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Yukmouth Album

Thugged Out: The Albulation (11/03/1998)
Do Yo Thug Thang (feat. Outlawz)
Thugged Out (feat. Gonzoe, Mad Max, Phats Bossi, Poppa LQ & Tech N9ne)
Ridaz (feat. DMG & G Mone)
Stallion (feat. MC Ren & Tech N9ne)
Ice Cream Man (feat. 5th Ward Boyz & Fa Sho)
Still Ballin' (feat. Outlawz)
Rolex Rulez (feat. Phats Bossi)
Sad Millionaire (feat. Phats Bossi & Big Lurch)
The Ballers Feud (feat. Kastro & Numskull)
Pop Da Collar (feat. Fa Sho)
My Buddy (feat. Numskull & Tha Dogg Pound)
Extortion (feat. Phats Bossi)
Menage A Trois (feat. Tela)
Falling (feat. Do Or Die)
Mackin Vs. Pimpin'
Gangsta Bitch (feat. Fa Sho)
Rap-A-Lot Mafia (feat. 5th Ward Boyz, Face Mob, Ghetto Twiinz, Scarface, Snypaz, Willie D)
Sacrifice (feat. Kuirshan)
Baller Mode
Bumbell (feat. Tech N9ne)
. . .

(Special Report, straight in from Hong Kong
Godzilla spotted in the Pacific
Heading straight for California
Run for your liiiives!)

[VERSE 1: Yukmouth]
You niggas been created a monster
I choke ya like a anaconda, stomp ya
Pop you with the chopper, slap a helicopter out the sky, partna
You don't want no drama with the mobster
Where your ammo and your armour? Breathe fire, spit lava
My shit hotter, you fall off like Spin Doctors
The rims on the Benz spin proper
If it's a black Madonna model chick I been knocked her
And fuck a record deal, once you flop they gon' drop ya
Smoke-A-Lot, you can't stop us
Platinum dragon Rockwell, dank and vodka, hate impostors
Me and J the new Sammy Davis and Frank Sinatra
The godfather of the South signed Yukmouth
I'm thugged the fuck out, moved birds our the drug house
Now celebrity broads get dugged out
Luxury cars is dubbed out, I pull the truck out the plush house
I gives a fuck about the fame, give me boss scrilla
The worldwide mob figure, keep it Godzilla

(Boss up and do it big)
Big money, big cars, big jewelry, big crib
Keep it Godzilla
(Off top I think big)
Think money, think cars, think jewerly, think crib

[VERSE 2: Yukmouth]
Mashin, mashin in my Benzo coupe
From out the window poof!
The chronic smoke let the criminal loose
I'm stompin in my Timbo boots
Every club I get my Indo and my pistol through
My goons resemble the Gooch, got niggas scared
The way we make the paper make haters have nightmares
At every event me and my niggas right there
With them Grey Goose bottles in the air, no Belvedere
Get it clear, it's our year, so boss yourself up
You got three minutes before this crew self-destruct
And prove yourself, step it up before you step to Yuk
Remember I'm Godzilla, I crush your Lexus truck
You niggas know who we are, nigga, I ball like a star
Buy out the bar, smoke chronic-filled cigars
Platinum CL's, Spreewells on the car
[?] bezel attract females from afar


[VERSE 3: Yukmouth]
House off the water so my kids can live like a baller
I used to serve bricks tryin to live like my father
End up in the pen like my father
Learned to pimp my pin like a author
Cop the Benz and the prala
Hummers in the summer, rock minks every winter
In Virginia, "the most beautifullest thing - I get in ya"
Serve ya like a bartender, fuck a next contender
One phrase will end ya, to the grave I send ya
Remember Godzilla pull up on dub spinners
I raised in the Villa, ain't nothin but thug in us
Gangsteres and drug dealers, killers that bust a slug in a
Punk nigga, hustle for scrilla, don't give a fuck, nigga
Life is based on money and hoes
What type of vehicle you roll, is your necklace froze?
If so, the bitches chose, your dick they rode
Keep it Godzilla, my nigga, go get that dough


. . .

(feat. Outlawz)

[Makaveli speaking on the One Nation album]
We got to get the Niggas that runnin' out of here
So that's what we do
Let the gone, now
Now we got One Nation
With Greg Nice, Buckshot, Smiff-N-Wesson
Smiff-N-Wesson, Melle Mel, Scorpio, The Luniz,
Snoop, Kurupt, Daz, Me, Scarface, Kokane,
Bone Thugs, Spice 1
All of 'em on my shit
One Nation
And it's just to hit my nation
All the real Niggas that I recognize in the game

With that mutherfucking Nigga Yukmouth
Doin' that shit for Rap-A-Lot
So grap your gat a lot, Nigga
Young Niggas on the rise, motherfucker

Get 'em, get 'em, get 'em

[Verse 1: Napolean]
Nigga this is war
We get the shit together right now, Nigga
After midnight,
this full pound gon' make some sound, Nigga
Kick in the door
I throw your wife on the couch
I put my dick in her mouth
And put that shit in and out
Outlaw no doubt
Ha, what you don't talk some shit
Ha, what make Napolean flip
I blow your
Backbone to your motherfuckin' lap hoes
If you wig it, I'ma take it down
Who do you, gotta stay low
Ha, make a move, Nigga
When your sure improved, Nigga
Outlaw soldier
Take it to school, Nigga
We rule Nigga
Have it
Will rap about your gat or won't you grab it
Feelin' hot like a weapon
Gettin' 16 for my automatic
Thugged out to the overdoses
You Niggas got to sell 'em some shit
You probably thought you could leave quick
It ain't happenin' bitch
It's hard to get mob on mine
Outlawz my spine
It ain't hard to find
But get ya, and lay low
And get ya pis by the dough
I keep my shit on cock, cause Makaveli said so
I keep my shit on cock, cause Makaveli said so


If you,
Got to get your money on
>From night till mo'
You better
Then do yo thug thang
If you,
Buy Chronic by the zone
Then get yo smoke on
Then do yo thug thang
If you,
[Young Noble]
Resign the streets
Because you love to bang
Then do yo thug thang
If you,
Don't give a fuck about life
I lost my family twice
So I'ma
Then do you thug thang

[Verse 2: E.D.I (Yukmouth)]

I been what is know as a bandit (Bandit)
You better hand it over,
if you wanna see your grandkids (Grandkids)
I don't give a fuck (Fuck)
Cause Makaveli planned it
(Cause Makaveli planned it)
But when it's said and done
In the streets
We can handle it
Do yo thug thang, o really (Really)
You don't wanna see me silly (Silly)
With fully loaded 9 milli (9 Milli)
When it get to spittin'
You gon be sittin' me
I'm makin' you ass history
I'm the epidemy of everthing you fear (Fear)
Crystal clear (Crystal clear)
Pistol there (Pistol there)
In the air
I hit you there (There)
Hit you there (There)
Then I'm out of here (Here)
With your Cartier (Cartier)
And your hottie head (Hottie head)
Between knees (Knees)
I got on the clean knees (Knees)
You ain't see no
Thugs like these,
with slugs like these
We rush tightly
All in together now
Makin' it mo better now
(Makin' it mo better now)
Layin' competitors down
Ahead of you now
Superial style
Grand imperial thug world
I'm rougher for rhyme
I had you wanted for mine
While I'm gunnin' for mines (Mines)
Thought it was gone, but still on
We commin' to town
(You rainin', clickin' Niggas,
that will see us, man)
You rainin', clickin' Niggas,
that will see us, man
But if you think,
you can't do yo thug thang, Nigga
(Do yo thug thang, Nigga)


Fuck You
Fuck the Outlawz
Fuck the Régime


[Verse 3: Young Noble]

If you ain't,
lovin' this thug shit
You must be a bitch
Can't compete with the bricks
All the drugdealers rich
Or try to get in
Try to hustle and pear
Walkin' up and down block all day,
'till the rest of the fiends get here
A bitch named Tarifa
She owned 300 thugs
On a Nigga to hold her beaver
From the blow I fronted
And do yo thug thang
Rappin [?] drugs slang
[?] and have you losin' you brain
Abusin' the game
So now you're in danger
Lyrically I ruin your name
And keep one in the chamber
Nasty new street slugger,
catch you with a boxcutter
Used to fight with my brother
And run the spot with my mother
You get after, ask her quick
And shit blast the bitch
Fuckin' around with this Outlaw shit

Get your thug on Niggas
Ha, then do yo thug thing


[Verse 4: Yukmouth]

Niggas used to hit me up
Till they see that fuckin' Régime
Stick me up, up in the sky
Firebreatin' dragon
Niggas bout to die
Niggas feel like Armageddon,
when I be headin'
And wait Niggas up at they own wedding
With they own weapons
Ghetto lesson number one:
Never try to go to war without your gun
Niggas get done
Since I quit fuckin' with Num
I did once like Big Pun
Off the books,
Have your body in a coffin up
Nigga I'm off the hook
Like a phoneless chuck
That burned out
Thugged out and turned out
Set that motherfucking perm out your head
Niggas dead,
if you ain't Régime, or Outlaw
Kiss the ring
I do my thug thing without y'all
Matter of fact
I gives a fuck about y'all
Put a Nigga up in a ho
Just like a ground hole
Thanks of the Hounddogg
They finally found y'all
Leavin' [?] on your face
And about 12 motherfuckin' bodies,
hangin' around y'all
I do my thug thang
Dopin' in and out of lanes
And I must thank
Tats on my arm
I better ring the fuckin' alarm
Or be the first that get mashed on
Nigga, do yo thug thang

[Chorus: x2]


. . .

