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The Firm

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The Firm Album

The Firm: The Album (10/21/1997)
Phone Tap (feat. Dr. Dre)
Firm Family (feat. Dr. Dre)
Firm All Stars (feat. Pretty Boy)
Fuck Somebody Else Intro
Untouchable (feat. Wizard)
Five Minutes To Flush Intro
Desparados Intro
Desparados (feat. Canibus)
Firm Biz (feat. Dawn Robinson)
I'm Leaving (feat. Noreaga)
Throw Your Guns (feat. Half-A-Mil)
. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. AZ)

[Verse One: Nas Escobar, AZ the Vizuliza]

As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be in the Firm
I can remember when I first met Sosa, it was a glorious time
There were wise guys everywhere, we were around
Twenty one, twenty two at the time
Yeah every place we go, every party
People would stop and stare when we walked in
We would give the doorman a hundred dollars just for opening the door
Sosa would give the bartender two hundred dollars just for keeping
The ice cold, yeah we were legends and we still are

Two hundred fallen angels, we balling from every angle
Heavy bag gold, panamania changed angle
Let's tangle, tabernacles
Ill lukiens coming at you, fuck Parus
A billion years B.C., originally black Jews
Cashsews honey now roasted, let's kill the colprate
He owe us shit, toe toe toe with that four four bit
Fuck the hoe shit, mercury back tax ?birth? for me
Personally I existed when Earth was in need, indeed
Human lifeform transformed from light storms, poltrons
Electrons nuetrons, iced long
Nights long, repltilaians I'll see ya'll in the next millenium
What world are we really in, amphibians moved to the Carribean
Underwater force, placed under the court of law
Usually sport Warlaw, my mind stay core raw
Fill of ambiants, love fine carats and cars that launch
Nonchalaunt, usually there are Jimmies up in the palms
Play low style, Guteians change my whole profile
Left the dope pile, bet the guard be around for awhile
Firm Islamic, hit the croner of the Earth just like a comet

[Verse Two: AZ the Vizuliza, Nas Escobar]

See I like Esco, he knew everybody and everybody knew him
He was the type of guy who routed for the bad guys in the movies
But hey

Die for this Firm, live for this Firm
Niggas learn, never should come before your fam
From ki's to ported grams, these are corners in the blue van
E's upon on us, cause of warrants
While we smoke hash cheese enormous, stack cheese
Travel the world like Taurus, went half with Sosa for four bricks
Down in Camdon, we handlin' to D.C.
Chips on fights with China White's by they tight PP
Wanting PC but all they get is good dick or four clips
For loose lips, by the jungle flise
Suck the pearl tongue juices, off you fly misses
Take her out to the Spark's stakehouse, gentelmen style
Coincidental, family's here
Meet fem fatale, French connection
Persian wet don, let's get this "F" on
The Ebony queen, Fox you grab my left arm
Dre made a QB the conton, BK and so on
Family strong ???? Nature, make sure we all get this millionaire's paper
What a sweet site for sour eyes, may we rise
Hope for now on we never cross sides

[Veres Three: Foxy Brown]

You know what, most hoes would have left these cats a long time ago
I mean if your man gave you a gun to hide, what would ya'll hoes do?
But you know, the shit kinda turned me on

Black Madonna, hoes kill for they popals
Never seen a bitch like this, queen misses
Rock BDS's on the left wrists, trick check this
Respect this, Firm's niggas lie knee deep in this bitch
Wanna need bitch and have my pussy bleed, swear for 'em
Fuck and take the chair for 'em, whoever dare cross us
The thoughts that thoughts across a bitch's minds, pops the nine
Leave 'em resting in peices, while my thorough bitches peep this
Death before decid-a, screw me on the dick-a
Lace me in Gabanna, peep dat
Think I'm flippin' on these three cats,
Set yo clown ass right up with my down ass
Bitch to hold the cash and G's, stash the guns for 'em
And the icedy E Berkee, breathe the the sun for 'em
Long dick style, swallow the enemies cum for 'em
Pretty ass hoe, bitches fuck 'em and I dumb on 'em
When Nas pop the Crist, Fox cops the fifth
Make my doe up for OZ's, now hoes that's real uhhh

. . .

[Male Fed:] "Ah, control, come in control, ah we have wire and we need to know if
you can help us out like right now."

[Female Fed:] "How many are you up by?"

[Male Fed:] "Ah that would be two targets, control, ah, NAS and AZ. I think this
is what we've been waitin' for."

[Female Fed:] "Are they on a hard wire or cell phone?"

[Male Fed:] "Ah, both are on cell, control, both are on cell. Do you have what we

[Female Fed:] "That's affirmative."

