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Wild Orchid Children

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Wild Orchid Children Lyrics

"Martha Washington Goes To War" lyrics

space infinity
time everlastin'
my mescal rite of passage
coke classic
prescription addict
need poppy fields in the middle of afghanis
tan the way we kick out jams
like an IED poppin' off the caravan
poppin' kurzweil vitamins
and act like the means justifies the end
past and present
fulfilled it
the remarkable path of the pristine bullet
shock and awe
the electric car
martha washington goes to war
freedom is a heavy load
with the power of soul anythings possible
sound of the
tribes shaman
performing levitation
last of an 8 bit generation
never look a pig in it's snout
turn on
tune in
drop out
a crystal clear vision so sayeth the seer
sound of the the inner-space pioneers
so let it be well known
that there are no atheists in a foxhole

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