Gather 'round, gather 'round, hurry
Uh, welcome! uh, little boys and girls
Listen, I'm bout to lace yall motherfuckers
about Oakland, the City of Dope
The first place in the world to ever sell base rock
nigga, crack rock, they put it there to get rid
of the Panthers, but they really created this ballin
what, what, nigga

[Verse 1:]

Me and my niggas trying to ride drop
buy rocks then we buy blocks
from the same dope fiends on my block who buy rocks
want supply hot
weight servin cakes like IHOP
ever since them last motherfuckers got shot
police been hot on my spot
spot cops FBI watch
got fiber-optic shit up in the pole
showing my whole clique on crime watch
we let non-stop and show our faces
so what the case is
we wide on TV but still the grind don't stop
nigga this Oakland, the city of dope
You know where that crack shit was invented
and smoked by these ghetto chemists years ago
on Plymouth street we call the block
Plymouth Rock
the first place like the world to ever sell base rocks
now check it,
the legendary Phoenix Mitchell put it down
so tough they had to make a movie about the town
but called it Nino Brown
That bullshit New Jack City
is really based upon this place we call Crack City
Oakland, Cali we act shitty
think crack's the answer
to get rid of these revolutionary Black Panthers
Smokin' blow and takin (???) like Jo-Jo Dancer
Or sniff it up your nose and ball out of control
like Tony Montana
house in Atlanta
3-car garage
our ghetto superstars was hard
young niggas touch a mil-ticket
before they life behind bars
niggas get caught with like eighty kilos
hidden in the wall
but shit ain't hidden at all
from these cocaine sniffin dogs
same with the law
shit in your draws when they get your ass
and let the ballers ball, get the cash
till they get to your ass
I've never seen a baller fall on his knees
and snitch so fast
plea bargain run after them niggas
that hang out with your ass
no wonder why that bitch-ass nigga got out
so quick, so fast
came on the block my niggas saw you
choppin' it up with task
now that's a violation
nigga can't chop it up with task
so while the trial awaits
some nigga walks up and pumped his ass
Because the niggas in the O are hard as fuck
we sell peruvian flake, get it powdered, or rocked up
don't want nothin from life but to retire from the game
motherfuckin city of cocaine,

city of dope
East Oakland, yeah that's right
the city of dope
East Oakland, yeah that's right

[Verse 2:]

them task folks can't stop us
high school niggas get caught with a hundred G's
stashed in his locker along with a chopper
niggas be ballin like a doctor, or a surgeon
M.C. Hammer splurgin'
he bought up countless brand new helicopters
and suburbans, now he hurtin
the feds spilled they base downtown
so now its curtains
Niggas be perpin' off
certain it's gon' be a sweep
dope feind came through last week
told me its gonna be a sweep
1991's the number nigga
end of the summer
niggas ain't ridin no fuckin hummers
we ride under buckets and try to stay on the slunder
I wonder, wonder what they would do
to a nigga who get caught with 2 pounds of thunder
straight from Humboldt county, fuck that brown
weed all should be green like the jungle
dope fiends tryin to warn us
settin' up scene still in a bundle
we beat they ass and drag them from they hair
just like repunzel
don't fuck up our hustle
But anyway the day came just as predicted
I'm up at 6 in the mornin' takin early morning pissin'
pulled down my britches, and a nigga almost shitted
I heard somebody walkin on the roof
I cocked the fo-fitness
woke my cousin Mike up
could be some niggas sent to strike us
cause back then so many niggas didn't like us
looked out the window, all I saw
was FBI and snipers
I let the china white flush
and put that motherfucking 4-5 up
see the dope fiend he informed us
told us its gonna be a sweep and then
he tried to warn us
but niggas out here try to make they money
so we 'nourmous
then only a battering ram
bustin down your shit, 'nourmous
highway patrols, 5.0's, ambulance and coroners
in case there was a shootout or high-speed chase performance
by 9:00 they lock down each baller from every corner
from north to west on down to east Oakland California
but, but, them niggas from the O is hard as fuck
we sell Peruvian flake powder or get it rocked up
want nothing in life but to retire from the game
with some change in the city of cocaine,

East Oakland, yeah that's right
city of dope
East Oakland, yeah that's right
city of dope

. . .

(feat. Regime)

Yo! Let's do this!
Uh-oh, uh-oh!
Uh-oh, uh-oh!
Uh-oh, uh-oh!
Uh-oh, uh-oh!
Regime nigga!
Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out
the Regime up in this bitch!

Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out
first nigga act up, first nigga gettin drugged out.
Throw up yo hands if you Thugged Out
first nigga act up, first nigga gettin drugged out.

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

I do this for the
real killas, and drug dealers
affiliated wit Mobb niggas, and blood spillas
put a slug through you tough niggas
no Dragon tattoo on you, nigga
no love from us
in thugs we trust
niggas get rushed like hot whitend snuff
up yo nose
I fuck up yo flows
leave my competition ass froze
we tag on they toes
I'm as cold as Pocinos
enemies get tied to a pole, blind fold then I unload.

[Verse 2: Tech N9ne of the Regime]

Thugged Out
My choppers oblivion
speakin the opposite of Carribean in Tropolis
poppin my z-z in
true clocker from welfare recipiants
type of a crispy
an anamalisitc Tupac-er
my race Caristian
Jedi rhyme
the way I spits ahead of my time
give me a Billboard, an you bet I climb
you mutha fuckas
I love rukus
thug, makin you hug crutches
stayin away from you nothin but bum bustas
the empire is back an we bugged out
Phats, Keke, Maxx, Poppa L.Q., Gonzoe an my nigga Yukmouth
these bitches beggin me to come to Menage
A Trios
but Muslims hear us say, "hum to Allah"
they fly, that's on the crew nigga
you cannot block the Regime from makin knots, no matter what you do
ya black an blue nigga
undercovers like Malik Yoba
lyrically Nina's usin a force like Yoda!

[Verse 3: Madd Maxx of the Regime]

Nigga this Madd Maxx
you cross the Regime, you get yo life took
we get it fuck the good book
true thug niggas that turned to real crooks
robbin the microphone, you get yo brain shook
I told ya we takin over soldier
a sober niggas rollin Rover's
me, Ke, Gonz, Yuk, Tech 9, an Phats on ya
all ready wit the caulked gage, buggin out Oklahoma
fuck a Corona
we drinkin 8-Balls until we fall out
if you got a problem wit the Regime, your souls called out
we all out for war
these niggas don't want no more
I'm takin over like Michael Jordan
an I'm the first to score
so fuck you fake ass niggas who be plannin a plot
I take yo block over
wit the nitroglycerian rock
they got us fucked up.

[Verse 4: Phats Bossalini of the Regime]

They got us fucked up
I've been tough
since a young buck
nothin to prove
lots of pain plus some war cuts
it ain't shit, but a thang to me
I play the man you claim to be
niggas strike back
gun fight, we had to hype back
this is the Phats see dream like a Fat Kat
they wanna funk, we get dressed in black
caulk the strap
screamin Regime til they bust back
it's Mobb-symboly, I die you remember me
tatted wit Dragons in a custom coffin Bently
I'm down to blast so don't tempt me
I'm hella drunk, an hella blown off the geniti
fuck wit me
see these killas in mine
buildin this shrine
to feed these fuckin children of mine
look in my eyes
as I bleed the Regime nigga
(Regime nigga, Regime nigga)
havin a pile of money machine.

[Verse 5: Poppa L.Q. of the Regime]

No I've never been to the pen
but I did a county bid
an I ain't dumb enough to speak on the dirt I've did
guess somebody caught the killer before the police did
find him in the car leakin from dope over split wigs
deadly lyrics to spit
makin sure the killas feelin my shit
explicit lyrics an adult content
shot callas representin at all the major events
and gang bangin got the streets juss way too tense
I learned to deal wit it
I'm in the Fields, windows tinted on my wheel wit the steel in it
we keep puffin an rollin real wit it
that jury linin, showcasin our diamonds to benifits
of a long time grindin, enjoyin the fruits of our labor
and rented suits from my tailors
some young playas, strivin for greater
you know it's all bad
let's make it all good
pushin the Cavvy to touch the Navvi wit the leather an wood
it's Regime nigga!

[Verse 6: Yukmouth]

The hardest nigga from the "O"
my flow is certified theme music for organized crime
niggas that burglurised banks, and murdered guys for they pies
reach for the sky
techniques like Robert DeNiro in "Heat"
Karl Kani's
no disguise, in the middle of the street
buckin at police
fuck police
got a Range Rove jeep
wit 12 open faced gold teeth
a Rolex piece
Cuban Links, crops, an bracelets
but that ain't shit, to leave a nigga naked, duct taped wit they bitch
in the basement
Where the safe is?
Big faces
cops raided, but ended up gettin they fuckin squad car grenaded
You want blazed shit?
I spit the nitroglycerian
that's smoother than a pair of new cinnamon Timberlands
get Benjamin's
but be no P Diddy
I'm from a city called Weed City
see these Regime niggas be wit me
fuck Christy juss Remmy
true thugs do drugs an come up wit hits
like Jimmi Hendricks
shock the world like Snoop at No Limit
Yuk signed to Rap-A-Lot, yeah nigga
I ain't a playa, I juss mack-a-lot
pack the gat
tryin to snatch yo watch in the back of the lot
keep my shit for underground fragment rock
jackpot J struck it rich hit the Lottery
the top comidity
blood on wallet be from robbin sprees
rock Phat Farm, wit tats all over my arm
bullet wounds like a nigga fresh back from Nam
yo nigga get yo mash on. [echos out]


(How old were you, Mr. Washington when you hit the streets permanatly?)

Maybe 10.

(How did you live?)

I became a runner.

(A drug runner.)

That's right.

(Could you give us a description of how you lived, the next few

I kinda moved up. I lived where the money goes. Then I got busted, 2 and
1/2 in ??

(And when you got out.)

I got a piece of turf to myself. Took it. One block at a time. Nobody
stopped me.

. . .

(feat. DMG, G-Mone)


(Thug niggas throw yo turf in the air!)
Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch!
(Throw yo hood in the air!)
A-G-2 the Ke, DMG, yes!
Let's kick this anthem shit.

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

All of my niggas Ridaz
small time grindas, pimps and big timers
whether it's heron or hemp wit China
I'm not a bitch on the strip sellin vagina.
(Come on, come on)

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Nigga I'm always into somethin
if I can't beat yo ass then I'm dumpin
give a nigga the pumpkin head deluxe
then come back an shoot up they whole fuckin function
we funkin
rootin-tootin, smokin on blunts wit skunk until a nigga malfunction
get in the coupe and punch it
niggas be funkin for nothin
fuckin the game, another nigga done lost his name for side bustin
fire somethin
I put it up in the air
you niggas live to die hustlin, I'm fuckin wit playas from every where
from Las Vegas to Delaware on down to there
I'm a thousandaire
mackin bitches, draggin ‘em down the strip juss by they hair
like "Oh dear!"
Where the fuck is money? Don't go there
I leave yo ass stuck, hungry starvin in the middle of no fuckin where
I swear
cut off your privlage like welfare
Section 8, Smoke-A-Lot'll stay placed in Berlin
by the end of 9-8, hell yeah
then I'll be straight
fuck off a hundred G's and still got money up in the safe
Ridaz nigga!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: G-Mone of A-G-2-A-Ke]

Go inside the twitchin, missin, my mission I vision the hit
suckas keep watchin yo mental mix is gettin twisted
Who is this? In the kitchen wit fixings for the come up
servin rocks on the block til it get hot snitch we ridin on ya
bitch we Ridaz
remind ya that niggas high
if I introduce you to the ditch, you don't wanna die
is the hit
smoke, drank already lit
caulkin my shit
Who you think you fuckin wit?
I said recognize the mutha fuckin Mobb hoe
I don't know nothin, juss heard poppin by the door
Who flipped you in the river did you see G Mone in the "O"
by the ???
flippin this A-G-2-A mutha fuckin Ke
you best believe we rob yo spot
Why not? We Rap-A fuckin Lot
owe us some paper
there's no reason for us to not glock
posted wit yo mouth open hopin that I don't squeeze
wit a swift chopped up to his knees
say where the cheese?
We Ridaz!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

I'm juss a Y.G.
who snuck in the gamblin shacks
scramblin crack wit niggas who did more years than Geronimo Pratt
killas wit hands on they gats, mutha fuckin murder fo' hire
Mobb attire, pupils dialated, nigga hog tied in barb wire
torture, squeeze a niggas nuts wit plyers
put his place on fire
then escape juss like McGuyver wit the get-away driver
live and direct from the projects that be gated
on some made shit
Outlaw affiliated!
He chose to spray wit gages
baraccaded the scene, yellow tape and white chalk
niggas who like doe, I get paid off
fuck a write-off
it's tax free money
deliver 'em a China up inside a Taxi honey
task be lookin at me funny
know I'm a trigga happy, gats be hungry
barkin on niggas like DMX
beat bitches like PMS
and flee ridin a BMX, flippin GA checks at yo set
grab the promoter by his mutha fuckin neck
don't be fooled by the Rolex!

