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The Alchemist

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The Alchemist Lyrics

"The Essence" lyrics

Definetley the strongest shit on the shelf
double r, d-block 1st infantry listen the thugs need it, hoes gon use it me im just a young nigga that make old music shit is real i put the emp on the 4 keep it wit me 'cause possetions 9 10ths of the i am doin' all that i can goin' all
out again even had a daughter born outta' sin nigga i make pennies cinnamatic i spit dope and u been a attic
treat jail like beef somting like somthin'
big with the scope under the winter jacket i use the winter tactics and i know u try'n to play the role but bullets the wrong shit to inneract wit i hurt the game,
hurt them phines soon as you churp somthin' these niggas ill' churp genene yeah let 'em all cock ride wit a mansion and a bottle and the walls spin counter clock wise midas well go on go and see papi
cause niggas only know three words he shot me thats why i be eye'n 'em down no dap, no rap 'cause these niggas be wired for sound but i still put a hole in a goon jada montaga still put a hole in a
spoon lay da bond lay 'em plenty guns plenty ammo remember this ''calmate cete calmo'' mutha-fuckas what

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