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Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister

Background information
Origin New York City, United States
Genre(s) Heavy Metal
Glam Metal
Hard Rock
Years active 1980—present
Label(s) Atlantic Records
Razor & Tie Music Records
Spitfire Records
Associated acts Widowmaker
Van Helsing's Curse
The Plasmatics
Website Website
Dee Snider
Eddie "Fingers" Ojeda
Jay Jay French
Mark "The Animal" Mendoza
A. J. Pero
Former members
See: Band members

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Twisted Sister Lyrics

"Love Is For Suckers" lyrics

You saw me comin', you had my number
But you don't want me, could you be dumber
Your eyes are flashin', your lips are willing
But I'm a patsy for the killing
You're so beautiful, so unforgettable
You think that I'd do most anything


Love is for dreamers, love is for believers
Love is for losers, love
Is for suckers
Love is for suckers, love is for suckers

Listen, I'm not some poor fool, won't jump through your hoop
Ain't gonna crawl, girl, to that I won't stoop
So if you want me, you'll have to get me
And if you're willing I'll be ready
You're so beautiful, so unforgettable
To me that just don't mean anything


Listen, well, well, well, if it isn't little miss perfect
And to what do I owe the pleasure of this visit?
You wanna get back together? You do, huh?
Well, listen honey, I'm just not interested
You'll what? You will? With your heels on?
Oh no, come on, babe, let's go
Here I go again

(Solo - Eddie)

You're so beautiful, so unforgettable
You know that I'll do most anything


Listen, love is for suckers, love is for suckers
Sucker fight me, sucker fight you (love is for suckers)
Always be suckers and do most anything
I wanna be a sucker (love is for suckers)
I'm a sucker, you're a sucker
He's a sucker, she's a sucker (love is for suckers)
Would you like to be a sucker, to be sucker?
Love is for suckers, yeah, yeah

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