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Vickie Winans

Vickie Winans Lyrics

"Thirty Reasons Why I Love You Mommie (A Tribute)" lyrics

Dear Mommy, thank you for the miracle of my being.
Thank you for your tender nourishing.
Thank you for holding my tears.
And thank you for seeing my destiny.

Thank you for teaching me to learn.
And thank you for laughter beyond pain.
Thank you for placing me on the right path.
And thank you for believing in me when no one else did.

I thank you for standing strong when people tried to bring us both down.
I thank you for teaching me to keep the faith in God and not in man.
Mommy, I thank you for teaching me to love a person beyond how they treat you.
And I really want to thank you for your beliefs for me and my brother.

I thank you for keeping me out of harm’s way.
And I thank you for investing in me and my career.
Mom, I thank you for helping me even when you weren’t with me.
I also thank you for showing me what my wife should be like.

Thank you for being a mother and a father at all times .
I thank you for the honor of giving scholar the name destiny.
I thank you for never giving up the struggle of raising me.
I thank you for my dear brother coconut.

And I thank you for every note of song I’ve ever created.
I thank you for your unconditional prayers.
And I thank you for every tear you’ve cried for me.
Mom, I thank you for giving me your smile.

I thank you for giving me your style.
I thank you for giving me your humorous ways.
I thank you for encouraging me to go on when I wanted to throw in the towel.
I thank you for being my best friend mom.

And I really even thank you for dry-cleaning ours clothes so I could use the pants hangers for drum sticks.
And also, thank you for being the woman of God and the obedient vessel that makes these 30 statements true .
I love you mom

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