the Darkman, Street Life)

[evil laughter]

[La the Darkman]
Yeah, INS, yo
it's La the Darkman
Hit 'em with the death blow

Yo, I'm known to spit poems, throw dices and hold tones
Show ice, puff bones, hit beats like Larry Holmes
Through the Valley of Kings, you catch the Killa Bee sting
Tryin to pick up, you fuckin with the Arch Bishop
Defyin me is like startin Rap World War 3
You rather sell your key to NYPD
My style's vicious, I rap in the lab and break dishes
My words wear jet black hoods, lookin suspicious

[Beretta 9]
Behold the struggle fire ultra harmonizer, the track paralyzer
Ought to see the real, blood spilled on the synthesizer
Yo 4th, turn it up a peak, make the speaker tweet
Iron Sheik camel clutch a beat, rappers take your seats
In fact punch a clock, it's my time to rock, dock the known like a scott
Engineered this thought that I present, strugglin to comprehend
While I fill you in with a bar of tin
And clear the God Sin, do em in kid

[Killa Sin]
I stay lurkin, circlin the premises
Dart chemist on the search, my arch nemesis
Concotin nuerotoxins out of synonyms
Send your physical in triple shock
Crippled in a detox, with no rememberance
Well I rocks the shows with the minimum
capacity to pack the front row and flow naturally
Killin 'em, swing on the stage like jagged pendulums
and blow like dirty schrapnel grenades with now pins in em

[Street Life]
Why risk it? Killah Hill District, we flip shit
Egotistic, I hold grounds with twin biscuits
Put it up, I lay it down, my streets sound surround
Shaolin bound, flash flood watch you might drown
Headliner, move through the city like a sidewinder
Island drifter, black vagina finder
Loungin by the sea seashore, switch like bloody raw
And slap hardcore dick to your main wiz, bitch

[Inspectah Deck]
Toxi' on Bacardi Pina, low crawlin through Medina
Slumped in the seven-seater, thumpin heaters
The bite might cause seizures, weak MC's take me to your leader
We the true source, movin off on uncharted course
My thoughts come across with the blindin force
Killa Bees plant seeds, slide North
or get knocked of like a pawn if you dare lock on

[Outro: Inspectah Deck]
You are now in the 9th Chamber
Where the falls of reality closin fast
on the world of make-believe
And your fantasy is nothin more than a memory
Now bear witness to the realness
Showin and provin, we live by the sword...

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