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Wild Orchid Children

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Wild Orchid Children Lyrics

"Ahead Of Us The Secret" lyrics

put your hands where i can see! and without sass see,
i am your protector and you set off my detectors!
21st! it's glory where bee's
can't track the family if you know where you be!
OH! let's bang speaks for treats or kick jams for lovers leaving bottles in streets
Cus I could use a little more of mother nature's amative birds, bees, pollen grow trees?! then they add
THE ARMY RECRUITER! who's down at the skatepark
In tree house kissin' 14 2am dark
(?Time time, time time time time time?)
(?the chorus forest?)? NO! I can't get no bottom

the green pink edge of a curtain is pulled
to raise high his badge to those who forget
and is it any wonder nobody aint getting no sleep?
or motherfuckers need permits to sing in the streets?

Natives to bricks!
you don't own the shit that soaks your kicks!
and the world is a buzzkill!
with your penni-less, down-trodden, free will!

so we come and get a clear vision of that 'more' thing that you've been around out looking for us in the sunshine, planet earth-bound, moon tidal influences human fallibility

Never saw the sky paint before she turns out the lights
and again as the hens tend to sing to the end of the night

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