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The Vandals

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The Vandals Lyrics

"(I'll Make You) Love Me" lyrics

This here's my last chance - so it won't hurt to ask - What can I do to make you love me? - I'll learn to speak in French, - I'll even pitch a tent on your front yard - to make you love me - It seems impossible - you never seem to notice - But there will come a day - they'll say "he really showed us" - This time I really mean it - I think I'm dangerous - You won't be safe - until you love me - You're such a pretty girl, - let's feed the birds and squirrels - some bread and peanuts - till you love me. - If you don't like some one - Then I will take a gun - and blow their heads off - until you love me - You must understand - I'm not responsible for anything I do - I've got a doctor's note - this time it's not a joke, - I'm really serious - bad things will happen - till you love me. - love me - love me - I know when you say I'm scaring you - and I should go away that it's a lie - But here's some truth - I'll never stop until I die. - (die die die) - In my mind - We are peas and carrots - But you are so blind - You refuse to hear it - You'd better listen up - I'll give you one last chance - you won't be safe - until you love me, - love me, - LOVE ME

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