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 4: DMG]

Who in the mutha fuckin hell
nothin but Regime Ridaz
southside affiliated wit big timers
killers, who live in mansions off the water
lunitiks, shippin in bricks after brick
200 percent, pure snow white Coca-Cola
straight Yola all the way from the Bay to Minnesota
what you know bout, this Face Mob rida
dumpin off on yo shit 4 and 5 timer
Yuk, I think it's time we fuck these mutha fuckas up
show these mutha fuckas up, straight up drama uncut
fuck they mamas
they fuckin wit killas wit seven figgas
psycos, drinkin the bottles of nitro
now it was Yukmouth
that told me that
he got "5 On It"
and I believed that
and now you
better believe it too
nigga I will shoot
murder up you and you we Ridaz!! [echos]

[gun shots fire off]

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

My lil shortys gonna be a thug.
Father like son, like son like dad.
My family all into makin this cash.
Shorty's gonna be a thug.
Like father, like son, like son, like dad.
My family's all into makin this cash.
My lil, shortys gonna be a thug.
Like father, like son, like son, like dad.
My family's all into makin this cash.


Look in yo eyes
an I see, the reflection of me
my little guy
thank the Lord for blessin me wit a seed
before he died
my father taught these lessons to me
an before I die, I share the same lessons that he was stressin to me
nigga it's in yo blood, you gone be a thug
no matter the cause
niggas born to floss, an be the boss
that's how he was taught
I raised you in the North
away from the hood where, times are hard
but as soon as the, grind get hard
you put yo time in God.

[Verse 1]

It's in our blood
til the days of my death
my last breath taken by the ATF like, David Koresh
my steps of life
my last testimony, God bless my wife
my lil son gone be set for life, always dressed up nice
and smokin Kryponite
might grow up an rip the mic
or slang some chickens like his great grandpappy
whatever makes the man happy
grands snappy
but Lord forbid, he try to do the same shit that his pappy did
nigga, end up in some khaki shit
handcuffed, in back of the bus wit a gang of other niggas fucked up
then shipped up, shit greed
shit get deep
niggas bleed
information juss to get free
that's why you never see no busta niggas hangin wit me
be a loner
if you ain't got that fuckin Dragon tattoo on ya
knock a nigga on his ass, so fast the class makes have to use amonia
to wake him up
nurse, pick him up
an take him up
hit the dice game in the alley way
yo nigga break 'em up.

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

Look in yo eyes
an I see, a reflection of me
my little guy
thank the Lord for blessin me wit a seed
before he died
my father taught these lessons to me
an before I die, I share the same lessons that he was stressin to me
it's in yo blood, you gone be a thug
no matter the cost
born to floss, an to be the boss
that's how he was taught
I raised you in the North
away from the hood where, times are hard
but as soon as the, grind get hard
you put yo time in God
it's in our blood.

[Verse 2]

And send a letter to my killa
whoever it my be
I know that death is callin, I can hear it pagin me
chasin me
(ch-ch... haha)
like Jason be
but ain't no breakin me
or takin the safe from me
not even a fuckin 8 from me
be ready to catch a thirty-eight to the chest straight from me
even if they wasted me
my son will be replacin me
on the street makin g's
like his poppy was
smokin chronic budded
sellin drugs like his poppy does
see his poppy was a, mutha fuckin soldier
hittin figure eights up in Nova
always smokin doja
wit a pocket full of quarters
went from bein a small timer, to highroller
to the block controller
set up shop, an got it locked wit all the rocks an powdered cola
now the cowards know the time
taught you to grind before your time
I taught you how to hold a 9
taught you how to stay sharper than a poker prime
nigga focus yo mind, on the money
fuck a big behind
an keep a click of down ass niggas, an then you'll be fine
these are the rules
nigga choose to utilize or loose
pay yo dues
if I die juss get my face tattooed
up on yo shoulder, or right over your heart
cuz, when it get dark
that's when this shit starts, an daddy didn't raise no marks!

[Chorus x3]

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

It's that nigga U Love 2 Hate!
U Love 2 Hate!
This the song I dedicate to niggas who love to hate!
Look me in my face, I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate!
Yes! (Fire! Fire! Fire!)
It's that nigga U Love 2 Hate!
Nigga U Love 2 Hate.
Stop it.
(Ah, ah)
Nigga U Love 2 Hate.
Nigga, I ain't fake!

[Verse 1]

Before this rap shit
I used to slang crack wit ghetto bastards
pack automatic gats an kept scratch up under the mattress
fuck this rap shit
yay wrapped in plastic everyday practice
runnin away from task tactics
hop fences leavin 'em ass backwards
before this music
I used to be the Ice Cream Man since 1992 biatch!
Don't you hear the mutha fuckin muzik?
I got a head but ain't no screws in it, losin it
slangin narcotics, them men two steps away from usin it
abusin it
I moved then it was all bad
it seemed like soon as a nigga moved, then it was all bad
because of this music, my whole block double crossed me
got shot in the ass, bra
but ain't no love lost see
cuz now I have yo ass off the g's
an niggas found off the beach, wit holes up in they body for tryin to
double cross me
I could move across seas, and outta state
smokin weed
hand yo ass an 8 to smoke to the face
ya still hate nigga.

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

Cuz I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate
tell yo bitch it's that nigga U Love 2 Hate
Smoke-A-Lot, Regime, nigga U Love 2 Hate
album to the face, nigga U Love 2 Hate
Yes, it's that nigga U Love 2 Hate
young nigga, wit money, U Love 2 Hate
mutha fuckas lookin at me funny, U Love 2 Hate
check it.
Nigga.... uh.

[Verse 2]

Is it because I went on tour wit Biggie Smalls?
Or is it because yo bitch will to drop to the floor an lick my balls?
Or is it because a nigga sky ball, since juvenille hall?
To make these niggas straight talk shit, about me in front of they
broads, listen!
Or is it because I'm ridin around in Range Rove's?
4 point 6, G-S 400 on dubb mo-mo's
an both of my shit's got T.V.'s in 'em, what you don't know
what the fuck you grind fo?
Juss to pay note to the nine-four
I'm ridin 9-8 shit
is that the reason for all the hatred
I flipped Townhouse, you still at mom's house basement
mad, walkin around tellin my friends I ain't shit
back when, you used to be that nigga who I smoked my dank wit
rob a bank wit, because I trust you
probably take a slug fo you
but now a nigga got no love fo you
Best friends became enemies for centuries
an jealousy juss means you mutha fuckas envy me.

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

it's that nigga U Love 2 Hate
labled to the face, nigga U Love 2 Hate
drugged out, smoothed out, U Love 2 Hate
poppin Xtacy an shit, nigga U Love 2 Hate
I'm that nigga U Love 2 Hate
tell yo potnas it's that nigga U Love 2 Hate
playa hate all the time, U Love 2 Hate
Why you hate me nigga?

[Verse 3]

Is it because yo bitch love me?
Or is because I stay whipped in all the latest rugby's
Thugged Out, sippin bubbly
"Da Good, Da Bad, Da Ugly", nigga finally livin lovely
signin autographs
lil kids run up an hug me
I'm from where they from, I was raised by crackheads an junkies
highschool flunky
too busy out there tryin to get my money
hungry, I had to get it myself nobody dishin fo me
an now my niggas mad, claim that I ain't dishin fo he
But fuck ya'll nigga!
What the fuck you done fo me?
But talk shit behind my back, and try an smoke my weed
or is it because I used to funk wit $hort an Master P
hatin niggas after me, but now won't capture me
nigga you can't even go gold
What the fuck you sold?
Five thousand units, nigga my shit went platinum across the globe
or is it because these fake ass hoes claim they got my baby
act shady, an crazy, reverse the game an now them bitches pay me
the day a nigga signed wit Prince J
got rid of them other niggas, became my own sensai
Smoke-A-Lot, I got to record lable also
Phats, L.Q., Maxx, KeKe, my nigga Gonzoe
colloso, cheddar to make the nitros soggy
ridin Harley's, die smokin juss like Bob Marley
I died in the wide open, at the Mobb party
wit yo eyes open, slugs through yo hard body
pick up
cuz it's that nigga U Love 2 Hate
sincerely yours mutha fucka
U Love 2 Hate!
Yours truly.
Done deal.
That nigga U Love 2 Hate

. . .

(feat. 5th Ward Boyz, Fa Sho)

[Yuk speakin]

Listen, I bring to you.


Here ye, here ye!
Attention all dope fiends, haha!
this is a Smoke-A-Lot pre-sentation
Check it!
I bring to you.... the 5th Ward mutha fuckin Boyz!
An Smoke-A-Lot himself!

[Chorus: Fa Sho]

I am a dope fiend an
(the ice cream factory)
I need my drugs
I bought 'em from the Ice Cream Man
(in '98, posted up, posted up)
he's my neighborhood thug
I know I need to stop, but
I say no
(slang crack)
cuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

First you cut the stove up
450 degrees farienhiet
mix the bakin soda wit the China white
sugar delight, Puruvian flake crack rock
playa fill the pot up wit water, put the pot on the stove to make it hot
then rock it up
place the caviar in a jar full of boilin water, then shake it up
that's how I rock it up
presice, before I chop it up
I sell it
my dope fiend test the product to see if I got the stuff
packin gats incase I gots to bust
my cousin rode off in the wind wit two chickens, ever since then no
nigga I can trust
plus, family an business don't click
cuz family members try to play you like a bitch
I'm quick to pistol whip this shit outta niggas like this
my niggas from the Vill killin each other, go to jail an turn snitch
like a bitch
me, I slang double ups, half thangs an zips
blueprints on how to bubble up, have thangs an grip
digital triple beam at my lab
breakin down slabs an bump a zipper
nigga 28 grams wit the bag
fuck it
drop Jag or a Cutlass
my ice cream truck be the toughest.

[Chorus: Fa Sho]

I am a dope fiend an
I need my drugs
I bought 'em from the Ice Cream Man
well, he's my neighborhood thug
I know I need to stop, but
I say no
cuz I'm a dope fiend an.... I need my drugs!

