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Tripping Daisy

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Tripping Daisy Lyrics

"Change Of Mind" lyrics

Sitting in the back yard in broad daylight
When everything around me seems to spend once or twice
Days when I acted like a fool
Days when I broke every rule
Tell me How long?
Are you wasting my time going mind to mind
Tell me How long?
Are you wasting my time going mind to mind, yeah

Little Jack Horner sitting in the corner looks real sad
When everything around him really makes him mad
Days when he acted like a fool
Days when he broke every rule...................

tell me........

Walking the street at a cool cool night
Looking around it's all full of fright
I never thought I could be so strong
I'm shaking just like I've never seen the light....

tell me How long!

Look at us all standing on the shoulders
of the Jolly Green Giant
"Is that my son up there?" my mom said
"Is that my grandson up there?" my grandmama said
Yeah it's me mom taking my time
Yeah it's me mom riding the ride
Look at me now, I'm King Kong
Look at me now, why don't you tell me,
tell me How long!!

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