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The Morning Of

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The Morning Of Album

Welcome Change, Goodbye Gravity (01/23/2007)
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[No lyrics]

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Hang yourself like I've hung on to every word you've ever said.

Take those times in your car when you'd be dressed to kill on the way to see the stars held in your palm but never let out for me to view and replace them with that night out on your porch. This time I'm dressed to kill and we're killing time wishing it was each other. And if I had a dime for every time I felt less potent then a piece of dust collecting on my picture which lies face down (Set your ice on this road. Turn your headlights ablast. Let's make my first accident my last.) on desolate shelf in your room, I'd be rich and wishing that you won't be home soon

Move to the other coast 3,000 miles away and then I'll sing so you know I'm making my way across these purple moutain majesties, torch in hand ready to burn these amber waves of distain.

Still hung over from the present and the past. Intoxication never lasts. All good things in life come to an end. And those experiences worth reliving are now eyes wide shut. They're eyes wide shut. It silently screams to me, this unanswered question; Was it fact or was it fiction? Was it fiction?


. . .

New Jersey

I think I'm hooked. I think you're bleesed with your coastline calling out like diamonds in the eyes of a criminal....your subliminal message. I'd give a life to get washed up on that piece of cold atlanticism and the enthusiasm your inhabitants reside...oh they makes me want to dance. It's like I'm sharing secrets with my bathroom mirron behind this locked door. This valley's starting to feel unkind

There must be something in the water here so baby let's dance. Damn we got the moves and damn do we have style. My hands fit your hips like a puzzle piece and the poise your spread to me is like a new disease so your majesty, please infect me.

Like a midnight managerie or something sweet when it's needed the most. I'm pretty sure you're as perfectly timed as one can get. Now I'm hiding in your closet and while this fear is measured in its darkness, our love is measured in anticipation. I'm thirsty for it. Are you craving it too? (Are you craving it too?)

But there's always a catch. It's so high but in view. I knew you knew it too

Please infect me. x3

. . .

This is swell. This is fine. Stop wasting all my air because it's mine. Can we try one more time? Cuz I'm running out of sympathy and I'm running out of rhymes

We could start a fire but we can't stop tonight.

J: I'll shelter.
A: I'll be the storm.
J: I'll keep you comfortable and warm.
A: I'll tear these buildings board by board until you can't feel me anymore.
J: I'll be the castle.
A: I'll be the mortar.
J: I'll hold my defense hard and long.
A: I'll grind these buildings brick my brick until there's nothing left but torches on your floor.
J: I'll be the empire.
A: I'll be the fall.
J: We'll be the empire.
A: We'll be the fall

. . .

Time may pass but you sure don't. You might as well be the person you told me you were from the beginning. (You were a champ at making up a face.) At least he'll play his part in the role I've always wanted when the curtain closes hopefully a lesson will be learned.

B-b-b-b-b-Breakin' down.
Tt-t-t-t-t-tTake your time.
Well this isn't yours and this isn't mine so is this where we both go senseless

Well I guess I'm doing this for you

The sky is on fire now who's the liar? You can't fight this feeling if there wasn't on there. (Don't think I didn't notice.) So don't take this out on me dont make this seem like rivalry. The sun will set just give it time. This is the result of every line you've ever dropped and this is me not catching them as they fall

. . .

The gears inside me grind,
to a rhythm that makes these sparks fly in my mind.
I make myself beautiful wih an absensce of complextion.
Cynical with hopes and dreams,
my white flag is raised and in this scheme,
I see the start to a new direction.`

Though failure is fleeting,
now the atmosphere's retreating

Come on baby dive right in,
lets sin with a little skin on skin,
oh i've been knocking all night
but you still won't let me in.
Come on baby dive right in,
lets sin with a little skin on skin,
ill make you finish first
and then i'll add your ego in.

they scarcely corragate the surface with a wind of accidental burden,
we all wear lips that are cold bruised overused in tales of racy pasquinade

The wind might catch me,
capture and dispatch me

. . .

Hey princess why you sitting over there ?
I the flowers just smell better here .
Why don't you come give them a try?
Do you think that you can stay a while
Ive met many hardships down this road so it hard for me to belive
So ill you all that I got left isn't much but I hope it fits

If your lost in my heart please just please don't move far
Because the day is almost ending
And to me your eyes are not to choose questions like

Hey princess in the parental after glow
Do you think that we have grown
The seeds of our mistakes are to embellish every chance at stake
Hmm yea
well The grass is greener and the air is clearer and the way we betray her just wont heal her
This is our prize this is the glory and through the vast skills of our imagination well sing a proclamation of harmony

If your lost in my heart please just please don't move far
Because the day is almost ending
And to me your eyes are not to choose questions like

This is our prize , this is the glory through the vast skills of our imagination
Well sing a proclamation of harmony harmony harmony harmony
If your lost in my just please just please don't move far cause the day is almost ending
And to me your eyes are not to choose questions like

Question light question light

. . .

He's brilliant but he's wasting away. Not making the best of his gifts he's striaght away. He wants to grow up and not give in. The fighting's hard but the chance is thin. This is where his brilliance kicks it

Turn off your alarm clock. Take off your watch. Time has taken flight through the nearest window. Turn off your inhibitions. They serve as a restriction. Lock the window. Keep the breeze in. Keep time out.

verse 2 - scatting

So have a seat. Take this impression down and leave it in your knees. Shake shake. Watch yourself go. Take a bit of time to watch yourself. Watch yourself go. x3

. . .

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