[Verse 2: 007of the 5th Ward Boyz]

I scream
you scream
we all scream for ice cream
trippin out these dope fiends
bringin back all kinda things
T.V.'s, camcorders, VCR's, stereos
beepers, cell phones, any thing they get they hands on
nigga I don't want this shit
bring me back some cash
even dope fiend bitches try to get it for some ass
bitch I don't want no pussy
I don't want no head
I see they drapped the preist, creepin, violation the police.

[Verse 3: E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz]

See we Mobb figgas
coke dealas
7-4-7 straight to Oak-Town hit 'em up wit Yuk now
Yola snatchers
made money, go-getters
blood elapse ya
turn around an pimp slap ya
I'ma make you love me bitch
wit the cock or the rocks
stockin up the million dolla spots
rollin in ah
candy coated '98 big body Tahoe
plenty dope smokers.


[Verse 4: Lo Life of the 5th Ward Boyz]

All I need is one bird
an I wont turn back
an I'm show you how to turn this tough, turf-Town white powder to crack
an I keep my clip clacked, so
please don't try an jack
in the midst of the transact, I found where the dope fiends at
I over react
after midnite, while sellin my cream
a dope fiends dream is to follow me, while, smokin out a screen
I drive by in my ice cream truck
wit fiends run up
I got 'em touchin for the good stuff
white colored and blue
I got yo drugs!

[Verse 5: Yukmouth]

I got yo drugs
heron, infedamines an crack
fiends get jacked
fiends get slapped
fiends that rap
they got me back an fourth
I'm tryin to shake the state
bakin cakes
razor blades
Kragen plates
busta niggas they can hate
slangin major weight
thousand grams is a key
outta town a pound of boogie brown cost a G
so I send it down
couple a rounds, never lost to P
never lost a G
mutha fuckas never crossin me.

[chorus x2]
[echos out]

. . .

(feat. DMG)


Make sure that shit be playin real loud.
(Me and Yuk you know.)

[Verse 1: DMG]

now once again
me and my nigga
It's In My Blood
we straight killas
I be the D and to the M an the M and to the G
comin from the M-P-L-S, S-T-P
all say it wit me
St. Paulin
southside niggas
forever ballin
lead you to the circle, meet niggas wit purple eyes
can't forget my niggas who live on the north side
Could you club what?
throw up yo fins nigga
it's all mighty
now what it is, it's part two nigga
it's brand new (brand new)
juss fo' you
Now where you from nigga?
I'm from the Mid-West
Who want some nigga?
I leave yo shit wet
Now is it you nigga?
You got the balls?
Well bring it on nigga, I kills ‘em all
I thought you knew nigga
Oh you ain't hear the first?
It's In My Blood nigga
but now it's way worse
It's In My Blood.

(It's In My mutha fuckin Blood! Nigga!)

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

It's In My Blood
smokin sweets, drink 40's to the suds
and fuckin wit these thugs nigga
It's In My Blood
you wonder why us niggas be hustalas
and out there sellin drugs nigga
It's In My Blood
that drug money, stuff that shit up under the rug
and make them cops bug nigga
It's In My Blood
niggas like me turn niggas like you into hustalas
fuckin wit thugs, fuckin wit us!

[Verse 2: Yukmouth]

Regime life
shit trife nigga
slangin China white at night
get light nigga
2 point 2 pounds of white
my shit tight nigga
What yo grip like?
Ship like a half a million when I'm fuckin wit mics
bustin on mics
wit 5 mics to back it
kick the acrofacts on the cracks while my nigga D flip it backwards
Regime killas nigga
the captain
the king of crack and still rappin, bubble up makin moves
you niggas still jackin
that's why I'm livin ill, steel packin
dive on top of niggas and feel like Action Jackson, wit my 9 mill
a real assassin, juss invite me to your mansion homie
I bet a nigga'll come back that same night as a mask man demandin money
see my fam is hungry
eat a can of phony emcees, then dump they ass in San Antoni
cuz niggas bologney like Oscar Myers
Mobb attire
makin cops retire the way I, hurdle over barber wire
fence this
I pimp shit
the Guiness Book World Record holder, for fuckin over the most bitches
Regime shit, the thug preachable
individual-ly, put niggas faces up on the obituals
I was taught to get the doe
It's In My Blood since I was crawlin on the rug
and pops was in the kitchen rockin up drugs
Yes sir!
Back then, I knew who I was, a thug
and still a thug until they make me feel the slugs nigga
It's In My Blood!

[Chorus x2]

. . .

Welcome little boys and girls
Makaveli... for the luv of Makaveli it's forever... and ever
Come on... yo

Hey yo 'Pac we still ballin
Dodgin all these haters and task
wit Lil J up in jag...makin legal papes and cash
No mo pullin capers in mask...nothin can save you from that
Tear up yo place wit the slapz and hit ya safe for the snaps
No longer waitin in back..I'm jus facin the facts
Cats fakin ya mak...waitin to jack..soon as the day it will past
Word..turn thru new jersey,swerve..on the wrong side of town you serve
This for my nicca on the third...for my homeboyz yok (khadifi) and 'Pac
You got 'em jockin 'Pac, I know ya watchin 'Pac
Like shots at cops I ride on my set
and I'm bangin Makaveli 5, people think you never really died
they try to tell me why and say
Makaveli was that guy who faked his on death
Come on champ.. would you fake yo' own death
wit two to the head, ya jus a stank head
Now bounce like the bankhead, thuggin aint dead
It's sacred, we still ballin...


Don't cry, dry ya eyes and say
'Pac we still ballin ballin
Jus look up in the sky and say
'Pac we still ballin ballin ballin
Poor some liqour on the ground and say
'Pac we still ballin ballin ballin
to think, if he could see us now

Hey 'Pac we still ballin, congregate the bloodz and cuz
Vice Lords and Disciples, I got luv for thugs
Even the hoodrats and scrugs that we duck in the club
Sucka for luv, I introduce bustin dem slugs
Hustlas and drugs, we all lust for money and fast cars
The life of a rap star, floatin in jaguars
Ball with a rappa,learn how to stack tall
money longer then Shaq y'all (weeeeesssstttttsiiiiiiidddddeeeeeee)
I look back y'all, I smoked out wit redman
Aim an infared at the head of a rapper tryin to make a livin off a dead man
Descend a dead man, I know the drama is thrillin
They stole every song you made and owe yo mama sum millons
We got children pleadin stop wit cha (I can be like 'Pac)
Raps and rocks wit gats and glocks ya act like 'Pac
Wit all them songz you stole from D.U.
If Makaveli was alive, he would've rolled on you fools
and that's for real


dey can bite all they want say 'Pac
we still ballin ballin ballin
west side..south side say 'Pac
we still ballin ballin ballin
we gonna keep the thuggin alive say 'Pac
we still ballin ballin ballin
rap-a-lot mafia life say 'Pac
we still ballin

Young nob, Kastro, Edi and Bo
signed to rap-a-lot get the cash flow its easy to do
I know its easy in you
The homies seen Biggie Smallz jockin yo rap and rhymes
Watch us all become outlaws
Doggy Dogg signed to no limit
It's coo' cause before that doggy dogg was gettin no spinach
And thats no old gimmick
You know whut a real thug iz...wit the swears and cusses
it's like comparin a bentley to a cutlass..
you roll old ass buckets, we roll dutchez...
ya roll wusses and I'm burnin out dodge viper clutches
you gotta luv it, how we take this thuggin to the next
20 geez on my wrist, 90 hundred on my neck
Jubilees and baguettes, spell tattoees on my belly
cuz we do this for the luv of my nicca Makaveli
if i die pour sum brew on the ground
dont boo-hoo and frown
just like up in the sky and smile for me now [echoin]

to the day that i die say 'Pac
we still ballin
wave ya hands in the sky say 'Pac
we still ballin
west side south side say 'Pac
we still ballin
east side north side say 'Pac
we still ballin
the regime outlawz and yuk
we still ballin
rap a lot lil j and face
we still ballin
diggity daz and kurupt say 'Pac
we still ballin
e 40 fonz and b-leigeezi say 'Pac
we still ballin
all my dogz everywhere say 'Pac
we still ballin
and all my real ass thugs say 'Pac
we still ballin

a dedication to the legendary Makaveli
god bless his soul
time to ride for my patna on these bitin ass characters in the industry

ride or die [x10]
still ballin [x20]

. . .

It is I that you see.
Little boys an girls.... Revelationz.
Why do the good die young, an the bad mutha fuckas live fo ever?
Cuz nigga, we livin on hell nigga.
This is hell mutha fuckas.

[Verse 1]

All my life it's like I'm fuckin around wit the wrong people
make a movie about my life an it be a long sequel
bout people livin off free-be's an brick cheese
that's how that shit be's, out here you have to grind to get g's
no Bently flippin less yo name is Felix Mitchell listen
little boys an girls my mama could barely pay the fuckin rentin
my daddy is surely gotta be somewhere in this world pimpin
white bitches fo doe, he was a jiggalo livin in women
he used to take me an my Village potnas to go swimmin
he drove a BMW, they father drove a lemon
nigga in the end my mama kept spendin money on gin an drugs
I had to sleep on the fuckin rug where the roaches was
I hung wit thugs always rollin dice an pumpin gas
to get some cash
you had to store the coke, we mop his ass
my pops would give me cash, but my mama would take it from me
if I didn't give it to her, she'd beat my ass butt-naked homie
the only way I would see a movie was out wit the homies
I'm always bummy, had no money, they would pay it fo me
my daddy told me when I was very young
that he was on the run, I heard him mention somethin about Colombians
an I could come stay wit him if I didn't like the way that moms treat me
I juss didn't like the way that moms beat me
wit Tonka toys, in front of my boys hit me wit objects
so I juss
got to sky the fuck up out these projects
I left behind my moms an sisters so relentless
never thought they'd get evicted an be sleepin on benches
my pops was on some pimp shit, sewin up Frisco on novero
5-0 kicked down the door, he flushed the elbow
there goes another nigga straight to the pen
by the age 10, done lived wit every relative, an friend I know
here I go again
livin wit my grama, then my auntie
my uncle
where ever I go niggas would gank me fo my bundle
swindle my check, wit Section 8 an medi-cal benefits
but me I wasn't gettin shit
spend my shit on nay kids
that's what they did
fuck relatives
if I don't do my thang now, I never lived
never gone get it if you sit on yo ass
so fuck math class
I'm on the Ave wit crack fo that ass
like son like dad
I love the smell of money, hash an zig-zags
look at the back of my ass, beat the sag, it's big cash
involved but
we all get caught up an sent to juvenille halls
scrape yo turf on the wall, in county drawls
my mama abused alcohol
my pops an inmate
an me I'm sweepin halls to intake
my mama carried the weight ain't seen my pops since '86
every year, in an outta jail fo crazy shit
so much shady shit done happened to me, I can't put it behind me
the Lord took my mama life in '93
God bless her soul
cuz she was caught up in a, house hold fire at a rehab so we sued they
this shit makin me mad
high ass lawyer we had Melvin Bell, I tried to tell my sister that he'd
get paid half
settlement, me 56 G's
my big sister 56 G's
my little sister 106 G's
Ripley's wont believe that for the life of my mama they only gave us a
quarter a mill ticket to split
I can't deal wit this shit
I wish you was here to see me get this deal wit Chris, an Noo-Trybe
mama you died I cried
cuz you missed
the gold an platinum plaques
I bet you never thought yo little black ass son could rap
now I'm breakin off scratch
an burnin zags wit Sparkle
that's my little sister askin the Lord why did you make her life so
next thing you know my pops go
in '95 he died of AID's
it's either suicide of cry fo days
an weeks an months
blowin blunts, keep away flashes
no funeral caskets, juss two vases wit ashes
I ask if, he spare my life
cuz all I got is my nieces, my two sisters, an my wife
recite behind the mic the type of shit that niggas like
fo the first time in my life I'm makin bread, doin it right
but at night seems like I'm hunted
probably because jackmoves an licks I've done it
what goes around comes around, hollow point tip rounds to my stomach
screamin at Summit
that's how you busta niggas want it
but I still juss get blunted in big six hundreds
niggas done, done it
done deal nigga, been there like Dre
blowin hay in the air on the free-way
forgive me God is what I would say
I gotta lot of days to count
blessed, went from claimin sets wit yay up in my mouth
see task an bounce
now I blow hash at half an ounce
smoke out to the facial blessed to be livin on hell mutha fucka!

