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Willy Mason

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Willy Mason Lyrics

"The End Of The Race" lyrics

when they came in the night,
they said we take what we like
i said i wish you well, but i've been living like hell
i don't have what you need, but i can tell you what i see
i close my eyes to go to sleep,
i feel a gun pressed to my cheek
i see the ocean rolling fast, i see the grass i see the grass
see it swallow up the past, i see the grass i see the grass
see the hands empty at last, i see the grass i see the grass
but all you ask me all you ask, all you ask all you ask
what have you got for me???????
you knew that this day was coming on,
i woke at first daylight
the sun still shining just as bright,
as yesterday when it seemed
the world could end inside a dream
i put on boots and went outside
the enemy is still shooting wide
if they'd believe what i see
they wouldn't shoot so thoughtlessly
i see the ocean....
what have you got for me????
you knew that this day was coming
so why didn't you start running
your hands are now too full to get a way
and this ain't gonna stop till something
cures you of all your wanting
until you lose what you won't give away
its time to make peace with this place
call this the end of the race

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