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Wild Orchid Children

Wild Orchid Children Lyrics

"Gasoline Rainbows (Jesus Is A Black Man)" lyrics

hands up hands up
all in the rut
yeah do the chicken scratch for the next cigarette butt
where me and jesus christ were on the corner trying to hail a cab
but we can't catch a cab cause jesus is a black man
my grand daddy was born into the great depression
and he may exit this life in the great recession
where red light cameras flash when they catch ya
and ink drooling toodlers with toys from china
thats just crimes of the future
where one plus one equals three
yeah you'll find me
down on the street corner four dudes behind me
and we'll be the pot of gold
at the end of your gasoline rainbow
what's a poor boy to do except sing in a band?
what's a poor boy to do with the world in his hands?
well get your hands up hands up
all in a rut and do the chicken scratch for your last cigarette butt

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