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The Fall

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The Fall Lyrics

"The War Against Intelligence" lyrics

The war against Intelligence
War Against Intelligence
Notebooks out plagiarists
War Against Intelligence
War Against Intelligence
They got a lot of debris yesterday
They stuck out with the golden horns
And pull them till it hurts
War Against Intelligence
Hey dude!
Where did you get through to the other side?
Hey Jude!
Give the info
A rest and use your line
Dancing with your dad and mates in the corner in the corner
You are such a bloody fool
You think your haircut is distinguished
Well it's a blot on the English landscape
Hey dude!
Get your little bones right outta here!
Is beyond your capability
Hey kids!
Leave a mental short-out
[[Hey] you [were] never [an original]] stance
The war versus intelligence
War Against Intelligence
War Against Intelligence
Hey dude!

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