Cuz this is hell nigga.
If you ain't know, nigga.
This hell nigga.
Right now.
Nigga, done deal.
Done deal.
This live.
Every nigga done had this shit happen to 'em, you know what I'm sayin.
All my potnas, every nigga I tell that I went through, they do, done did
the same shit.
Let's do it, juss salute niggas.
Juss do our thang, fuck everybody, let's ride this shit.
Do yo t hang blaze, get shermed out all that shit, whatever.
Mushrooms an shit, Xtacy's an all that shit, let's get high an juss
reminise about all that dangerous shit we done went through.
An ask yoself...."why the fuck am I here?"
Cuz this is hell nigga.
An the good die early, an the mutha fuckin bad stay fo ever, cuz yo ass
on hell nigga, cuz you a bad mutha fucka like me.
Done deal, uh, uh.
(livin in hell, dead mutha fuckas, uh)
(livin in hell, dead niggas dwell, uh) [x2]
this Earthel is hell mutha fucka.

. . .

Yes, yes, yes, uh!
Balla shit, nigga
timer shit nigga
(Regime shit baby)
flossy shit, boi!
(Smoke-A-Lot, Smoke-A-Lot)
Rolex Rulez
Check it, we rock big jew-els an shit, big karats an Baggets an shit.
Mutha fuckas be starrin, niggas packin big thangs too nigga

[Verse 1]

I started off wit heata shit
carry a nine millameter shit
Rolex on my wrist
never fuckin wit Geneve shit
(playboy whats Geneve shit?)
somethin like 20 g's cheaper shit
tryin to pawn this shit, but the jewelry store tell you to keep the shit
look juss like a Rollie, but it really ain't Rollie
what the fuck you think homie, you walkin around wit fake Rollie
I never knew that swap meets a-wraps could make Rollie
the Motra fake Rollie's, yo time an date gone break Rollie
the type of shit a theif wont even attempt to take Rollie
go out on a date, start makin bitches hate Rollie
now pump yo brakes homie
only the ballin qualified can rock the platinum, oyster, in distant
Rolex wear outside
"Stayin Alive" like Wyclef, gettin high until my eyes shut
wise steps, hands carrassin my tech
Rolex under my sleve nigga
to each nigga playa hatin, I make you mutha fuckas bleed quicka
I read niggas
look in my eyes an die slowly
meet my four-five
niggas done died fo a Rollie
I leave yo chest over yo family outside lonely
they died on the stretch an take an ambulance ride homie
my four-five told me, that shit that crucify homies
if I didn't, got so many down niggas ready to ride fo me
die fo me
eye fo an eye homie
that's what you get for tryin to rob me fo my Rollie nigga
Rolex Rulez.

[Chorus x2: Phats Bossalini]

Well an nigga wit the Rolex on
you best believe he packin Stretch Armstrong
some kinda gat or thang on him
hit you bullet rain storms
when you got the Rolex watch, piece an chain on

[Verse 2]

To all my real playas
throw yo Rollie's in the sky
wave 'em side to side
then keep yo four-five caulked to ride
so many mutha fuckas done died
tryin to steal a Rolex watch
especially tryin to steal mines
I remember the day I bought my first watch
the turfs hot
slangin them birdies, that chirpin juss don't stop
raise niggas off the block who turf hop
juss got my first 5 in the world to check in the jewlery store the first
I'm wet
cash the check, grab the tech an jet
10 G's in my pocket headed straight to Spence
I want my shit all baggets
but it cost too much
had to fuck wit somethin less
ain't tryin to floss too much
a straight gold Presidential
no diamonds down the wrist
Princess cabezel
you know
that's small timer shit
but fuck that!
I got the Rolex, chain an ring that match
stack my scratch, until I got enough green to bring shit back
exchange? Yes!
Give up the chain an gain a Rolex
drop some G's
it's juss like property so invest
an if you ever go broke, don't feel depressed under stress
pawn yo shit, I give you what you paid an not a dolla less
that's big timer shit
white colla shit, so I jet
I see some niggas casin the set
hangin out by my Lex
I grab the mutha fuckin Tech 9
the first time, I get to hear that mutha fucka scream an whine
Rolex Rulez!

[chorus x2]

Uh, to all my real playas, nigga, uh.
Smoke-A-Lot up in this bitch.
Regime shit, uh.
Sometimes you gotta floss, sometimes keep that shit up under yo sleve.
Haha. Cuz niggas tryin to get us.
But I keep big heats, nigga. Uh.
How many holes you want in yo ass?
1, 2, or 3? Nigga what?
Back the fuck up nigga. We do our thang, Rolex Rulez.
I sugguest you pack a gat too, my ballin ass potna
or you will get flatlined.
Done deal.

. . .

(feat. Phats Bossalini, Big Lurch)


All I know..... is this Regime shit.

[Chorus: Phats, Big Lurch]

I'm juss a thousandaire
but pretty soon I plan to be a millionaire
playa hatas best beware!

[Big Lurch]

Don't hate on mine
when you want that sim to shine!
Don't hate on mine
when you want that sim to shine!

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Nigga. Let's do it.
I'm tryin to touch mo' money than Bill Gates
but know that
when you get the money they will hate
them broads that hang around you wit the ice grill face
be the broads that lay you and take you to an ill place
Where the doe at?
They know you ballin, cuz you deal weight
you better show that, nigga where the safe is at while you still safe
cuz, niggas will take yo life
probably rape yo wife
if they can't say China white, now say goodnight!
To the bad guy
in a ski mask guy
I been gettin cash guy
ever since my dad died
me and my real boys
in Mazda-has
bitches wit, cat eyes feed me lobster ya'll
if I wanna ride I cop it, dawg
if I gotta flip one for my chocolate dawg
juss like we shop at the mall
don't knock it ya'll
I been ballin since the days of Genesis
and Benz's flipped
tinted shit, while you just rentin shit
pretendin it's, yours
drivin Honda Accord's and Ford Probe's
niggas flossin them hoes
my name is known across the globe
see me talkin on shows
Rolex rockin them hoes
knockin on my door lookin fo yo bitch, I put the glock to your nose.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Phats Bossalini]

Blast the blood clot
my niggas makin money non-stop
off the rock
another hundred to cop
fiends blisterin
all action
we G's wit Mac-10's
Boss was sworen as a coppo
take bread
live like Macho, push the throttle
jet black seat pushed back in a Diablo
die slow
my niggas want it and triffle it
Hummer shit
cover my mic cuz it's priceless
ice this
Rolex piece, watch and Jeep
niggas lose sleep
trainin my beasts how to feast
where the broke eat
approach yo block wit guns
cops will come
spread the bread in lumps son
my nigga John John
he had his head on tight
hit the pipe
now he tweaked, high as a kite
I used to shed tears
knew damn deep he didn't care
hope and dreams that was all that's there to be a millionaire.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Phats Bossalini]

My niggas rock solid
make the money be the object
fuck a colleauge
I'm off the clock rockin dollas
see us
peep us
it's juss the three of us
me an Yuk, plus Mad Maxx been out to get some.

[Verse 4: Yukmouth]

Feed it up
soon as I get up
I got to roll a phat spliff up
smoke til it burn my finger tips an lips up
drinkin liquor til I get the hic ups
fuck bad bitches then we switch up
fuck bad bitches then we switch up.

[Verse 5: Phats Bossalini]

Watch me shine in my nine-nine custom design
niggas sniffin lines sayin Boss committed a crime
I robbed the bomb shelter
shipped the goods off the delta
task asks if Phats the man wit no replica.

[Verse 6: Yukmouth]

No replica
put the tech to ya
Smiff-N-Wesson ya
here's the lesson to be learned, don't test the young Hugh Heffener
4 point 6 snatchin up yo bitch
an when it comes to mics I wreck this shit
collectin chips
disrespect yo click
I come wit real shit
from the Village Oak-Town
raised a drug dealer, to be rappin and stars Mo Town
on the low down, I used to blow brown, but now I blow pounds
went from bein ugly as fuck, to havin hoes now
you know now.

[Chorus til end]

. . .

(feat. Numskull, Kastro)

[Chorus x2: Phats Bossalini & Val Young]

That's the Ballers Feud
A thug changes, and love changes
That's the Ballers Feud
And best friends become strangers.

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Survey says...
You know some fake mutha fuckas
I know some bustas too
this fake mutha fucka been causin rukus in my crew
since '92
at first I thought he was cool like Dru
always hollerin the Dangerous Crew, but if you only knew
them niggas don't wanna hang wit you
cuz of the thangs you do
learn a thang or two
talkin bad bout yo homies, two bitches who juss be framin you
niggas thinkin bout hangin you, the game is true
everywhere we go the punk hoo bangin you
makes it kinda hard for me to swang wit you
that's why niggas only hang wit Dru, my pimpydoo
folk-el, smoke out my Range Rove-el
What? What?
fuck these broke-els
I hate it when niggas be playin wit yo mail, because they only end up
smoked out
broke as hell
drivin buckets
I'm drivin luxury cars and plus shit
Benz the Lexus the roughest to fuck wit
so you wanna be P-I-M-P?
You need to get a bitch to fuck you fo free
you payin G's fo pussy.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 2: Numskull]

There's too many playas
too many ballas
too many hustlas
too many killas
too many pimped out mutha fuckas
so now we got the east coast and the west coast feudin to see who's
the cleanest mutha fucka is the richest and the genius
what if you stumbles, like buyin too many houses
wit rims to put on yo shit, too many furry couches
who the mouses nigga, I think you knowin
sheadin tears from bitches who take yo shit and keep goin
an don't come back, cuz they done sucked you dick and yo cabbage
got 20 hoes across America livin lavish
hatin is juss a hoe thang, yo, I gotta live like that
a bitch can roll wit me, or hit the track
you can talk about pimpin, you can talk about killin
but when that shit goes down, sound minds will be revealin
when you die and comeback, maybe you can try again and beat me
but don't try now, cuz you niggas can't see me
22, ready to hoo ride at moments notice
first to swang, hittin noses, eyes can't focus
hocus pocus
now 25 niggas on ya
juss because you moved from California
Ballers Feud.

