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The Autumn Offering

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The Autumn Offering Lyrics

"Bonds in Which We Break" lyrics

Where'd those days go
When I thought I knew you?
What happened to the person
I once loved
Desolate thoughts
Are all I think of now
Its killing my mind
And now I want to kill you

I see you now and stare
Into those whore stained eyes
And wonder how I could
Let you lead me to
Believe that you were
Someone good for me
You weren't
You're just another
Blood sucking leech

Violence breaks out
Inside my head
Passive thoughts
Are now thrown away

Despise and disgust are
All I see in you now.
I wish things could have
Been right between us
I wish you were the person
You had appeared to be
But now my thoughts are gone
And thrown away
But now my hate is
Buried inside me
Left for new seeds
To grow from this

How long will it be
Until you notice
That there is
Nothing, left
For us

Spoken infidelities
Will never see our
Daylight again

So where does this all
Lead us to now?
I'll never be able to
Look at you again.
But maybe that is for
The best now we'll see
Death is now near my dear
We must part our ways

One thousand cries now die

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