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Vader Album

Blood (09/22/2003)
. . .

[Music: Piotr Wiwczarek, Lyric: Pawel Frelik]

Inexorable conversion
Accelerated change
Prosthesis made of light
For new modular religion

Newly minted nightmares
In luminous code
Machina ex machina
Infocalypse now

The categories crack and strain
The borders bleed and break
The mind ignites and burns

The time of quickening
Undivine invasions
The liquid architecture
The stony blood
Implantation of the soul
Pornography of the mind
Anomaly breeding
All lifeworlds gush

Furious glossolalia
Unholy heterosia

Festive impurity
Orgy of mutation
Demonic simulacrum
Fluidity of the "I"

The categories crack and strain
The borders bleed and break
Treason of the Godhead
Nan shall defy

. . .

[Music: Piotr Wiwczarek, Lyric: Pawel Frelik]

We wait in hiding, we lie in wait
We secretly draw great plans
Of spaceless kingdom of the soul
Of triumph of the will

We wait in hiding, we lie in wait
We slowly change our blood
For the arrival of the eon
Of the new mind and love

The absence of war does not mean peace
The absence of noise does not mean silence
We whisper, we plot, we wait...

We wait in hiding, we lie in wait
We carry light occulted
Each for themselves and never all
The solitary work

LyricsWe wait in hiding, we lie in wait
We are so many yet so few
The work is started and never done
Yet there's no yearning for the calm

We are carving
Out of light

The airless structures of agape
For starts that never touch

We wait in hiding, we lie in wait
We patiently seek the day
When all our wishes are come true
When the new order has arrived

. . .

[Music & Lyric: Piotr Wiwczarek]

[lead: Peter]

Silence in the Dark
Ripped by mighty yell apart
Strange smell increases in the air
Hate radiates from nonetity

Now all is coming true
What was written million years before
The Gods were born in the Abyss
Their time is coming now again

[lead: Peter]

Once Rulers of all Things
Betrayed by those, who came from Their own blood
Then Thrown into the Graves
Revenge was growing... like Fire
Weak is not worth to be
The last hours glow in dusk
No time to pray...
As the Fallen rise again

The time is coming now again...
No time to pray - as the Fallen rise again

. . .

[Music & Lyric: Piotr Wiwczarek]

Burning dreams
A fever in my soul
Destructive force
And world incinerated

Son of Fire
Grand Lord of all demonic beings
Son of Fire
Burst the flame inside me!!!

Ashes to ashes
And dust to the dust
Humans executed
Melted bodies all around

[lead: Peter]

Son of Fire (...)

Flames rise around
Burn my flesh
Lick my soul and touch my mind

. . .

[Music: Piotr Wiwczarek, Lyric: Lukasz Szurminski]

["...and the Elder Lords set Their seal upon the Gateway and the power of the Old Ones prevailst not against its might." - Liber Logaeth (translated by Dr John Dee)]

Creature, that howling in darkness
From deepest parts of earth
Winged monster
Tearing apart my soul
You know it came for me
No prayer can save my soul and flesh
I feel the Unholy
The Gate Outside are opened

Now I'm gone and dead
The one beyond redemption

The Passenger
The ancient

. . .

In the midst of wave
Unconceivable Evil
And we are drowning down
Into the forgotten city
Oxygen becoming treasure
Is it time to choose
...yes, it is...
We plunging in madness
In the depths of madness
Into the light in the end
Of this terrible journey

Guided by figure sculpted in ivory
Place, where absence of life
Does not mean morality
Imagination in one with memory
And memories are so real
Unveiling the mystery
Storm choirs are wailing
Splendid structures
Going out searchlight

In the midst of wave
Unconceivable Evil
And we are drowning down
Into the forgotten city
It's time to choose
And I am choosing
The Unknown...

. . .

[Music & Lyric: Thin Lizzy / 3rd verse written by Peter]

I've seen a fire start in Frisco
The day that the earth quaked
I've seen buildings a-blazing
Throwing up in flames

I heard men, women and children
Crying out to their God for mercy
But their God didn't listen
So they were burned alive

They went down, down, deep underground
In the great disaster

I was hanging out in New York
In the year two thousand and one
I've seen steel birds falling down in great fire

I've seen so many wars
I've seen men send rockets out into space
LyricsI foresee a holocaust
An angel of death descending to destroy the human race

Down, down, deep undergound
A great disaster

[lead: Jacek Hiro]

In the sixteenth century there was a French philosopher
By the name of Nostradamus
Who prophesised that in the late twentieth century
An angel of death shall waste this land

A holocaust the likes of which
This planet had never seen
Now, I ask you
Do you believe this to be true?

I was standing by the bedside
The night that my father died
He was crying out in pain
To his God he said, "Have mercy, mercy!"

His body was riddled with a disease
Unknown to man so he expected no cure
But before he died that night
He was lost, insane

He went down, down, deep underground
A great disaster

You'll go down, down, deep underground
A great disaster

. . .

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