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Vetiver Lyrics

"Idle Ties" lyrics

I walk alone, but I feel ya there,
Smiling upon me, I wonder
What you have drawn on your hands today,
Runes to show you remember.

Idle ties, ink and dyes
Woven/Open arms, open wide,
You're with me tonight.

Put on a tape that you made for me,
It's got Marc Bolan and Vashti
Ringin' my ear like a mission bell
Come and go dive in the inkwell

Idle ties, sink and sigh.
Token charms kept near by,
You're with me tonight.

Now the wind answers your telephone
Come on, sing the city soft now
Well it'll get to her once you're underground.
Signal can't _____

Idle ties, sing and sigh
Open arms, open wide.
You're with me tonight.

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