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The Twilight Singers
The Twilight Singers

Background information
Origin New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
Genre(s) Rock
Years active 2000—present
Label(s) Columbia Records
One Little Indian Records
Website Website
Greg Dulli
Dave Rosser
Scott Ford
Greg Wieczorek
Rick Nelson
Former members
Cully Symington
Jon Skibic
Michael Sullivan
John Nooney
Mathias Schneeberger
Peter Adams
Manuel Agnelli
Shawn Smith
Harold "Happy" Chichester
Bobby MacIntyre
Brian Young
Jeff Klein
Michael Horrigan

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The Twilight Singers Lyrics

"Ballad Of Pure Thought" lyrics

I'm sorry that I had to go out on my own investigation
if only I had known it would cause this separation,
stupid of me, to behave like I was free,
for the taking, please don't forsake me
if only I could make her, feel a little better
take away these ugly thoughts,
exorcise the demons that I brought

I must find, a state of mind, that deals with the temptation,
I know I'm gonna find, a way to rise above her expectations
of me and all that I could be, dedication in a relation,
is more then any flirt
I'm cleaning up the dirt, I'm gonna steal those haunted
dreams, lift us up to something more supreme

I always thought it would be easy,
we'd see it and feel it,
but nothing is less true,
as tears tell
it's hardcore and painful

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