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The Panics

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The Panics Lyrics

"Speak It" lyrics

If you speak it under your breath
You give me every reason darlin'
for giving in close to the end
I won't be left here waiting again
If holding on to me makes you sad
Loosen any ties you have
Ill be moving on as best as I can

Time may show us yet
When to learn
But in between
Its not of our concern

So stand straight
I tried to lose you
You didn't take my bait
Instead you left me feeling much the same
I tipped my hat
You sent me on my way

I guess were a bit like a face
More than a name
That never read well
But it looked good on the page
Just a lie

I may surprise you yet
If you prefer
I guess I'm glad we met
But i ain't sure
All I ever did was make you feel further
I'm just cradling some thought I could murder
I don't lie

Time may show us yet
When to learn
I guess I'm glad we met
But I ain't sure

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