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Van Morrison
Van Morrison

Background information
Birth name George Ivan Morrison
Born August 31, 1945
Origin Belfast, Northern Ireland
Genre(s) Blues
Blue-eyed soul
Years active 1958—present
Label(s) Mercury Records
London Records
Lost Highway Records
Bang Records
Associated acts Them
Website Website

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Van Morrison Lyrics

"Saint Dominic's Preview" lyrics

Chamois cleanin' all the windows
Singin' songs about Edith Piaf's soul
And I hear blue strings of no regrets
Cross the street from Cathedral Notre Dame

Meanwhile back in San Fancisco
I tried hard to make this whole thing blend
And we sit up on this jagged
Think it's about story block, with you my friend

And it's a long way, long way to Buffalo
It's a long way to Belfast, too
And I'm hoping that Joyce won't blow the hoist
'Cause this time that bit of more than they can chew

As we gaze out on it, as we gaze out on it
As we gaze out on it, Saint Dominic's Preview
Saint Dominic's Preview
Saint Dominic's Preview

All the orange crates is scattered
I guess the Safeway Supermarket in the rain
Everybody feels so determined
Not to feel anyone else's pain

No one making no commitments
To anybody but themselves
Talkin' behind closed doorways
Tryin' to get outside at the empty shelves

And for ev'ry cross country corner
Ev'ry Hank Williams railroad train that cried
All the chains n' badges and flags and emblems
Ev'ry strain on ev'ry brain and ev'ry eye

As we gaze out on, as we gaze out on
As we gaze out on, Saint Dominic's Preview, hu!
Saint Dominic's Preview, hey-hey
Saint Dominic's Preview

Oh, the restaurants tables are completely covered
Covered, covered, covered
And the comp'ny's paid out for the wine
You got ev'rything in the world you wanted, don't ya?
Right about now your face should wear a smile
You know it

That's the way it all should happen
In the fairytale state you're in
Have you got your pen and notebook ready?
Sign right here, sign right here
Now when you get in

You're way over on to the 52nd street apartment
Socializing with the winos, too
Just to be and get wet with the jet set
But they was flyin' too high
To see my point of view

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