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The Yummy Fur

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The Yummy Fur Lyrics

"St John of the Cross" lyrics

St John speaks friendly to Theresa
Those Roman Catholics think they're fantastic
And Micky P moves into TV
He'll be the H-Bomb, in English sitcom

And 36 trucks came at her
Became more hardcore
It was a fashion show

The early Christian guys walked softly
It was a disguise from Roman eyes

And we say: Don't think
Don't ask
Everything you need you'll find it in a hip flask

He (?) to Spain young St Theresa
Are burning out of love
From God, saying "let's get tough!"

Oh Lord preserve us from those Catholics
They've got the stupidest nuns
And the most humourless saints, bar none

But De la Cruz faced Tor Camada (??)
He was more hardcore
But they got him on the floor, so...

Through persecution then seclusion
And Aloquea, he whispered "see ya!"

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