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Yukmouth Lyrics

"United Ghettos Of America" lyrics


yo this young noble outlaw i got the call from my brethren yukmouth
he said we bout to get this thug reunionu know United Ghettos of America
I mean we got thugs in every state nigga atleast one motherfucka
u know we all outlaws
aye yo Young Noble and yukmouth look homey u assed out when it come to da flow dog
i`m tryin to cash out on everything owed to me and then some we live in the slums old heads used to stick us and run knowin damn well
we gon c his ass later when we probly thirty deep turn his body to a crater
dent in the earth we young thugs sentenced since birth itchin to merc
the closest nigga liftin his shirt sent to da earth
n now u gotta sit in a church askin the lord for forgiveness
cuzz u pulled yours first United Ghettos of America we dealin with this
relentless statistics it`s on some kill or be killed shit
niggas we gotta change this this how the white man want us to be
they never settin us free untill we all ride together how it`s post2be
we outlaws die together so my soul is free

I been known for robbin hoods up 2 no good blunt smoke no joke
old school like the Wood like Kane did Able I`m doin the rest
willin and able shoot 4 ya kitchen table my guerilla tactics
is at it`s worst and if i blast wif da mic I`m killin wif one verse
this gang bang slang I never rehearse ur trainer better reverse
or ya mama cry n curse ya whole hood trail a herst and wear black
my retaliation revenge and get back dub s c smack down get smacked clown
yes i get paid in this crack town i never burn bitches or blow out switches
if enemies aproach i dumpin ditches societies most hated

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