[Cell phone rings]

[NAS:] "Damn - the fuck -"

[Male Fed:] "Ok - this is it."

[NAS:] "Who the fuck is callin' my cellie right now?"

[Phone beeps as he turns it on]

. . .

(feat. AZ)

[Nas] Yo this Esco, who this?

What's the deally?
I just touched grounds down in Philly
Brought a pound with me, Feds floatin around silly
Tryin to find Lynn, bitch supposed to be in the Benz
Parked in row ten, her and that slow hoe Gwen
Should of known she was a bitch that we both could of boned
to post it alone, the ass had us both in the zone
But you know the rules, both been schooled by older dudes
I know the jewels
No time for them thoughts, too much to lose
Just tryin to vibe until them hoes role with the ride
Where's your joy and pride?
You know little Des got your eyes

In the cut, drop-Z okay, the top's up
Left the mall bought Little Amal the toy truck
Your boy's what, three years old now, correct?
He and my daughter age neck and neck, they futures set
Trees got me wet, in the background's an old cassette
Fly Stephanie Mills shit
What's the deal with, all this shit I'm hearin up top
You got arrested, shot a fair one with a cop
That ain't ya stee', you usually low key with no t
I'm only goin off of what some weak bitch told me

That's some ill shit, hear that bitch go with her click

Yo Dunn,
I'll hit you right back cause the static is thick

[spanish speaker -> words unknown]

[Chorus: Dr. Dre]

We got your phone tapped, what you gon' do
Cause sooner or later, we'll have your whole crew
All we need now is the right word or two
to make all it stick like glue, then you through
We got your phone tapped, what you gon' do
Cause sooner or later, we'll have your whole crew
All we need now is the right word or two
to make all it stick like glue, we got you

We just hit the cribbo, I'm curled up on this pillow
I'm still low, hold the ill news, these niggaz killed mo'
The shit touched me, tryin to chill just lit a dutchie
from a while back - same foul cats who tried to bust me
Caught 'em sleeppin, in Spanish Harlem with some Puerto Ricans
Up in Washington Heights right off the Deacon
Feel awful speakin, for some reason, feel the phone's tapped
Alone with gats left with a vest to watch my own back

Keep your eyes open - stay wide, shit is mind blowin
Look for any sign showin one-time is knowin
about the dynasty, shit is not minor leauges no more
Cats bleed in this cold war
Son we took an oath, then this life took us both
We rich now, milk the whole cow, split the growth
Now I'm on the car doin, headlights on
Fluid in the windsheild wipes gone this light storm
that's formin in the sky, you comin home tomorrow?
Will you drive or will you fly - hold up, my other side

Yo son some other cats tried to ruin our plans
Sendin two decoy bitches with pictures of you and your man
Askin your whereabouts - I gave 'em no leads
For all the nigga know them hoes fuck with police

No shit I'm clickin over, I'ma tell Sos' quick
Son - them outta state bitches tryin to get us both hit
That was Nate, he hit me last night late while in my hoe's stomach
Said it's no hundred, we FBI's most wanted
So play the low, change your clothes, pack your bags
Watch what you say on this phone, get home fast


Yo it's all good
I'ma hit you when I touch down tomorrow son, word

Stay on point - don't even use the phone
just come to my crib yo, word up


. . .

(feat. AZ)

Diamond cut vocals carved sculptures
Gats and hosters
Macks and four fifths
Two plagued verocious
We smoked spliffs when the drolls lit
Hoes get hit
Have them blow dick
Blow the whole click
Jeeps Tahoe
Shoes be shavo talk Pharagamoe
Catch a hamo
Guess long like Motumbo
From a land of heart rap phantom stalk ya'll
While we bent a pork off a raw torch ya'll
The god sports all dejour for all wear
Push the Range all year
Vision of war near
I laid out on ya'll
In money and ice
That's how I'm running your wife
Stay ripen at ripe
Clip in your life down to pipe size
Firm slice pies
Couple of trife guys in tinted up white five's

Whose the first to set it
At time my first pathetic
Nature one of The Firm
Our works phonetic
As seven digits
First class trips for summer never is it
Outlaw remain pessimistic
Used to jostle in hostile environments
Buying whips
Cheating like fiver ricks requirements
Psychics predict that I'll be dying rich
Until then catch me chillin flying in a giant six
On some next shit
Went from humble now to hectic
Reminiscing when they use to call me desperate
Minor drawbacks
I had to learn not to fuck with small cats
In fake cadier and straw hats
Sic 'em on the mix tape
They think they're all that
But just spread it through
Never sound unreasonable son
Whatever the cause I know it pleasible
Fought your way in the game
The wait is seasonable


