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The Stills

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The Stills Album

Without Feathers (05/09/2006)
. . .

This story ends
In bloodshed
The face I love
The city I'm from
The persons I've met
The persons I've let down
But a hero never turns around

It's nice to see you're moving on
I know it's hard to carry on
But it's just never what it was
In the Beginning

How did this start?
And where did we begin
In a ball of fire
And stars and suns
And that brings me here, now
Where my heart's caving in
A tornado whips in around the poles
And it's raining

In a Ball of Fire

. . .

We took fifteen steps
But fifteen wrong
Through packs of wolves
And wild dogs
We've been told to

Our house turns to rust
And power is lost
Your hands are clean
But these diamonds are soft
We've been told to

The hammers were quiet
Nailing me to the wall
I've been hanging here
All nightlong

We've been here before
We'll be there again
The blood on my hands, hanging
Over my head

The Mountain
Catches fire and melts the snow
Now the river
Carries us home

. . .

Dead of winter, desolate grey
White and silver home
Climb the staircase, spiderwalk
Into my bed and bones

Can I stand the pain
Of all the things I've left behind
Caught with butterflies
We'll be regretting 'til we die

She's walking out on me

Darker early, four o'clock
We'll leave in a balloon
Thirteen crows are dragging
You and me up to the roof

Blow out all the candles
Let the wine flow to your brain
No ages, no one changes
No one's trying to

. . .

...and how your heatwave ran
Through our snow black fields
And we dropped our young
To a ragtime feel

And it's been ten long weeks
And there's still no word
Our Arctic Graceland
And the whale fat burn

My moon's a naked cold star
Why do you take this so hard.

So keep this song
Til you catch diseases
And wait them out
Til this tundra freezes

..and how your heatwave ran
Through our snow black fields

My moon's a naked cold star
Why do you take this so hard.

Helicopters are chasing
Animals through the fields
Helicopters are chasing
Our spirits into the sea

. . .

Dream, chasing
You followed the sun across
Mountains and oceans and cities
And small towns

Stopped in, some place
They're glad they've met you
Their hearts are now with you
In joy, and pain

Young and plain
Young and plain
Young and plain
It's your day

You're on your own again

Pause for a photograph
You're so good looking
You'll turn all the men into boys
But just don't get married

Think of resting
I'm glad I've met you
My heart is now with you in joy
And pain

. . .

I roll through your town
With clowns and a crowd
With no hopes at all
A blanket of snow falls outside
And keeps us drinking inside
Clear skies means clear brains
And elephant sized malaise

Oh you shoplifter
Why did you take her
From me

You've got motion inside
You're wild in your stride
Your stride drives her wild
Tell me the story of your
Fame and misfortune
Your cloud of distortion

I've been drained of that feeling
We've been driving all night
You ran off with my feelings
Don't you know

. . .

The time has come to part
So I leave you with this heart
That I thought would know your love
Til we died to float above
And you drift alone downstream
On a bed of broken dreams
And I can only know regret
At the death of all we meant

My love

. . .

I'd firewalk
Through Dinosaur Hell
To keep your hopes up
And hold your head

And I'd halo the harpoons
That hail through your soul

Sign off the world
The wildfires burn
In hopes

High fire waves
Catch in your hair
Lashing the womb
Of emptiness where
I'd firewalk
The cracked spine stairway

Sign off the world
The wildfires burn
In hopes..

We're sharks that do nothing but stall and think

. . .

In your mouth
In the moment
In your soul, your apartment
It takes time

In your shoes
In your toes
You know
What nobody knows
It takes time

You can talk your way out

At your piano lesson
At the delicatessen
It takes time
It takes time

At the bank
On the bus
In your transparent
Midnight drugs
In your crimes

You can talk you're way out

. . .

And you don't seem to miss me
And you're eyes sag
So don't make a goddamn sound
I'm coming to your town

I will destroy you
Your soul impedes on mine
Let go my free will
I can't stand compromise
Only when you're dead
I'll make you mine

And the arrows are pointed
And the archer's delighted
The thrill, the smell
The shit I've been put through
An angel to no one
I hate you and you're blood
So don't make a goddamned sound
Cause I'm coming
To your town

. . .

I've doubled my pace
For half of your smile
I'm tiger-posed
I'm doggy-bagged
Crime or offence
Don't make you cry
I love your heart
I've combed your eyes
I see it in your feet
Racing to mine

I like to dream
I'm caught in the sky
I hang by the fears that
Staple my life
The winter was long
The mountains were high
The fire burns blue
As I wave my goodbyes
This isn't the town where
I wanna die

I'm worth the time
In all sincerity
I'm honestly happy
With you

So let's make it fast
Like lightning through the cars
But just like the sixties
We won't get very far
I'm into looks
But I'm also into books
I see it in your smile

. . .

In your eyes
I see mine
In your fate
And in time
And with love
You can't leave behind
And with hope
To find this home of mine

Dear sara
The house we live in
Is all I know

Without spite
Without scorn
Here we lay
With open sores
To the living room
With the crooked floor
Push the window
Shut that leaning door

. . .

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