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The Minus 5

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The Minus 5 Lyrics

"Rooting For The Plague" lyrics

I don't know why, but it is a time for extermination
First one to put out the light gets a Camaro for graduation

Now I'm rooting for the plague
And I'm digging sirens' songs
The way I'm feeling now, it won't take long

I make my check out
I did as an accident bystander
Yeah, and I saw the Colossus of Rhodes putting grease to the belt sander

I watched the whole thing in large 'til it filled up with infection
Leaving nothing but the fish-head black
And the hallways long abandoned
And the view from where I'm standing is ambulance-enhancing

Now I'm rooting for the plague
And I'm digging sirens sound
The way I'm feeling now is going 'round

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