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Tha Dogg Pound

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Tha Dogg Pound Album

2002 (07/31/2001)
. . .


[No lyrics]

. . .

[rattles shaking]

[Singer (Daz)]
Houl, houl, houl - houl, houl, houl
Houl, houl, houl - houl, houl, houl
Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh, uhh)
Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh)
Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl (uhh, uhh)
Houl (uhh) houl (uhh) houl

Psssh, I didn't realize we'd be cashin in
Makin dollars, makin shit pop around here
(nigga!) Fiends sniff to cops gang-bangin
Where my block? My everyday is a crime
A nine to five, slangin bucks, nine millimeters
Three-eighties and gauges and glocks
[?] made you not wanna sit back
and I watch the clock (hah!) watchin anybody and any
For every fuckin dime, every penny, what a pity
I'll be livin the city, livin greedy, lookin for [??]
Wit a spirit that'll jealous the belly, then now
Two wanted killers slang crack, shit
Smokin boodah's off that brown orange boodah
Stabbin motherfuckers in the back, I ain't afraid to do ya
Roll wit niggaz, that's the same, or roll wit a gang
Roll up in a school and bang - bang!
And hang out, to sellin [?] struck out
Fiends, who's worries kept green, or stick the merry, dream
that could make 'em run and get the pistols, the shit
This ain't a damn thing funny (fool!)
Niggaz around my block, start actin so crummy
When Atlanta dawgs reach that G status, just to have it
and anything that'll [?] out my jock just to have us
Hoppin down the steps, where my homeboys chill
Sippin hundred, had a bomb smoke that's real
I hate see the homies pass by, they creep inside
lettin niggaz know that this the C-SIIDE! (yeah)

[with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background]
[D] Tennesee and Oklahoma said they ROLL WIT US
[K] Portland and Seattle, you know they ROLL WIT US
[D] Mississipi, Lousiania said they ROLL WIT US
[K] Yeah, Chicago and Texas, you know they ROLL WIT US
[D] Detriot and Carolina said they ROLL WIT US
[K] When Little Rock, Saint Louis gang-bang-dang-dang
[D] And all my overseas [?] won'tcha ROLL WIT US
[K] New Jersey (ROLL WIT US) and Philly (ROLL WIT US)

You know you never seen a gangsta hol', hella high
Ready to ride, give it up to all the bitches passin by
(whattup girl?) Crazy wit 'em curves, work it up motherfucker
(ahh!) Better have fur in the back of the truck, motherfucker
I seen a baller (baller) yeah nigga, he strait ballin
Call it a wild card, the gang motherfucker (yeah)
When niggaz 'bout to fo' they talk (ugh, ugh!)
shoot the fo' the big bitch motherfucker
They just can't compete (uh-huh) we got the hardco' thang to bang
Niggaz is gang-bangin up in this motherfucker, bottom thang
(hell yeah) Fuck a bitch homey, and a bitch nigga
Licorice nigga like "You give 'em what he deserve"
Word, brought it up, concern, put a microphone
Thug - money makin, pistol packin, juniors
Jumpin for scrappin bottles, jackin faster
Quick to say "Bitch," quick to say "Fuck you!"
Quick to say "Motherfuck ya momma and yo' hood too"
(Nigga it's Tha Dogg Pound) Type of motherfucker
So if he's somethin like me
and you ridin wit the D.P.G.P.A.C. and me - then say "Buck buck!"

[with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background]
[D] Now all my neezies up in [?] ROLL WIT US
The [?] Utah, won't ya ROLL WIT US
[K] All my dirty Atlanta niggaz they ROLL WIT US
[D] Minnesota, Alabama won't ya ROLL WIT US
[K] California, Arizona you know they ROLL WIT US
[D] Ohio and Amsterdamn won't ya ROLL WIT US
[K] Miami, New Mexico say they ROLL WIT US
Just say they ROLL WIT US, you know they ROLL WIT US

Just roll wit a gangsta bitch and shut the fuck up (suck a nut)
Fuck a nigga up, rockin the greatest thang since the fuck in the cut
Nigga what? G'd up in the gangsta ass native blue truck
Dat Nigga Daz and Kurupt {*screech*}
It's been a long time since we gangstas kept bangin
Young ass from the gangsta ass Dogg Pound Gang

Kurupt, I take you rather serious 'til the niggaz kept blastin
(FOOL!) Rollin wit the motherfuckers'll leave 'em in a casket
(bitch nigga!) This nigga's is drastic, it's suicide, help me ride
(ride) to battle the Daz, within the nigga or not (check it out)
Cash money got us addicted to what we niggaz kick
Good shit for bad shit, sorry keep us sippin for jiggin for gettin

[K] Yeah, the A is for anybody killer
[D] N is for the NIGGA!
[K] Fuck the G's, beat beginnin nigga!