We keep going on, we're gonna get this money
(Take money money take take money money
Take money take take money money)
We just play our part, we're gonna make this money
(Make money money make make money money
make money money make make money)

Show me the orbit
Stock bonds I own corporates
Rock the ???? shift
Filthy rich we caught the coach smiths
You must have lost sense
My whole firm we walk with offense
I push a Porsche bent
Fuck your main bitch at your expense
Laws intense hivalates
Death throughout the tri-state
Who lie evade a '98 Lex in wide plate
Well modernized
Wide body cup with foreign eyes
You far behind
I rock the reptiles
And steal a Karl Kani's
Guard your eyes
Mystical movements hard to size
We harmonize
And to its the force that's way beyond the skies
Love position parlaying duck nd truck evictions
Thug intentions every few months
Off this mission
Its principles master my square
No identical expensible
I figure you wise and play it sensible


. . .

(feat. Dr. Dre)

A tale of two cities. Right here.

It's time we set it straight connect with Dre the correct way
Predicting platnum in less then a day
So for that we amound us while y'all lackin' hope
All I do is write raps stack relax and smoke
Seeing my dreams come true stayin' humble in the eyes of others
Politician with the wisest brothers
It's Nature one of the greatest peep how I play this
Straight from the Bridge one of your kids favorites
From not till the day that I'm stiff fowl flagerant pay the rent
Always stay swift, stuck in my ways type shovanistic
Since a youth I had a thing for big jewels
Flooded rings and older bitches holding my riches
In lump sums for trust funds fully recoved thugs lust to bust guns
While niggas get drunk beat wifes and cuss sons
A slow process called life, let's show progress

Don Cortes, white rags cherry bently
Cop shines from Italy speak money language fluently
Never fuck with the nastiest flashiest
Bought a house as big as Scarface to show my happyness
Rackin' the 6 0's for those that want to get personal to home
Cock the heavy metal rollin' with my stones
Prominent with flashy garments spread a mill small bills
Bring a smile to an ill grill
Popular loved throughout the industry
If they sue light a philly cause the judge has gotta Free Willy
Solute with chill Remy gently escort four ladies an arm
The four caesers at he club Pentleys condo sweets I'm fancy
20 floors up overlookin' ladies boomerang they panties
Bump the Firm Family's latest takin' trips to Las Dregas
That's how we do it Aftermath incorperated

C'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon it's the motherfuckin' Frim Family ooh
Yeah, I better pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming
Ooh cause the way you make me feel I feel like ooh screaming

I spit rhymes for the radio and spit for tours
Spend doe that I never thought I'd hold before
Now if you just wanna front, you know my styles tight
Niggas never should of plugged up the motherfuckin' mic
Sippin' Tangeray 60 inch screen when we hang with Dre
I just flew in from Queens no bag and plan to stay
In the heat park this Royals Royce up in the beat
Seeing topless bitches rollerblading in the street

[Dr. Dre:]
While I lounge in a jacousy sky cliff blue got the whole crew
Nas, AZ, Nature, Foxy there too, how we do?
Hit trees Cristal bottles, breeze tropical spread love till we wobble
It's time to give let the kids live comfortable
Anybody pumpin' between the East and West...fuck you
Make moves political hit this revenue
Set examples respect every individual

[Hook x1.5]

. . .

(feat. Foxy Brown)

[Pretty Boy:]

A yo you see that a major, tellin my flavor
All types of paper, I'm doin you a favor
So blaze the trees, come on baby please
Yo to lay with these girls pay the fees
Cause I stay in these, coop rabie bees
Jitty to the fifty, to the ACG's
And when I'm lazy B
Let the AC breeze, explain to my dames how the gamin be
So what you trippin about, in the club I be kickin em' out
I get em home then I'm twistin them out
If I still keep it real I be friskin them out, with my dick in they mouth
Then I'm kickin them out
Cause you miss the quote, cause even if this kid was broke
On you I wouldn't trick to know
Have me high at first like I sniff some coke
But now you gotta go don't forget your coat

[Chrous: Nas]
We are the firm all stars
Fuckin your bitch we don't care who you are
We don't need no introduction, our music steady bumpin
From the crib to the club to your cars
Come fuck with us

[Pretty Boy:]
If you know about us throw your hands in the air
From Teaxes to NewYork to Monclair
This be the knock from Flatbush to Little Rock
Even New Orleans be bout it bout it
It's hot

[Foxy Brown:]
I gets 7:30 for the door daddy
Ain't know thing, ya'll know about the rings huh
Here you vibe and you balls with the big cat
Anything you tryin ta bring, been there done that
See the paper stack
I'm not a hater dog
Ya'll still crusin lands, I'm navagatin dog
Brooklyn tone
Baby girl flawsed night and left and baget stones in a James Bomd crome
See this pretty face, but you wanna stick it
If it's broke nigga we can let Tido fix it
I can't stop, I won't stop

