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Wade Bowen

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Wade Bowen Lyrics

"Missing You" lyrics

I must admit it's a beautiful city at night
To a boy from the country with stars in his eyes
Sometimes the skyline will take your breath away
How can you feel so lonesome in a town this size?

There's a hit or miss chance I can find somebody
Now that I've got nobody to lose
So I'm hitting the town
Cause baby I'm missing you

I've got some jingle in my pockets for a change now
I feel like I'm itching from the inside out
Well I'm 15 stories above the streets of Dallas tonight
I hear the noise, I want to see what all the fuss is about


Well if I hurry I can make last call, at a sleezy little hole in the wall
I'll knock them back as long as they'll let me, as fast as I can


Missing you
Baby I'm missing you
Missing you

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