[with singer singing "howl, howl, howl.." in background]
[D] And all my No Limit Soldiers say they ROLL WIT US
[K] Murder unit, my niggaz say they ROLL WIT US
[D] All my West side connectin that's jailed they ROLL WIT US
[K] Wit the dungeon, weak ballers say they ROLL WIT US
[D] Hell, that nigga gon' cop red, ROLL WIT US
[K] Dogg Pound and my niggaz said they ROLL WIT US
[D] And all my Ruff Ryder niggaz said they ROLL WIT US

Yeah, haha, now just bounce to this
Just bounce (just bounce) just bounce to this
Nigga just bounce (just bounce) nigga just bounce to this
Niggaz just bounce (bounce), ugh, yeah [echoes]

[K] Bounce, bounce nigga (bounce nigga)
[D] Putcha pistols up, yeah [echoes]
[K] Bounce nigga (bounce nigga)
[D] Just putcha pistols up, pistols up!
[K] Bounce nigga
[D] Bounce nigga!
[K] Putcha pistols up
[D] Pistols up!
[K] Wassup?
[D] NIIIGGAAA! [echoes] Yeah

[music plays then fades]

. . .

It's just another day in the hood for Kurupt, yeah, that's me
Got schooled by Snoop in a black Cherokee
Daz in the back, Warren G. in the front
Nice sack of chronic with some gin in a cup
Back up I stack up the weed
Tha Pound and the Row is my only friends
If you talk shit, I hit you hard as I can
You talk shit once but never again

Well, I'm back with the bubonic chronic sack for that ass
So all my doggs pack the back, laced his ass
To the fullest feeling I'm feelin you never could feel
While your mind is comin where your body is chill
As I mob with tha pound and my nigga Nate Dogg
Not flaggin, not saggin, but havin a ball
Yo, saw y'all motherfuckers wanna see like doggs
Wanna be like doggs, but can't compare to doggs

It's like one to the two, two to the three
K to the U-R-U-P-T
In fact, I steps with a tech in the back
In the hood, ain't got no love, so I packs a strap

And I once knew a nigga named Dr. Dre
He was a baller from the motherfucking CPT(a baller from the CPT)
He hooked up with the niggas from the LBC
And now they fuckin up the whole rap industry

Well, check it out, and peep game on the one they call Dat Nigga Daz
An OG straight puttin it down for the Eastside(right)
But this is just a dove sack of dope
So till yo ass dopes this mo
Now, you can't see my mothafuckin homies from the CPT
And you can't see my mothafuckin doggs from the LBC

Check this flow, Hoover ain't the word to describe me, nigga
Remember, I'm murderin niggas as a hobby
Bodies get battered for fuckin with the best dogg dump
With the tech-n-terror to fuckin chest start
Do I give a fuck (hell no) I'm a locc nigga
Who you tryin to provoke(nigga) step up, get smoked nigga
Get the strap in the back I'm rollin and a bumpin
Niggas talk shit I won't write and start dumpin
Uh, who play the role like the G's
Punk ass middle fuckin mark niggas, please
Murder in the first degree
I step with a tech, burst and flee
You'll find none worst than me
See, motherfuckers murdered and mangled, strangled
Our bitches like a bangled
Take ya from a whole different angle
Bitches, I'm never sympin, You'll see me pimpin
I step the clip in, bust a cap
Watch them fall flat on they back
Like this and like that from an automatic strap
So for tryin the techno
Respect I gets wrecked with a glock
And it just don't stop
I check every nigga known that's tryin to check me
I wreck microphones verbally, respect me
I'm off to the sto(re) to get me a fo(ur)
Oh, so I'm headed out the door

Now as I roll with Kurupt and my cousin Eastwood
On a mission up to no good
We don't love you bitch
After we finish diggin
Tha Pound's about that dollar and takin no shit
From the busta ass niggas, Bell it out shit
Trick, recognize game when it slaps your face
See I ain't no fzzzake, I take you to the next stzzzage
One time can't trzzzace, now why you punk twice

Now, you've been sleeping on the desk for a long time
Waitin for the nigga to come bust a dogg rhyme
So motherfuckers throw your hands in the air
And get your proper groove on like you don't care

See I don't love them hoes
I like a butta nose
Keep my mind on my money, that's just how my money flows
And so
How, I thought you knew, but now you know

Dogg Pound's in tha house, now in the coupe, Just Doggin
Dogg Pound's in tha house, now in the coupe, Just Doggin

. . .

