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The Only Ones

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The Only Ones Lyrics

"From Here To Eternity" lyrics

I see a woman with death in her eyes
But I don't have the time to pray
For her salvation or for her soul
She walks her chosen way
But in the darkness, and in the light
I have found some hope
Of me getting out, from this underground
I can't wait to get back home, back home

Such a tender age to sell her soul
For dreams that don't come true
She's like a woman whose whole life is dissolved
She's the living proof
That all that glitters is not gold
And even serpents shine
Ah...she got bitten then, she'll get bitten again
While I'm sitting here watching the tide, coming/come in

You made me feel responsible
For the state you've gotten yourself in
Oh I know it's impossible for you
To ever be the same person again

I got us into this, I've gotta get us out now
It's you and me all the way
From here to eternity
It's you and me all the way

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