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3: Kastro]

We went from loved ones, on the way up
to no love at all
time to go though, so I don't give no fucks at all
cross the game
don't be playin, stoned get right
I shed blood wit this, and that can't be gone, overnight
this hate
man, could be a cold mutha fucka
close friends, close as cat scan, love 'em like my brother
now I
see 'em dyin like a mutha fucka
slow death, no breath
man I love it like my mother
and that's some cold shit, I'm on some mo' swole shit
listen quick
fingers thick
lady clit
piss this shit, on yo clit
niggas know I'm flossin K-Cash
cash foldin
you want what I'm holdin, my wife an my life stolen
worse enemy, authority
police are all enemy
richeously, this life fo' me ain't as bad as it seems to be
but still in all I love, all I love
take my ten fingers, my ten toes, an mash outta love
do it fo ya'll, all ya'll
my baby girl an God
this crazy world like a knife in the heart of my cause
now half part of me hard
the other part of me scarred
death wit out health, but still a nigga prayin to God.

[Chorus x4]

. . .

Pop Da Collar

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Tha Dogg Pound, Numskull)

Me and You

[Daz] And you know that

Me and You

Who can fade it, two assassins up on the mic
Blastin', askin' no questions, when they catch you in a gunfight
Kaboom! We still mash as a team
As we mash for our dreams, jackin hood niggaz for green
It's Dillinger, fulfillin, makin a low outta killin
Pullin' scandalous schemes fulfillin fantasy dreams
Catch me on a Costa Rica, with an island full of weed
money and bitches, on a boat for Sweden

See when I'm yellin'
International help me
No colorlines on my
Ugly and fine
you can sell me
I'm glad folks think the same way as I do
Cause I stab bitches way down in the Bayou
Would you make way for two mo'
fo' blows, like you have hoes
Stamp a nation wide through the ghetto
Fore youngsters, Hennesy sponsors
With fore youngsters on a
quarter of the map now I do

I spin mayor loot and khaki suits
Nike's and cripsacks,
Wetsuits and leather boots
I block niggaz twice with thighs
Buck with a .45
Make you open while you blast at the parking lot

What you speakin' on
Wanna go through it
Drink a lot, made from fluid
Scrump bitch, don't you hear the music
My buddy, Daz Dilly and Numskull
You will be thanked
With you're petty pang petty

[Chorus: x2]

To all my niggaz.. and all my bitches
Throw your motherfuckin hands in the air
And if you don't give a fuck
like we don't give a fuck then
throw your motherfuckin hood up in the air

Check it out
No bitch ass niggaz, no funny ass hoes
Dogg Pound Gangstas drippin' in low-lows
You ain't all about the homies
You besta check the fault
Pencils, playin niggaz in the crowd style
Thinkin bout the row outta town
With the heater cock bust a million rounds
Dogg Pound international's breakin off fools
While the dock can bust
The facility touch

I laid this game down
jumped around and kissed myself like I was James Brown
Spin around and hit the splits on the ground
Split your motherfuckin crown
Turn this ifs into pounds
Dogg Pound live around,
niggas hittin' the ground
Fuck around and get shot up
I tear shit up
You can ask Puff
Lil Cease, Mary J. B. and Jodeci
About that nigga Yuk
means the hardcore
got kicked off tour
For piss marking on the hotel floor

G riders, We ride, DP ride
Get the mashin niggaz
Or the mat see automatic,
get the blastin niggaz
Shakin nigga, bankin nigga
Quit the heater
Stop blankin niggaz

I'm danked out
Surrounded by weed smoke
You See me and my niggas in the club,
thugged up, suited in steet clothes
We roll, cut dough
Cause weed so
On triple gold, see hoes
With weed with me and my amigo

[Chorus x2]

Who did that, who shitted
Who spoke on the ghetto values,
Who supa-dupu flyyyyy
I catored to the pimps, players, hustlers and bastards

Why don't you meet me over in the O, Homie
Cause when I get there,
the hoes will be all off on me
I know y'all got a gang of bitches...

...Ha, ha
And like fabulous thangs and livin' life expensive
In nights machine dippin'
With a pocket full of c-notes
Cruise the block with a 9 lookin' for weed-o
And oh yeah, who got the gangsta shit
Daz and Kurupt, Numskull, Yuk for shit bitch

known as your playa potna
slain ice cream fools and [?]
Rockin Hilfiger just like kadada
I walk around the house of rockwilder,
just like a mobster
the O-A-K bust and throw it away
hoop out the roof down in LA
and then go aloof
opps! and make a nigga spooked
with a couple of screws loose
and find your homie
sweatin, buck naked locked up in a chicken coop
livin that destory all arts
zark, and blast a homes
pull back and grab your mothafuckin heart out your chest
if you tested the best like David Koresh
get ready to be
reincarnated in the motherfuckin flesh
yes yes

[Chorus x2]

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Tela)


Uh, uh, ah. Uh-huh
What? Where my ladies at?
Uh. Where my ladies at?
Let's do this.....uh, Menage A Trios style.
It's the 90's, and regular sex is played out.
I need two women, at one time!
One time!

[Verse 1: Yukmouth]

Let's take it back, to the day we first met
I see you and your girls buyin purses
lookin like two Miss Universe's
make a nigga wanna curse "Shit!"
who them two bitches, let me go spit a couple of verses, see if I can
work it
I dropped some money on purpose
you picked it up, an said "I dropped some"
stop frontin you can tell from my watch that I got somethin
an that I squat somethin nice, pop somethin nice
up in the air so elegant
you can tell I pimp but that's irrelavent
an I can tell by the way you and yo girl hang tight
that y'all be doin y'all thug thang at night
somethin like dikes
Ain't nothin like.... two girls makin love to each other
Ain't nothin like.... two girls bustin nuts up on each other
Ain't nothin like.... two girls at the club, rubbin on each other
Ain't nothin like.... two girls kissin and huggin on each other
Ain't nothin like.... two girls juss suckin on you like a sucka
Ain't nothin like.... cuz we fuckin each other, in a Menage A Trios.

[Chorus x2: Kira]

Can we get freaky tonight?
I want you and your girl to come by
I like to do Menage A Trios
I like it when you do me, do me.

[Verse 2: Tela]

Me and you Menage A Trios
bring along another star
drinky drinky at the bar
we can freak it in the car
you know how we do it ah
you got to influence her
let her know which two of us
me and you, and her and Yuk
you want me to set it up
get that pussy wet it up
bitch you betta shut it up
there won't be no lettin up
you know what's ahead of us
video tape, no editors
I be the executive
producer while y'all sex it up
kissin up, put the pissin up
pussy like that gotta switch it up
I know what's like dickin up
pickin lips, rediculous
gotta get a lil mo' sick wit us
bout this time I'm bout to bust
spend up shit like steaky luck
damn you know this cock is hot
but you know what's really hot
bitch you fuckin Rap-A-Lot
and this shit will never stop
for all my dawgs, I'm gettin y'all in here
Menage A Trios, and enjoy yourself, come on, uh!

[Chorus x2]

Spend the night wit me
I'll spend the night with you
Ooohh ooohh
Ooohh ooohh
(Spend the night!)
Spend the night wit me
don't care what we do
juss as long as I'm with you.

[Verse 3: Yukmouth]

Now we can kick it in my 4 point 6
bangin "It's All On A Bitch"
you lickin my dick, wit yo ass up in the air she lickin yo clit
now that's the shit
you wonder why they call me Hugh Heff
cuz I keep two chicks
runnin around butt naked in my duplex
screamin who's next
yup in this life that I'm livin
I can't escape I'm in love wit two women
swimmin in two women at once
or I can relax, juss hittin on blunts
while y'all lickin on cunts, get shit crunk
I visioned it once, then tweedle-dum I'm in a threesome
wit me some bad chicks, hungry fo dick so I'ma feed 'em
we some fools off the cool
gone off Xtacy and mushrooms in the room
I can do it slow, or I can room-a-zoom-zoom... BOOM!
Into that pussy like a bullet wound
put on my Fruit of the Looms
and then I creep out the room
Cuz if you baby daddy find out what we doin you doomed
I'm out, so I'm out!

[Chorus x2]

Spend the night wit me
I'll spend the night with you
Ooohh ooohh
Ooohh ooohh
(Spend the night!)
Spend the night wit me
don't care what we do
juss as long as I'm with you.

[freak talking]

Look check it out Yuk
I ain't a freak or nothin, but umm... I like to do this Menage A Trios
You know? (Girl I like it too, shit)
You know, doin it wit you is cool, but umm... wit yo girl it juss makes
things twice as good, she's better.
(Hell yeah!)

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

Mackin Vs. Pimpin'

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Fa Sho)

[Verse 1]

Give me a gangstress
a bitch that don't take no shit
I need a gangsta bitch
a bitch that's armed and dangerous

I want a bitch that
pack a gat up under her mini skirt
a duce-duce up in her, Fendi purse
dealin wit pleanty work
shippin birds to any jerk
get served on any turf
she all about her Benji's dirt
up then she skirt
even though her friends be hurt
be gorilla lookin broads
always fightin in the backyard
must be a bodyguard
she married to the Mobb
flip a new car every damn year
no mo' O.G.'s than Pam Grier
see around here she's like the Hedi Fliess
cuz she run a hoe house, wit a gamblin shack downstairs
sellin chronic wit brown hairs
I want a hoe to roll my optimos
when I squat the roll, talk to folks on my mob (mobile phone)
let her chop the doe
give her ass a glock to hold
cuz niggas be jockin so tough, they might be plottin so lock they ass up
at the Stop N' Go
they fuckin wit a Mobbsta hoe
toss the gat out the door, then come papa so I can wax that ass juss
like Mop N' Glo

[Chorus x1: Yuk, Fa Sho]

I need a gangstress!
(I need a gangstress!)
A bitch that don't take no shit!
(A Thugged Out gangsta bitch!)
Give me a Gangsta Bitch!
(Give me a Gangsta Bitch!)
I only fuck wit bad ass chicks!
(Only bad ass chicks!)
(Bad, bad girl, yeahhhhh!)
(I only fuck wit bad, bad girls, yeahhhh!)

