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Tyler Hilton

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Tyler Hilton Lyrics

"Someone Like You" lyrics

Nothing good was on T.V.
Called you up got your machine
I thought I saw you in my dream last night

Think I cried myself to sleep
I thought about you had to weep
Seems the world was very mean that's right
And I wanna see, what happened to you and me

Thinkin bout her eyes and hair
I thought I saw you everywhere
baby, you're not playing fair anymore
You're my one and only care
But my heart you have to spare
Now all I do is sit and stare at the floor

And I wanna know

Where would you go when I'm not there
And what would you do about me and you, do you even care

All this time I've been without someone like you
Now that you're here, I've got someone to run to
Someone like you, Someone like you

When you're gone I have to miss
Your soft touch and your kiss
Now my heart is spilling bliss cause of you

And if I had only one wish
To say goodbye and to dismiss
The old me Mr. Pessimist for you

But we're only friends
Comes up now and then, before I protest
And I'll keep lovin you
Girl I promise you, I'll do my best


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