[Pretty Boy:]
Everything hot, first week out hit the top
Pretty Boy Relentless, Cop the Coop thats expensive
For instanse we rollin in fleets in ten to sixes
We smoke phiphers with a dime chick pullin all nighters
P be Mr. Macoroni
The world slick lies and pretty Tony
If you never new know you know me
Thats why they wanna blow me
We eat caviar, shine like a movie star
Firm click real thick, Nas tell em' who we are

[Chorus x2]

. . .

Fuck Somebody Else Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Foxy Brown)

You gonna make me fuck somebody else (I'm gonna fuck somebody)
If you keep on treating me the way you do
(you don't wanna do it, you don't wanna do it)
You gonna make me fuck somebody else
If you keep on treating me the way you do
(you don't wanna do it, you don't wanna do it)

[Verse One: Foxy Brown]

Most of these cats ain't got nothing for me, but if we talikng G's
That's a different story, now don't embarass yourself
Cause if you ain't pushin' what I'm tryin' to push next year
You talking for ya health, nigga rock on
Check where you come from, you now my stee dun
Run a G and leave 'em strung with they tongue hung, niggas is bold now
I puts the gold down, I ain't laughing
Cats be asking can they lick my hole now, feel free
Nigga eat me, treat me
Ya trick, pussy clit lickin'
No ass gettin' dick, first roles
Niggaz is my hoes, top my doe
Wanna lace me with some head after my show, bringin' dat
I'm the nasty bitch that I am, make 'em lick my pearl tongue
And you got to give my girls some, fuck a man
Bitch got the world in her hand, just on spite
Niggaz got to fuck me right


[Verse Two: Foxy Brown]

Aye yo Fox quit the PP on niggaz that is ricky
Have them cats wining like Be-Be and Ce-Ce, Ill Na Na
Pussy hot like a sauna, have yo dick doin' flips in my teddy by Gabanna
Can yo baby's momma keep it wet like this, sex like this
Nigga this is the best it gets, been around the world twice
Gettin' more ice, bomb ass cock
Fuck a nigga all night, for you bitch kept the pussy tight
All night, nasty when I wanna
Pussy you make me wonder, any eye in me
Keep vibin' me, roll a nigga got the word that he coppin' threes
They call him Long Dick Steve, make the pussy steamy
Lips in the ass with his face thug cree, ya'll should've seen him
Nigga dick mad tiny, doin' tricks like a muthafuckin' genie


[Verse Thre: Foxy Brown]

Now niggaz get a nut just to watch me strut, niggas tried knockin' me up
Locking me down, what clown copped me a truck
But I ain't need it, he passed me da blunts but I don't get weeded
Smoke the put bush, let him eat it
Let's him get high then his face in my thigh, while I'm in his ride
Fuck a nigga Todd, screamin' my name
Cum stains on the wood grain, had a good thang
But the truth is your loose lips mad me ruthless, now you sex what
Jerk it, it's for certain
Had him spend up, had him bent up
Got the next nigga none in ya Benz truck
Ain't nothing wrong with a good dick, fuck a trick
Suck a dick, let no trick
Nigga pass up, fuck the last nut
Get a ass up uhh the next what, can a nigga do
But fuck you and ya crew with down ass hoes


You gonna make me fuck somebody (you gonna make fuck somebody)
You gonna make me fuck somebody (if you keep fucking up the way you do)
You gonna make me fuck somebody (ohh fuck somebody)
You gonna make me fuck somebody (you're gonna make me fuck somebody)

. . .

(feat. Foxy Brown)

[Nas Escobar]
That Firm shit, that Firm shit, what's that?
That Firm shit, that Firm shit

Everyday I'ma polli bout, who's the best hotty out?
And will they ever let Gotti out?
Am I real? Feel free to try me out
Guaranteed eternally, you signin out
I only bang quarters, not a thing short of
than a dime, rhyme like a crime scene reporter
Thought shorty would lose but the game taught her
Hoodrat just like Thelma, James' daughter
Killer put you on, got you laced in Bucon
Bledest stone, where the place you call home?