[Verse 2]

I want a bitch that got a mouth full o' gold teeth
who like to roll sweets
smoke trees mo' than me
coppin whole piece of bomb ass weed
Hennessy, Shrooms, and Xtacy, the kind I need
behind I be
doggstyle, Anaconda in yo baby mama
she don't fuck wit you little grinders, cuz she already a timer
in designer Anne Klein
Iceberg tights
the white bird life
the type of bitch that been hustlin all her life
I want a bitch that I can call wife
fuck all night
lie wit and cry wit
on them hot fall nights
the type of bitch that keep my game tight
help me ball right
tell me which niggas in the click is fake
which niggas is alright
I need a bitch that like to swallow dick
suck my nut and gargle it
slap a nigga over the head wit a bottle quick
I need a bitch who like to smoke in public
drink in public
in a Cutlass only bumpin thug shit!

[Chorus: x1]

[Verse 3]

The type of bitch that keep a strap under the mat-reese
but I'm so real I make her ass ride in the back seat
smokin hashish
fuck bangin Black Street
the hoe that get at me, be the hoe that get her ass beat
pop up at my telly like magic
storm in the room, beat the bitch I juss got through fuckin wit a broom
she only fuck wit tycoons
I want a bitch that talk shit
start shit
let me rock up yay in her apartment
everything is our shit
I want a bitch that rock Tim boots
that got her own bubble Benz coupe
wit friends that's cute
blowin smoke out the roof
a bitch that like to shoot the gas
Gucchi bag wit the boots to match
lick off shots like Super Gat
a bitch that's stackin mo', run through yo scratch
Who the mack?
Bitches I quit, still refusin scraps
from them cats that's hella sweet
straight buyin 'em gifts
but she into gangsta shit
an I'm into gangsta chicks!

[Chorus x1]

To be a gangsta bitch (a gangsta bitch)
Everybody gotta know ya
A gangsta bitch, means you don't take no shit! [til end]

. . .

(feat. Rap-A-Lot Family)

I live the life of a hoodlum
Take ten paces, turn around and shoot 'em
Concrete Budda
We threw 'em in the creak to loose 'em
Streets polluted with drugs
Salute 'em with thugs
We used to
Sleep on a rug
A momma never said she loved
Or hugged us
It's just us, me and my two sisters
I'm too whooshes
Plus new bushes
With .22's up in the bushes
We ride, G's
Menace to societies
The real shit
Fuck a movie, the village
We filled with Chinese
Essays, Niggas, Cambodians
Or go against the police
Thugged Out like Napolean
Grab the milli, from my belly, catch new welly
Slugs in your Pelle Pelle, smell me
Since Makaveli died, it's like the Westcoast shit died
But Régime be the realest shit alive
Ride or die
So high am I, Nigga you can't tell from the eyes
Blood shot red
The feds gettin' bread from the pies
Wiseguys cops risk lay-off to stay off the block
Transportin' drop the Yay off
You paid off the top
Smoke-A-Lot popular on the lock
For flippin' birds like Nadia
Mafia, Rap-A-Lot Mafia

[Willie D]
My Nigga, my Nigga
I'm here to say to
You try to tell it
Can even spell it
It's about respect
For God knows you was talking too
And the slap came
We be the realest motherfuckers in the Rapgame
Rap-A-Lot Mafia, you ain't ready for what we got for ya
I make a motherfucker doctor ya
See, it ain't all about records
We run the motherfuckin' streets in Houston, Texas
We mobilize and we been rated high
Our adversaries die, when our pull a fry, bullets fly
Like some motherfuckin' Blackbirds
When we ride
It's caskets and con words
Mob Nigga

[T.L.T of the Ghetto Twiinz]
Fuck peace
See it's all about violence
Put that Tek to you silent
Leave you howlin
I'ma creep upon ya (Yeah)
I'ma put it on ya (Who)
Drop bombs on ya like they did in Oklahoma

[Mz. G.B. of the Ghetto Twiinz]
See ones that Nigga Yuk, look
Somebody gon die
You could took a try
And kiss that ass goodbye
You be found in your home Nigga
Head blown from that Chrome
Fuck with me, I'm livin' wrong Nigga

[T.L.T of the Ghetto Twiinz]
Nigga remember me
I'm the one, gon get ya
You better pray that God has switched ya
Fuckin' round with the Mafia
You torn blood from you bitches
Nigga what
Bustin holes in you bitches

[Mz. G.B. of the Ghetto Twiinz]
You better wear you vest, real tight bitch
The Mafia gonna put it in you life bitch
Ain't no motherfucker stoppin' up
The only bitch puttin' it down with the Mafia
Rap-A-Lot Mafia

[DMG of FaceMob]
Niggas sure wonder why I hang with these thugs
Cause my Nigga Yuk fuckin' these Niggas up
Nigga, this Rap-A-Lot, Mafia till I die
Why? Because we ride
Everyday do or die
Riffles and .45's
17-shot 9's
Right up between your eyes
Niggas is gon die
Niggas come from the pound
Hummers and S-S's
Born to be a killer
Fill a Nigga
Body with holes
Head the toe when he showed up
Blow up your whole motherfuckin' head, quote us
And I'ma roll, with my Niggas till the wheels fall
Clean up the motherfuckin' car
And in this room we bring the world war

[007 of the 5th Ward Boyz]
See the Circlepiece be the satellite
From the 5th Ward
Command union, how we do it, how we do it
From the South
Texas roll real, swing wide knock 'em out
Double "0" and Yuk worldwide what you talkin' about
See the .45's, see the big faces
Catchin' murder cases, hood erasers
Paper chasers
With the 98, sittin' on steakes
Ballin' in the bay with the Tek to place

[E-Rock of the 5th Ward Boyz]
Recognize the Mob bitch
All day this thug shit
Blisted up, trigger fingers for Niggas that start shit
Creep this as I part quick
Ride dopefiend, will her with a tint
AK's and vest's
Born in California, killed down in Texas
Ohoh, slow your roll here come the po-po's
Anything can happen ridin' through execution capital
E-Rock the stupid fo', who's ridin' with this Nigga Yuk
We the Mafia, squabble the gun
Played out, droppin' ya

[Lo-Life of the 5th Ward Boyz]
We mob figgers
We to take the whole world out
At 50 states all Black God
After that, we still gon grind on the side
To make your motherfuckers mind
I pop the 9, you pop the 9
And all y'all motherfuckers dyin'
We gon drive by
We walk up and do these Niggas out the game
We sell 2 shot, and none left in the chain
Cause it's Rap-A-Lot Mafia man
Is to be fuckin' with man
Watch who you talk to
We kill
If that's what it's brought down to

[Capone of FaceMob]
Off with his motherfuckin' head with the lead
Dead leave his Hilfiger shirt all red
Said it's motherfucker locked in your spot
Shot's will be dropped, right here, right now
Paw, Niggas all the way tugged down
Ride around town showin' out
City after city fuckin' hoes
Yours ain't a lot act like you know
Capone with the city complete assassinater
With paper, blow up a Nigga shit like sky pagers
It's major, save a whole out of not
Stop, if you think your feelin' fin popped
Rap-A-Lot can't stop, won't, don't stop
And we did already hit the top
Rap-A-Lot can't stop, won't, don't stop
And we did already hit the top

[Lil' Chylla of the Snypaz]
I be comin' through rages
And Niggas thinkin' I pissed off
I'm itchin' to get my sick off
I be trickin' them if they trick off
All hands about to get kicked off

[2-4 of the Snypaz]
Nigga I got 'em
Fuck up your body when the slugs touch down
Runnin' up on me you feel it
The realest and platinum bound
With the Nigga called Yuk
We brakin' bed and ballin
Feds hollin'
Bloody bodies with no heads
And calling your momma Nigga

[Lil' Chylla of the Snypaz]
Yo, who the Mob, feel her
Rap-A-Lot Nigga
Kick that John quicker
I missed the bomb disher
Flat the palms
Money is in my figures

[2-4 of the Snypaz]
With our triggers
Snypaz be red dot Niggas
We the Mafia and Yuk sent your picture
So we're droppin'

[Lil' Chylla of the Snypaz]
Maybe you speakin'
Role one
Kill each other, smoke some
Po-po's pass to folks some
Rap-A-Lot Mafia known from

We put's limits on Niggas
We hold money over bitches
Let the whole world recognize the realest
When it's bangin' Rap-A-Lot Mafia
The street's most popular
Servin' your hood like helicopters
Say the wrong thing and I'll slaughter ya
Disrespect the Mob, young catch punkin' heads
Wishin' you was dead
Layin in bed the next
Nigga what did I say
To make these Niggas act this way
Rich thugs still got me muggs
Just to remind a motherfucker, about where I was
Nothin' but love from my thugs
Get your paper cause
We laugh and drink when we rich, black and know this spore
Nigga this Rap-A-Lot Mafia

[J Prince]
You ain't gotta come from Cranestreet
200 or Circlepiece
It's all about do you believe
Rap-A-Lot Mafia life
Rap-A-Lot on the streets

[Scarface of the Geto Boys]
Recognize the Mob or get you ass mobbed on
No love to ones who oppose
We taggin' motherfuckers toes
And we ain't even got a dresscode
Just those, 1000 Niggas infront of Expo's
Waitin' on the next goes
So lets roll and lets go
Ain't no sissy Niggas survivin'
If you don't come with them you got a problem
Solve 'em, hit 'em with the .44 revolver
Make an amount of what believe is right before his daughter
Exactly like the doctor ordered
Dressin' your homies up in church clothes
You took the shot, that brought the black hoe
And that's cold, but that's the motherfuckin' thing
Respect the Mob and Little J and the family name

. . .

[Verse 1]

Dear Lord, why did you take my mama?
There's so much drama in my life, didn't have to take my mama
to make me right
now the only time that I can see my mama
is after life
I give up everything to see my mama
come back to life
I even Sacrifice My Life fo mama
lets reunite
fuck my wife, fuck this marijuana
I die tonight
juss to get my last sight of mama
up in the sky
my lil son, he look juss like you mama
don't be surprised
on the other side he got my fathers eyes
Jesus Christ apologize to my baby son at night for takin his grandmamas
my mama was sweet when we didn't eat
she could still make us laugh
even though our ass was livin out on the streets
cryin for weeks prayin to the Messiah
while the evil get, 25 to life fo' mama dyin in fire
trapped in a house
tortured in the worst way
I got her name tatted across my chest for her birthday
but, Lord....

[Chorus: Yukmouth]

I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my mama back to life.
Hear me, Lord.
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my mama back to life.
All alone in this, world.
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my mama back to life.
Hear me, what?
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my mama back to life.

[Verse 2]

Dear Lord, why did you take my father?
There's so much drama in my life, and now you take my father
that shit ain't right
all he wanted to do was be a balla
sniff China white
after, after hours of other ballas
bettin on the dice
give up my life juss to see my father
lets reunite
he was my friend, I was his little potna
big brother type
didn't give a fuck what my mother like
when y'all broke up
me and my father was so fuckin tight
she had to show love
I never knew when I grew up that I be juss like you
smokin bud
sellin drugs, and hustlin juss like you
nigga I'm a Terminatior 2 of you though
you in a grave
died from AIDS, some man made shit, an still they hate I'm gettin paid
I miss my father and my mother
so do yo sisters and yo brothers
my son he miss his grandmother
can't even sit on his grandpas lap for Christmas
I got the riches
but got nobody to share my shit wit
What is this?!


