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Will Downing

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Will Downing Lyrics

"Maybe" lyrics know I was thinking about
maybe... taking tomorrow off.
No, no,no, I'm cool...
Its not that deep.
I just wanted to do something...different.
You know, something for me.
Just take some time and forget about time.
You know what I mean.
I was thinking that maybe we,
Yeah I did say we,
could uh...get together.
And just do something spontaneous.
do that one thing that you've always wanted to do
but you haven't done because your schedule
won't permit you to.
Now think about it,
it could be Anything that you want,
anything that your heart desires,
I was thinking that maybe we could uh... get together
...and maybe.... uh (hahaha)

Maybe we can just get away (get away)
Maybe lay in bed for a day (Oh)
Maybe take a walk in the park
Baby, we can do whatever you want

Picture a hideaway
Just a short flight away
We could spend all day in the sun
Just you and me, baby

I could just stay at home,
but its just not much fun alone
you could spend half your day,
here in my arms, these loving arms,
just for one day,
lets get away (oh, let's get away)

Maybe I can steal you way (steal you away)
Sip some coffee at the cafe
Maybe we can talk for awhile(anything you want baby)

Maybe I can sit and look at your smile(your smile,your smile,your s mile,your smile)
Maybe you can come to my place(oh, come on over baby)
Picture you in white lingerie (oh, I see you darlin')
Love to photograph you, if thats ok
Maybe we can make love,
Maybe we can make love, baby

Yes maybe baby
Maybe baby, maybe baby,
maybe baby, maybe baby, maybe baby

Maybe we can make love
Maybe we can make love, baby.....

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