[Foxy Brown]
Brooklyn girl, plotted then I took the world
You know the whole drill, Na Na so Ill
Make mills and escro, decimals
Cancoon, Mexico, X-and-O
Bracelets got all, along with gold
Now it's platinum rings, songs is sold
Hot from the jumpstart, let the game spark
Thriller, will I shot to the top of the charts

[Nas Escobar]
Head honcho, cat Esco
Push everything from the Coupe to the Fo'
Never love a ho, get my dick sucked
Smoke the chocolate, trick my chicks up
Pass all the ki's to mami, whip it up
Fox get the B's, Bonnie live it up

[Chorus: x2]

Your love, so good
You deserve some hardcore
[Nas] That Firm shit, that Firm shit

[Foxy Brown]
FIRM, NIGGA WHAT? Get my twat licked
Never love a trick, get him for his chips
Fuck him and his dick, nigga where the six?
He actin like a bitch, he should've known this
Got the stone the wrist, I ain't no bonin this
Bomb ass shit, I could play with my shit

[Nas Escobar]
Rap niggas, capitalise, stock figures
Cognac is that liquor
Got me all numbed out, now I'm in the street with the guns out
Niggas better take me home, 'fore I dumbs out
Might fuck around, lay somethin down
wit mad niggas out here to see that shit
We that click, runnin shit up in New Yick
all the way down to Hicktown, layin it down

[Foxy Brown]
Fox be the classiest, the sassiest
The clubs, all thugs grab my wrists, offer me moselle Crist
More of the shit to hold you with
Keep hatin I'ma fold your bitch
Should've known to control that chick, hoes mad cos I roll the 6
Doe full of ices, black Isis
Sidewalk, my niggas stay fuckin your girl
The rest be, hoes in stretch jeans with red seams
Take it from me, let a nigga dream
Make em lick that, get the cat for his cream

[Chorus x2]

[Foxy Brown]
It's about time I reverse that
Bitches learn game, rehearse that
It ain't no love, ma remember that
Ya hoes wanna slap while I got him on his back
tryin to hurt that

[Nas Escobar]
Think you're grown, half the niggas sittin at home
watchin the kids, while you're gettin it on
I'm too smart for that, caught you creepin
Receipts in your Prada bag, sweets every weekend
Spendin my doe, I coulda spent that on hydro
You ain't slick enough, think I don't know

[Foxy Brown]
Dumb ass, think I slept on your bum ass
Knew the whole stee bout a chip like me
Did it on G-P, let you eat me
Couldn't freak me, I'm better off with TV
[Nas] That Firm shit, that Firm shit


Can't get enough, oooooh oooooh, oooooh oooohooooh
[Nas] That Firm shit, that Firm shit

[Chorus x3]

[Interlude to fade]

. . .

Nas Escobar:
Yeah, I'd like to welcome everybody that came
I know that I woke y'all up early this mornin', but shit is real
I need all y'all to come down
so we can talk about these things that's going on man
It's gettin' real

Escobar, reportoire, that's my man
Blowin' up how we expand
Stack grands up, pack vans up, with wild cats
Bustin' live gats
Claimin' that you illa than me, now how's that
In the Bridge hangin' wit the thug menaces
Images of mad loot, and beatin' sentences
Now we livin' large, remininscin' flippin' on prison guards
Jumpin' in and out of different cars
On a weekly, Benz or Mitsubishi
Got the flip phone in the strip zone
Satellite dish, 50 inch with the Knicks on
Everday it's real in my life, you live in sitcoms
Real Dons, bustin' out this hustlin' game with the name
See it lights, bitch get it right
Scorsese, capo, black Mercedes
Miami in back, with the crack, the late 80's
Brown Timbs, and thousands
Now we on to some real doe
How does it feel to count a mil?
What you bug?
Throw a party and show love
to the same cats after your stacks who throw slugs

. . .

Five Minutes To Flush Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. Nature)

They say they just wanna question me the interuption
4 in the morning they knocked and caught me fuckin'
Throw on something mad provocative play with the top lock
Buy me some time so I can hide the shit kinda quick
Move the guns clip the herb
They got me shook up plus my nut was disturbed
Hide the chocolate pickin' up shells form off the carpet
Baracaiding the door for war like a hostage
It's my crib, got my name on the lease
Can't explain niggas just get arrained and released
But who snitched set me up, I think it's you bitch
Sacrificing my life for you two kids?
Truth is, I got a business to lose eyewitness news
Paper tellin' bitches to move, police turned this into a zoo
Mad reporters, I laugh as I'm sippin' my brew
They think they caught us

4 in the morning Feds are out at the door
What you gonna do?
What you gonna do when they come through for you?
Ooh ee ooh ee ooh ee yeah yeah yeah yeah
4 minutes left

