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The Danielson Famile

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The Danielson Famile Lyrics

"Flesh Thang" lyrics

Time to talk fleshly talk
Gettin' nervous!
And tense and talk about the bones and nerves
It's a house of the Lord
It's a house of the Holy Ghost,
But the house be speakin' at times
Haunted house is bein' tricky
You better only be hearin' the Holiest of Ghosts.

Look like a baby, once again
'cause I'm sheddin' my withered skin.

The heart is right
The deep physical pain will run for life
The heart is hard
The deep physical pain will be your best friend.

I said the heart is right,
please take a bite
It's out of sight!
The heart is hard,
stone in your yard,
let down your guard!

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