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The Cooper Temple Clause

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The Cooper Temple Clause Album

See This Through And Leave (02/14/2002)
555-4823 (instrumental)
. . .

Did you miss me?
I bet you did
Did you miss me
And what I did?
How's it going kid
How's the love life
Not good?

I'm back now
Back with what I got
But it's not for sale
It's for someone else
Someone beautiful
Someone who loves
Not you

She screams my name
Yeah she makes me rise
With the look in her eyes
That you will never give
And she knows just how to hit the spot
She gives it all she's got
Then shit I blow my top
And we kiss
And we writhe and this
Is everything I miss with you
And no matter how hard you try
With each and every lie
You'll never scream my name
She can scream my name

. . .

This movie would've killed us
It would've made a mess
I'd have lit the fires but I'd have pulled you out
Take a shot from every angle
I'd have shot you down
I'd have made you look fucking beautiful

Don't think cos you can't see me that I'm not watching
He got leather
He got car
Well me got channels on CCTV

This movie would've killed us
We'd have cut a deal
I'd have set the traps but I'd have pulled you out
Lend a hand make all the right moves
I'd have helped you out
I'd have made it perfect just for you

This movie would've killed us
To shit and its because of you
But, hey, you don't want to have it
Instead you made it with him
Guess I just don't make the final cut

Yeah this movie's gonna kill me
But it'll kill you first
We could've made it out but, oh, it's just too late now
I'd have made use a killer movie

. . .

Short-sleeved, shit-kickin' animals
Lining me up
It's all over their face
Here's a new chicken-shit angel-eyed boy with a face to rip open all nite
Step up to the line boys
Cover your eyes
As they fire their guns
The firday nite abbatoir spills out into the streets

Here comes the Panzer Attack

This boy's taking the easy way out
Cos there's nothing like a midnite run
Don't you tell me not to gide
You've got to grit you teeth
And try to keep 'em too
Curled up in a can
They don't know where I am
I'll spend the nite in here
Covered in the trash 'til 4 am
You missed another one

. . .

My, oh, my I'm seeing the potential
Let's just see what we can do
First we'll take you down back to the meat house
Then you'll hold their hands again
I know trix that you can only dream of
It looks like it's your lucky day
A killer keychange is all you'll ever need

Who needs enemies
When you've got friends?
Now your hands are tied
Who needs accidens when you've got me?
Now I'm on your side

Now let's try and teach you how to mingle Then we'll teach you how to kill Lies will always be your best of best friends Never be alone again A killer key change is all you'll ever need

Who needs enemies
When you've got frieds
Now your hands are tied
Who needs accidents
When you've got me?
Now I'm on your side
All these animals that you call friends
Now they're on their knees
Man, you tricked em all
You played the fool
So damn easy to please

Made my name in function rooms
Dirifting through the walls
C'mon let me teach you boy
Teach you 'bout it all

. . .

Remember the time I couldn't speak
Everybody heard
The pin didn't drop it came and crashed down
Then there was the time I couldn't walk
Everybody laughed
So entertaining was this breakdown

Turn and face the wall
I'm only drinking
Eyes to the floor
I'm merely sinking Then there was the time
When I couldn't see Blind as a bat for drink and easy laughs
A terrible time
But keep it in mind
You can't tell your friends, man, cos this shit is mine

Turn and face the wall
I'm only drinking
Eyes on the floor
I'm merely sinking
So leave me aloene And why does it have to be like this?
It always seems to get like this
Well I never meant to get like this
Every nite

. . .

I guess I'm not the kind of boy
Who's seen it all before
I though I'd figured out the way
To see the sunny side
Of the day

Making plans, making good
And keep on asking on
Could it be so good?

I'll have to sit and calculate
Think myself a mess
For the best
It seems I have to complicate
All the things I see
Lucky me

And when you all go out to play
I'll keep an eye on you
For a clue
Cos I couldn't take it anymore
Being the jealous one
In the sun

And when I come and see the light
Heaven help you all
At the sight
Cos fireworks and movie screens
Can't prepare you all
For the scene
All my plans
Making good
Can't stop thinking now it'll be so good ...

Cos now it seems I'm all the rage
Such a tender heart
Such an early age
Now tell me where the hell were you
When I was the only one
Who couldn't see the sun?
All my plans making good
Can't stop thinking how
It could be so good ...

. . .

We dare you to mean a single word you say
Feel free if you've time to try and change our minds
You might wanna duck before you lose your head
It seems we're the ones who've got the guts to bleed
It's not numnber one who will come out alive
It's the freak in the corner with his eyes on fire
Let's kill music
Before it kills us all

. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

Been training dogs again
To bite your little princess
And making sure they make a scene
Running errands all the way
Communicate in codes
You've just gotta make the in-roads

Holding on to what you've got
Making plans just to stay alive
Doing time oh you bet you will
I'm doing mine by the side of the road
Making out cos I'm making good
What its's all about like I said I would
Then you realize well, look who's laughing now

We take pride in our work
The key's the execution
And, hey, that's what we had in mind
But we're not just having fun
I wouldn't wanna be ya
Cos we're drawing blood if we see ya

And we're not afraid to use animals
Or anything else that'll tear itself a hole
Yeah, we'll be just like dumb fucking animals
If that's the kind of game you wanna play

. . .

Hey you
Over there
Won't you help a stranger
That's a sorry sight my friend
It's not me to make a fuss
It's just that the water's cold
And I can't feel my legs

Help me out
Don't let me drown in here
Can't you see
I'm gonna die in here

Please excuse
That outburst
I'm a little scared
I don't know what came over me
What's wrong
Don't close your eyes
I don't want to hurt you
I just need a little help

Help me out
Don't let me drown in here
Can't you see
I'm gonna die in here
Swim he says
Why do you say these things
One last chance
Just get me out of here

. . .

As he sits on the moor
With his new found friend
Who had shown him the way
To bow out at the end
With a dignity only
A murder can bring
With sweet violation
That versatile thing

Please believe me when I say
This is how it has to end
This is easy on us all
Well easier than other ways
Sleep is all I ask of you
Sleep and not to wake again
See this throughh and leave, my friend
Tears will come and I will end

While I hope you all miss me
And weep at my grave
I imagine you'll pray some
And give hope to the grave
To the ones who have loved me
And cared for me so
And who die when I tell them
I just had to go

. . .

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