(feat. Tha Relativez, Snoop Doggy Dogg)

Man, I gotta stop smoking this shit
Cause that shit gon straight

I cant stop, and I wont stop, ha ha ha ha
Damn, yeah, staright blueberries

This microphones is mines, I seen you scopin
I'm hopin that you step so I can bust your chest open
This is how I am, this is my mentally
Don't try to battle me, I cause fatalities
And this is how it is when the microphone put to torture
MC's done tried to step but I caught ya
I'm like a sorcerer, magical with rhymes
I'm one of a kind, my lines too inclined for your mind
And that's the way it is, you cant see me so don't even try
I wonder why MC's done tried to step in and they died
Now I be that MC, you cant see that
Lyricist that breaks MC's backs
Matter of a fact that aint the way you should do it
This is how it is in showbiz
I know this MC cant even get close
Cause I rock shit from the west to the east coast

Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
Kurupt tell me, why they wanna fuck
Now I'm rollin in the fast lane tryin to find the right lane
I'm spittin game like big pimpin is my name
I need a flame, so I can get this shit lit
Its snoop dogg, I'm bout to drop me a hit
I got my nigga named kingpin to the right
And we plan on smoking all night
and when we through my nigga named priest gon increase the peace
Blaze up another sack, get your kakies creased
Cause its on and poppin, aint no stopping
Snoop is on the mic I'm lyrically hoppin
Poppin just like a motherfuckin strap
Don't talk shit cause your best to watch your back
Because umm, why you sleepin we creepin
And um, we got a fat sack of blueberries, its scary
My brother jerry told me one day
He said snoop when you reach the top will you please blaze a J
For me and my homie J d-o-g, who's in the penitentiary but see
Its still cool to me cause Ima swing it on bring it on
Got another fat sack so blaze up the ozone
It on like that we aint no joke
So motherfuckin back off or jack off for my smoke, smoke, smoke

[Chorus: x2]
Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
Somebody tell me Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
They say no to dope, and ugh to drugs
But motherfuck that I'm a motherfuckin thug nigga

[Tha Relativez]
Spots stay open, under water hydro
orange fire and chronic out the side door
Dogg soprano, sugar buddha the pimp
Been had hoe's, been havin chips
Spit out gangsta shit like haa chooo
In a ride, ahh with teezy with red haa shoes
Tha relatives, how gangsta is that
Half my life blowin do do wit a strap in my lap
Just goin out the ills and its hurtin niggaz
Kickin niggaz door down and searchin niggaz
In the fence for a week and its perkin niggaz
You niggaz aint some gangstaz you some working niggaz
Aint no mo silent niggaz
My prediction, 2004 theres gon be hoes and snitchin niggaz
Or peepin niggaz out the barrel of a 40
Hood on hood crime, homies killing homies

?? to harlem, chips flippin we ballin
aint nuttin better than being young gangsta and ballin
blowed outta mind, probably be the high some more
master money marna for the law
I'm from the salty 619, home of the corca
Mystica holders with pistolas and purple morta
Americas finest find me north of tha border
Please, no seeds, break bread cost an awful lot
Chay flag on a borca, slide in croca's
Splitters or the swishers, twisters, hundred sport cars
This for big tony, homey in the yinta
Inglewood to tango, relativez the bleeka

[Chorus: x3]
Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
Somebody tell me Why they wanna fuck with my smoke
They say no to dope, and ugh to drugs
But motherfuck that I'm a motherfuckin thug nigga

. . .

(feat. Crooked I)

[Crooked I]
Yeah, it's that untouchable gangsta Crooked in to I go
I'm from a long lost tribe called "Fuck a Hoe"
Come through in a new Chevy, droppin game like it's too heavy
Well for you suckers that's the ceiling
A metaphor for over ya head, dumb dumb
Speak to ya double O.G., that's where good game come from
Dogg Poundin

[music starts]

Six straight, six fo', L co's, missed it
Cause that's what one of us, nigga don't touch it
The people of the side for the urban
I like to work for top, or make 'em work it
.. Whattup?! I see my niggaz all in the cut
Layed back, actin a nut, waitin 'til we 'rupt
No remorse, as we bust, let you feel the dust
Let us do what we gotta do, it's fuckin it up
Let it be known, Daz Dillinger rough to the bone
All alone roamin ya neighborhood at high exhaust
High stylin and profilin, niggaz comin after me
(fuck y'all) In actuality they face the technicality
(whattup dawg?) Let 'em feel the battle, it was a tragedy
(hell yeah) On site a nigga die for the salary (boo-ya!)
We the gang and we walk like we talk and we stalk
and we do what we do after dark (yeah!)