About a minute went by they knocked harder
My bitch went hysterical in shock
Slapped her to calm her
4-4 cocked to armor
It's been a long day now I raid with jakes playin' in the hallway
It's senseless, enter my crib and can't prevent this
Blockin' my enterence, trying to knock it off the hindges
Battering rams coming inches, my hoe was buggin'
Throw a fit thowin' puttin' coke in the oven
Like I'm Larry Davis the phone rang some D.A. bitch
"Nature turn yourself in" I didn't say shit
Knowin' in my heart I'm a stay rich
It's abusing, confusing them until they lose patience
Try to ease up, calm my nerves with the cheeba
Hoping the door doesn't fall before the keys flush
Thieves rush, plus the riot squad
No surrender no retreat shit's deep but times is hard


By the time they had busted in I had touched the cash
Just flushed the last hundred grams nigga subduct the math
They made me either that or let them take me
Still in my night clothes fake like I'm asleep
Spoke to my rat heard him ask where the coke at
Predicate felon hope to never go back
They had survelance aware of all dealings
Knew about bitches that liked to shoot and loot kept in ceilings
Searching my spot behind curtains stay cursing
Chief of police finally meet him in person
But I just flushed the yayo what could he say do
Trying to flip on me, once was on the payroll
Trying to laylow he can't find what he need
So instead I'm cuffed taken down for some weed
But it's just for a short say, I call the Firm then emerge
On the streets to return the next court day


. . .

Desparados Intro

[No lyrics]

. . .

(feat. AZ)

[Nas Escobar]
You ever dance with the devil under the pale moonlight?
Desperados, travellin
What the fuck's up son?
We could do this word up, we could do this

[Chrous: The Firm]

Spend too many nights on the Henny gettin right
Breakin big face Bennies, bettin against the friendly dice
I can't call it, it's goin too good to spoil it
Tell it like it is, the raw shit never recorded

At a thousand degree Celsius I make MC's melt
Fuck my record label I appear courtesy of myself
Let me explain how I maintain thresholds to pain
I walk across the Sun barefoot lookin for shade
I rearrange your rib cage like a twelve gauge at close range
and change the position of your brain
My hard raps penetrate through your hardhats and all that
nigga, get ya wig peeled back
I scalp you like the indians on horseback
Running Bull will hit you harder than runningback
Stunning man with brave and cunning rap
Swiftly running laps around 48 tracks
Like uncut crack you fiends keep coming back
Heads is flippin like acrobats on gym mats
From wax to analog tapes to digital DAT's
It's critical black, that Canibus is ill like that
In fact perhaps you should quit rap, instead of always
tryin to diss back, cause niggaz keep tellin you that your shit's wack
I rip raps, hardcore raps rushin you to the floor mat
Put you in the figure four, break your thorax
Jump off the top turnbuckle and land on your back
til I hear it snap or crackle, the ref says chill black
You get clapped bringin the wrong raps to combat
Like bringin a paint gun to a shoot out with real gats
Y'all niggaz is wack, rappin over microphone feedback
My intelligence begins where yours peaks at
From Fox Boogie in the see-through brasierre, to Nasty Nas here
My nigga Nature'll explain it further if it's not clear

[Nas and Foxy Brown]
Millionaire look at the sky make sure it's still there
Ice grill stares and my jewelry is in every year
Pierre Cardan back in a Dapper Dan time
Now flex, angle wrecks, Foxy rock Van Klein

[Nas Escobar]
Initiated to the Firm shit, real thugs learn quick
Sit back and feel the ultimate hit
Initiated to the Firm shit, real thugs learn quick
Sit back and feel the ultimate hit

[AZ the Visualiza]
Yo lock in, do the knowledge, follow the doctrine
We clockin, on your airwaves, keepin it rockin
Blaze up, make fire, light your Purple Haze up
Betcha tired, bitch ass niggaz need to be caged up
So raise up fuck the playin, I'm sick of layin
I can picture sprayin off an SK, shells ricochetin
Snatched up, in Supreme Court, eyes half shut
Co-defendant caught a life sentence, seem him crack up
React what, who will, bail two mill'
Nigga cool still bet I'll be home before the news will
Blast fuse and leave purple Frank Matthews
Perhaps you confuse the concept black, cash rules
Incog-ged, another had more deez involved
Known freeze condo seize seven keys dissolved
Daily routine, speakin up for niggaz who sling
Hand to hand on them street corners claimin you king
It's time to lock this, join with us, let your glock spit
Guzzle the toxic, only fake niggaz drop snitch
Get your guns out, it don't take much for me to dumb out
Play one route, lay ya shit down and run South

Here's the cause of this shit, more statistics
Deeper than the laws of physics, Malibu sand ,the gorgeous bitches
Weed from 1-2-5, my whole crew live
A true Desperado, one that never choose sides
and show sympathy, just QB, an entity
Stock exchange, top of the game, watch you mention me
Image is nothin just obey your thirst
I blaze the Purple Haze, sit in a daze, then display your birth
For those concerned or just eager to learn
I speak for The Firm, was told to keep the cheeba to burn
Stashin my riches, past traditions, like Olympics
pass the torch flip shit so y'all could picture my thoughts, I'm driftin
It's type ill wakin up lookin like filth
Twenty years younger same hunger same ice grill
Genetically form grade A pedigree
Born to carve rhymes, a swift tongue helped to set it free
Theoretically peep how we bless this, young and restless
Guns and westins, learnin to connect through lessons
From cool feats to camps, niggaz shoot back
It's a proven fact, nine-seven's mine, y'all niggaz move back


. . .

