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Tony Levin

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Tony Levin Lyrics

"Rivers Of Light" lyrics

This night out on the sea alone
no earthly place to hide
I can feel the weight of the waters below
we are pebbles neath the moon-tugged tide

Then I find my fellow travellers
glimmers in the wind-fell night
And I follow them like beacons
we are rivers of light, rivers of light

I thought I saw a vision
written bold across the sky
Saw the holy human history
was the truth of it and not the lie, not the lie

Our future too came blazing through
could blind my squinted eye
Only a poet or a prophet
reads those stars and knows the way to cry, way to cry

Refine that silver liquid
distill it to a dream
and behold the soul remaining there
how it shivers like a sun-borne stream

And sing with me now to this thundering sea
we're out too deep to fight
Do you hear the voices joining us
we are rivers of light, rivers of light

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