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The Red Chord

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The Red Chord Lyrics

"Hospice Residence" lyrics

This is a lesson in what we have and what we get.
And what we want.
I want it back again.
I won't let you destroy what we have.
And I know it kills you.
this is it.
All the pain.
From the inside, I can't breathe.
But I must never fall.
Call forth the insides, I must never fall.
I won't let this end.
I won't die.
I won't let it die.
It's getting dark.
I've questioned faith.
Feel the pain inside.
If there is a God, where is he now?
If there is a God, where was he then?
Feel your skin as it crawls.
I won't let this end like I let you die.
And what we have and what we get.
What we get and what we need.
And even though you're so much older, it hurts the same every time.

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