(feat. AZ)

[Verse One: AZ the Visualiza]

The six ease out CD laced digital readout
No doubt cop glocks from the dred fuck the weedhouse
Yo elegance hate females with no intelligence
Embezzelment got big boys behind the metal fence
Merrill Lynch it's your life Crist alright
Vince on ice sex chicks all types
General status smootheness mixed with malice
Trips to Dallas built a pool in my palace
Who want what from more moneys I want a cut
Extortin start from the corner step on us up
Sixty inch screen laserdisc with the beam
It's my life i'm holding the dice don't intervene
I send a team to smash out your whole plans
No cold hands liquid or hunger to hold grands
From state bids to large cats who lace cribs
It's Firm Biz, y'all know what time it is

[Chorus: Dawn Robinson]

I'm talking Firm Biz to you baby (Firm Firm Biz)
Talking bout the Firm, that is (Firm Firm Biz)
I'm talking Firm Biz to you baby (Firm Firm Biz)
Talking bout the Firm, that is that is
That is that is Firm Biz!

[Verse Two: Nas Escobar]

Peep the stee, creepin with AZ
B-12's crazy I ball with the firm's first lady
I brawl with those who hate me
Make me spray I all; hoping for the day I fall
Never that though Black 4 4's for fedz
Like Donnie Brascoe so peep the cappos
Who mack most splash it up with lactose
Pretty thug style, I blow you out slug style
Bent in the Caddy Coupe me and daddy duke
He schooled me on how to stand on my own two
He said son it's all kinda shit you gon' go through
Either you gon' make it or you gon' fall too
Now we headline tours remember me I told you that the world was yours
Married to the Firm laws
Esco bless flows y'all know me
Laced in the Sony Firm be the hottest click to blow G


[Verse Three: Foxy Brown]

My pops uesd to warn me never fall victim to the horny
Keep the pussy tight stay that bitch
If i'm gon' fuck lay that dick
Tony get him for his chips and pray he push a six
Now I got game to make the thuggish niggas scream my name
Hope the panties drop only if I cop
The baby blue drop gotta keep my wrist iced
The baddest bitch yeah the sex is alright
Lace 'em all night going to the crib
Jumping out the range in the iceberg tights
Yeah I know about the five and its one shut eye
360 wave spinning cat thinkin he Nas
From now 'til the day we shinin keep my diamond
Esco with me in the E reclining top dogs
The illest duo since the Boss name was Hugo
AZ Firm trio stay on the lee low

[Chorus with modifications]

. . .

(feat. Nature)

yo, Nori know this, and Nori know that
but Nori know gat (why)
cause Nori buck dat
Iraq'll make you famous
throwing gang signs like it's sign language
distinguish us from the others
kidnap your baby mothers
bringing drama to the deep covers
salute g, bust you down like a lucie
Jose probably lay with a gold uzi
crunk Italy, Africa and Sicily
niggaz acting sissy see
pointing guns and missing me
(Nas: "Yo son, it's on son")
hey yo there's beef in the hood again
niggaz came with hoods again
thinking that it woulda been
saw us, from what we first did
when we did
now we twist another wig, a mother lose another kid
but it's beef now, keep it short
real brief now
strike vigorous, no intentions of missing it
they sent the message, or example, whatever
set it up man on man
only to score we apply the plan
quickly explain why you ran in this dark land
we lay you down in the sand
on the lines like the internet
many would come if you would pose off
against my set, there ain't a nigga yet
smoke so much, niggaz say I need nicarette
you say bogie but you used to say cigarette
nine-oh, a new religion, a new beginning

I'm leaving

baby don't go
I know the block is hot
boo I'll watch your spot

I'm leaving
sweetie don't leave
I need you to stay with me (come on)

uh huh, uh, uh
uh huh, uh, uh
I'm leaving

boo I can't understand

and don't think that I'll be back again

it's like a bad dream
and I can't wake up
mouth caked up
knowing these cats is fake fucks
and it ain't right
with no love, them hugs ain't tight
son we used to pop bottles and slugs the same night

hey yo they left me
right hand damaged and I ain't lefty
couldn't bust when I's supposed to pull
what I'm supposed to do?
lay down, watch these niggaz spray me
or maybe
we strike accurate
blaze them plus they ladies

