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The Red Chord

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The Red Chord Lyrics

"Midas Touch" lyrics

Once it starts.... It wont stop.
Temper, temper. Hear that sound? That's reality coming down.

I would have said so already - if I could think of worse words.
Prepare for war.
You are overrun.
This is our house.
I'll be a kid - all that I want.
Grow the fuck up.
That's what were told.
Sinking down to.
Watch it gold man.
Start the reckon - collect your teeth.
Go have them bronzed.

Let me tell you something about the way you think.
You're wrong, plain and simple.
And I'd break my legs if I tried to sink down to your level.

Be careful, you might just get what you wish for.
You don't think I know where you came from.
You don't think I know.

You want to live and die by the sword.
Be careful what you wish for.
You don't think I know where you came from.
Go have them bronzed to remember.

I'll try to put it in terms that you can understand.
The way you think is so fucking stupid.
I'll try to comprehend.
Just try it.
Break my legs, eat my arms.

This is our house.
(We're) on the attack.
You're overrun.
It never ends.

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