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Throbbing Gristle

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Throbbing Gristle Lyrics

"Maggot Death (Live At Brighton)" lyrics

You're a load of fucking wankers. If you've got something to say, why don't you say it instead of just standing there? But no, you're a load of fucking wankers, you've got nothing to say, the lot of you! You're just idiots you know, you're just so bloody ignorant it's unbelievable. Come on, come on, any one of you, if you think you know what the christ you're talking about...but no, you're just a load of fucking wankers, you really are. So you've had the pleasure of hearing Throbbing Gristle. Now, do you want to know what it's about? Are you interested, are you interested? You're all interested? 'Cos there's more to it than that. It's not just pogos and nazis, there's more to it. I'll just put Genesis on then...

We're not going to play anymore because we don't want to. Because everything you know is somebody else's knowledge, nobody's got any free minds, original fucking thought. If you've ever listened to rhythm and blues, rock and roll, 12 bar, learned the notes, you can't very far are you gonna get? And if I've got the chance to shoot you in the guts, I'll do it.

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