I woulda never thought we'd ever get caught
in this way of life
prosecution, if you violate a player's rights
say it twice
Nature soon to be engraved in ice
hanging off my neck
glistens like it's framed in light

niggaz call me Jose
shootin the Artie Clay
Benedict Arnold type
getting this rap loot
still selling China White
either Allah or Christ
married to marijuana
now my niggaz don't write
(still ice, still living this life)


you got the nerve to say that Nature's slipping?
the greatest vision
bald-head kid
Cartier frames, the latest Pippens
doggystyle was my favorite position
until I switched it, dead shit
got on some head shit
headed in the wrong direction up in the Sheraton
QB to LA still puffing my medicine
for those lost in the streets up north or deceased
for those struggling unfortunate to eat
I dedicate this, tell me right now how do you rate this?
whatever happened to the mule and the 40 acres
it's outrageous, the way the god finesse the basics
invasion, me and Noreaga Firm made men

. . .

[Intro: AZ The Visualiza]

Y'know, personally, I'm for the paper
As long as we all see doe
(Yo yo, big boys play for large sums) Yeah, uhuh
(Even bitches got their shit tight) Ha ha ha
Aight (If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?
Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

[Verse One: Half-A-Mil]

You acquired the knowledge, my brainwaves cause riots in college
Science scholar in this world of violence and dollars
Firm rappin god from the projects
It ain't hard, from medicate cars to platinum cars, my click is that large
To get they dick licked and back massaged by rich chicks
who rock Versace bras in the drop, watchin the stars
Yo, the conquest is ours, mission accomplished, shittin on Congress
Benz whipped with the 6, on this
8 trillion tonnes, when I appear reptilians run
>From affilions, willions ??? ???
Like Indians, your style's a dream, we pop Cristal and drive Bentley's in
the same streets you can't get a penny in
All my real shootout niggas hear me when
Half-A-Mil shoot out with Bohemians, calicos spittin in
Niggas splittin in the same position they sittin in
What sentencin? We got too much Benjamins
We even got triple six I-E-M plastic currency with ???
Images *?of Quentin?* in, my niggas lay back
We use to pump a G, now we pump 100-K packs
Guns aimed at, destroy your whole world like *?K-mat?*
What part of the game's that? The curse, my hot verse is flame rap
Players got the game trapped, I be the king mack
All my bitches mine til they bring crack.....

[Chorus: AZ]

Yo yo, big boys play for large sums
Stack up, strategise, watch the cons come
It's all a game, even bitches got their shit tight
On the scene, 18, suckin dick right, and sip right
If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?
Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

[Verse Two: AZ aka Sosa]

What? From NY to New Orleans, we all fiends
Court scenes, flashbacks to kidnaps and fought CREAM
Guns bussin, stash house out in Flushing
Corruption, killer men-tal is foul adjustin
Cold nights, handled the streets my whole life
Back off ???? kikes, focus for niggas who lost sight
Travel thought wise, beyond light years, way across skies
Short-i's, so many makin livin off lies
Anti up, hopin my new shorty don't stand me up
It had me stuck, after this session, I plan to fuck
Hot pursuit, a real splittin image of Pop Duke
Block lasoo's, paper player part of my roots
So what'cha grow, Shelley? I lit his game so sincerely
Really, most rap cats couldn't come near me
So it's either or Peter pay Paul, you and yours
Fools are frost, regulate life thru rules and laws.....


[Verse Three: Half-A-Mil]

Firm official, 8-50 I, burnin pistol
Black Magnum P-I, mack V-I, willie hat
Half beehive, wise guy, '95 I
look in my eye, praisin Allah, project aimin rod
Greatest star Agbar, pushin a hot car
Shark Bar, private engagement, live entertainment
I grab mics and I explain it
How I went from the brawns to the brainless
to the minds of the wise and the famous
Nigga's wives admire the guy's arrangers
Kick off their wedding rings to give head to the king
It's just a cheddar thing, amaretta, Armani leather thing
We in to better things like wettin the brains
Jumpin outta stretches and minks, crime connected with link
Up in the club buyin drinks, bitches eyein the spinks
Hustler haters hate us, my guns say "Fuck what they think"
Once I copped a Hummer this summer with a buttoned-up mink


[Outro: AZ the Visualiza]

Bitches got their shit tight
If you're wit us throw your guns up, what the fuck?
Form a philly, cock your shit back and bust

. . .

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