I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my father back to life.
Hear me, Jahova.
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my father back to life.
One mo time. Uh.
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my father back to life.
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my father back to life.

[Verse 3]

Why did you take my grandma off this earth?
She had to be the sweetest woman to ever walk this earth
it sho hurts
my whole earth, Queen of the Universe
this the first time we don't get to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner at
Grandma's church
see, when my mama died she took me in
even when my mama was alive she took then, straight put me in
a spare room in the house to live wit her
young dirty nigga didn't have no money or nothin to give to her
but still I lived wit her for 6 years
then she died now it's juss tears
it seems like I'm the only one in the family left here
trapped in this cold-hearted crazy world
me, my wife, and my son
I'm parinoid to have a baby girl
cuz life is fucked up, because of your prayers, I lived up
became successful
now that I got the money it seems that I stress mo'
sometimes I wanna let go
in my life, do Heaven really got a ghetto?
Sacrifice my life


I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my grandma back to life.
Hear me, Lord,
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my mama back to life.
All alone in this, world,
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my father back to life.
Ya hear me, God?
I sacrifice my life, juss to bring my dead potnas to life.

One love.
Fo all my dead potnas (yes)
fo my relatives, (rest in peace) my mom's, my pop's
My grandma (I love you)
I'ma see y'all when I get there, at the Pearly Gates
I do this fo my nigga... from the S. and V.
my nigga SEAG, and my nigga Rappin' Ron
my nigga Tupacalypse
and my nigga Biggie Smalls
everybody that lost a loved one.... Sacrifice your life.
To bring 'em back to life
Sacrifice your life
We gone see 'em, don't worry
Eternal life.... we see 'em in the next life
Done deal.

. . .

Baller Mode

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Tech N9ne)

[Tech N9ne (Yukmouth)]
Regime killas, ah
What the deal
(It's that lethal)
What's poppin
Regime niggas in this motherfucker for the one nine nine twist bitch
(Uh, that regime shit)
Regime shit, yeah
(Done deal, bumbell)
New millenium rhymers nigga
(What, Tech a nina)
The bumbell
Where the fuck you at
(Up in this bitch)

[Yukmouth (Tech N9ne)]
Uh, what uh, introducin two of the regime's finest
(Regime) Tech a nina
And Smoke a Lot himself
(Smoke a lot, bumbell)
Let's serve these niggas with the straight shh, uh nigga
(In your back bitch)
Fuck that, I'm tired of not being of the bungalow shit
This bumbell for you nigga

It's bumbell bumbell, that's straight rapid fire
That override your ampliphiers and the woofers
Your bass tube hook ups shut the fuck up with wires cooked up
Niggas stash my tape like gats in the bushes, it's that lethal
It'll probably have you killing people, for real
Cops say it's illegal to have a Yuk tape in your possesion
Niggas keep going to jail for 11, 350's and 211's
187's, concealed weapons, all the above
Tear the fuckin club up with my nigga what

[Tech N9ne]
That Tech N9ne nigga, lyrically blind niggas on the grind
All the time you will find I spiritually define nigga, rhyme killa
I'm the purer from Missour-a
Quick when I rip shit trip this animalistic, fuck Ace Ventura
By the power of my dead niggas I'ma ride this like a rollercoaster
Ain't nobody fuckin with my niggas I'm the killa representin Cosa Nostra
So bust like you're supposed to
We guaranteed this gon sell cuz this shit's the bumbell nigga

[Chorus x2: (Tech N9ne)]
(Ba bum)
This shit is heated (Ba bum)
Your shit's deleted (Ba bum)
And when you need it (Ba bum)
We drunk and weeded
As long as this rap shit sells
Us niggas with figures we keep releasin the bumbell

Bitch I can make ya ?ven? (Ba bum)
Make ya ?land? (Ba bum)
Make the fans (Ba bum)
Gang related dance (Ba bum)
I can make the hood (Ba bum)
Make your ?Kim Wood? (Ba bum)
Make your stereo (Ba bum)
Make calico (Ba bum)
They dumpin on us, clunk clunk go the trunk
Grab the pump, bang my shit when you in the mist to funk
Or get shit crunked
When shit jumps, I'm the theme music
Like thorazine, the fiends cling to it
I didn't mean to do it
The music made me do it, it made me loose it
Got my mind playin tricks
Now my nine can't stop sprayin shit
Until the nigga lay in a ditch
And when I played this shit it blew my speakers out
Looked out the window I saw dope fiends and tweakers out in the
middle of the street doing the electric slide, you shoulda peeped it out
It got me geeked out, hustlin makin scrilla
After every word I got to say nigga
Like what's up nigga?
Let's smoke this blunt nigga
Oh, yesterday got caught, got fucked up nigga
You bumpin Yuk nigga?
Oh that's the bumbell

[Chorus x2]

[Tech N9ne]
We're now listening to the sounds of Tech N9ne
I don't need no medication, I just packs my crispy flows
Endo, rum and fornication, jammed up for y'all filthy hoes
That nigga named Tech N9ne is a motherfucker on Gang Related
Hater's gotta respect mine or the next time get strangulated
Rap A Lot summoned me, I told em that I had a gun in me
Loony as a nigga wanna be, kindly get the fuck from front of me
Sleepin with a black cat in my lap, spliitin poles daily
Under a lot of weight and on a bus on a broken mirror don't faze me
They say Tech when I rap you wouldn't be alive
Fuck that, I got niggas lettin em go for tweleve five, bumbell's live
We bringin heat to the game, deep when we came
Niggas fucked up and put they feet to the flame
Got that (ish) if you want it, gives a (uff) I'm a flaunt it
That (haaaa) got niggas thinkin I'm hunted, the bumbell

[Chorus x2]

[Tech N9ne (Yukmouth)]
Yeah (Live and direct)
KC meets Oakland, Oakland meets Houston, a killa mixture
(Bumbell) Bumbell (What)
Tech N9ne (Regime shit)
Ish, uck, nigga
What you wanna do
Regime crew
Like that nigga
Me and Yuknouth up in this motherfucker puttin this shit in your back
For the one nine nine twist
You know what I'm sizzlin?
You know what I'm sizzlin?
You know what I'm sizzlin?
Regime killas!
(Thugged out, Yukmouth)

. . .

Get em uhh what what say fuck the cops nigga
Fuck the cops nigga thugged out what get em

Juvenile as a child but goin to the pen as men
Either Rawkus Isle Four Shone or San Quinn
Where my life end fuck doin time in the pen
I'd rather die fuck time in the pen secret indictment

I'm strikin like lightning in the fast lane
Introduced to the crack game by nigga Jermaine
And get your scratch man
The gats came, the leather gloves and ski masks came
And then the lake on the slaps came
Ain't a damn thang to it
Do fool we just gon do it
Get em for the kilos and embalming fluid
I'm a do it but since I'm new to it
Ask that nigga why you don't do it
He said hey yo that's the nigga I'm cool with
I fool with on the Peruv shit
But dudes sick drunk off two fifths
He showed me where the kilos is hidden at
Exclusive but cuz I knew shit nobody lose shit
They ruthless but if I do the lick nigga we screw shit
So if you gon do it let me know
You let me know what to do with this shit when I get it
Meet me at Texaco and then we'll flee get away fly to Mexico
Cancun the lampoon with the fileco
Illegal drug life we'll live the thug life
Ever since a kid when my father used to sniff the white
In front of me look what you've done to me
Your son is gonna be a thug
Until they put one in me or I'm a see my blood
I need to bust fuckin with the niggas rein up
Soon as we get this lick niggas gon be seein us
Hop in the GM truck then pull up to the spot
Not knowin it's bein watched by cops
Still I creep up the stairs with the glock hot
Kicked down the door
Where the nigga hides the money at I hit his bedroom drawers
For sho money galore nigga I scored
Snatch a lotta gs put it in my socks and the wallabys
Got the kis out the basement left his his shit vacant
But the cops had a nigga on surveillance
They let me take shit they didn't raid shit
But finally watch a nigga make that illegal exchanges

Listen yeah nigga I told yo motherfuckin ass this was a sweet
Ass lick throw that shit in motherfuckin trunk fool
Lets ride to this motherfuckin telly and get up with these hoes

[Chorus x2]

That was an easy lick put the kicks in his whip
Then we hit the hotel six to split the chips
Police will get this shit crunk
Called the nigga that we robbed told em we'd rob em now its big funk
And niggas like him be waitin for shit to jump with the pump
Get your ump throw the bitch in the trunk with the bump
Then the police told him where we stay
Think we got a smooth getaway parlay
Drinkin Alize and Crysti with these bad bitches drippin on the floor
Til some nigga kicked down the door
And screamed any last wishes in a ski mask trippin and mack grippin
All we had was two gats hidden
One in the bathroom one in the kitchen the ho that was trippin
Started cryin he slapped her ass and said stop bicthin
Now y'all listen give me all the chickens
Before a nigga could mention anything he shot my nigga in the back
Called him a rat and slapped him with a gat
He blew the bitches wig back clack clack
Unload put a new clip back clack clack
Aimed the gat at me asked me where the crack at
You know we had to stash that said it's in the kitchen in a knap sack
Hey let me show you don't do no funny moves or I'll blow you
I know you it's over here he seen the Peru
I grabbed the tech twenty-two out the drawer cocked it back and blew
His fuckin brains on the wall grabbed the caine fuck the broads
Tried to leave out the hotel room and seen the laws pull up
'Freeze put your hands up or we're comin in with tear gas'
Shit I ran back in the hotel room stashed the cash
And the slapsticks and you know through the glass came the gas
Bombs and motherfuckers sprayed likeSadam Hussein
It came to this bitch cops is dangerous
Chokin could barely breath no air police everywhere
So I crawled in the bathroom hide in there
Plus I got a five in there
'Come out or we're comin in'
Put his sight in the air but I'm not goin alive I swear

I'll blast myself 'No son' Nigga back up all y'all back up
I'm puttin this gun to my motherfuckin head 'No put thst gun down son'
No I'm puttin it in my mouth 'You don't wanna do that' Back up back up
'No man' It's in my mouth 'No you ain't gon do no time' Back up
'You ain't did nothin yet' I'm I'm a Pull pull the trigger
'Put that gun down you ain't done nothin you ain't done nothin'
It's the end of the albulation I don't give a fuck
'You got too much to live for you don't wanna do that' I'm ready to die
'Naw Naw please man take the gun down' Back up 'No No don't do it man'
Back up 'Don't do it no no' Back up nigga 'Damn shot himself'
'Someone call an ambulance 911

. . .

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