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Background information
Origin Los Angeles, CA, United States
Genre(s) Psychedelic Rock
Indie Pop
Years active 2004—present
Label(s) Rough Trade Records
Website Website
Emily Kokal
Theresa Wayman
Jenny Lee Lindberg
Stella Mozgawa
Former members
Josh Klinghoffer
Shannyn Sossamon
David Orlando

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Warpaint Lyrics

"Majesty" lyrics

When I held your hand, when I held your hand,
When I helped you, when I held your hand,
You still went the other way and you wanted me to stay,
With my arms stretching away, with my arms stretching away.
I couldn't stand that sight 'cause I adored your face.
I adored your face.

Could it be that I'm the same?
Could it be I'm your mirror,
Showing you all those things that you never wanted to face.
So you let me slip away,
You just watched me walk away,
And I just have to ask, do you know your fate?
Do you know your fate?

Could it be that I'm your...
Could it be that you are my...

When it all comes back, when it all falls into place,
Could it be that I don't want it anyway?
Could it be as sad as that?
There was a day we used to laugh and I wanted you by my side,
The perfect match,
I want to understand it,
The perfect match.

Could it be that I'm your...
Could it be that you are my...

You could've been my king (x3)

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