[Chorus: Kurupt]
This is for the ballers - gangsta rap
What all the hoes love - gangsta rap
What the hoppin six-fo's do - gangsta rap
You could do what you want to - gangsta rap
Yeah, this is for the ballers - gangsta rap
What all the hoes love - gangsta rap
What the hoppin six-fo's do - gangsta rap
You could do what you want to - gangsta rap

[Crooked I]
Nigga, I buy new blocks for war
A few shots, a broad, that make you drop
Then I'ma pop two cops or more
I'm too hot, come through wit two proper whores
Playin Tupac Shakur, gettin 'em blue socks the Lord
Crooked I's the name, man that boy just hopped off the train
wearin a platinum chain striked with thang
It's the youth game, doin it big
You don't like it, you and yo' kid get you and the whip, shit
Nigga, I spray clips, shots flop quicker than space ships
Then shapeshift yo' facial "Matrix" like a facelift
So face it, y'all ain't nuttin to see
Ain't a nigga dead or alive who fuckin wit me
Keep the Death Row chains out
My left [?] connect so hard your head blow
Now let's blow brains out (uh-huh), just thought I had to warn ya
Don't come to Long Beach, Cali, take off on ya [?], nigga


Innie, minnie, mini, mo, pick the do' or the flo'
Hoe you gotta go if you ain't takin off ya clothes
All I really wanna do is stick a dick up in you
So fast, in a flash, then I gotta slash, whattup Daz?
[screech] We the realist, kickin back, and feelin real chillin
Dope laws, ooh you get tossed, we dump nigga
It ain't nuttin to applaud (uh-huh)
Never slippin dick nigga, to the West then took it straight
"This kid's a psycho gramma!" Fuck a hoe cous'
Took it, what it is, what it was
Blood, nigga what it is, what is was
My niggaz, California nigga what it is
Fuck the rap game if you can't pay mayne
Obsessed with the West (West coast!), rack 'em shells
And we started off the motherfuckin multi-platinum sales

[Chorus x2]

Gangsta rap.. gangsta rap
Gangsta rap, gangsta rap, gangsta rap

[Crooked I]
Yeah, two gangstas from radio
Kurupt - kill Blood, Daz Dillinger, Crooked I, yeah
.. Biatch! Uhh!

. . .

(feat. Kurupt, SKG)

That I exposed, my hundred seventy-five flows
The inkling of a sect, suspect me
This assemblies and less than two verses
I'm able to disengage mics
And chew MCs up like Mike & Ikes
When I recite they like two flips
I sink MCs like ships
With my nocturnal vibes, mandatory eclipse
There's no comparison, I embarrassment
Cause microphone harassment
Here's where the fear and terror spin
I'm hit brick, decipher these look-a-like MCs
Claimin' they rock mics like nights for days
So I'm able to have more to perform
I explode on the mic like C-4
I eliminate ya fool microphones
These limited the amount of opponents
Step on the microphone I show em'
Over and over, these weird situations
Enter in the gladiation, now they facin'

Last night I had a dream and it just made me realize
That folks don't give a damn about me (They don't care)
So many haters on the scene, can't stand to see me on the rise
But I'm gon' still remain the same, you best believe
We keep it gangsta, straight gangsta oh (Now that's gangsta)
We keep it gangsta, straight gangsta oh (Now you know that's gangsta)
We keep it gangsta, straight gangsta oh (Now that's gangsta)
We keep it gangsta, straight gangsta oh (Get cho' ass on the floor)

If I wanna fuck a homie I would, ya best believe that
Wanna call me reg, show ya girl where the cheese at
Niggas roll and shit, hatin' on a young bitch
Cause flow I cop or the spots I rock
I'm still classy, playa like me I keeps it jazzy
Still keep it gangsta whether not I'm gettin' sassy
Got a beeper, fly out and release my profile
Or my click bust eighty for all you busters actin' shady
Fake ass ballers wanna-be shot callers
Think y'all holdin' clout, niggas runnin' they mouth
It's still Death Row mackin' when gangs start crackin'
Askin' all you cats in this game yo what's happenin'
Hoes talk about they cockin' back, bustin' guns
Knowin' damn well heat is on deck, you cowards run
Hated by many, yo we loved by few
You ain't gotta like us homie but respect what we do
I'll buck y'all niggas then bust y'all niggas
Set chu' niggas up then wet chu' niggas up
Seen a jazzy hoe steppin' out with the gators
Hold up haters I'm executin' all the fakers
Lettin' all you cats know I just wanna fuck you
Back to ya wifey, it's her job to love you
I'm lookin' for my baby daddy, what's he got
He old enough to cum, he old enough to get fucked
Yeah, SKG Death Row mackin' the new bitch in town
That's how I get down


If I had a million dollars then I'd be rich
If ya ho was on deck then I fuck yo bitch
It's Gotti in the cut with the Don Corleone
And Dillinger with the hollow tip chromes
Catch ya and travel, leave ya flabbergasted
Stalkin' y'all walkin' caskets
Hit the spot where the smokers hold
Low and behold, the tightest composition composed
Can ya catch it, I threw my thoughts like a quarterback
So when they ain't around, I angle murder and slaughter act
React, actions speak louder than words
But ain't nothin' more important than vision
I've seen optical collisions corrupted
I'm spontaneous when I combusted melon
Can't escape a lyrical felon
Excellin' in the out, like it's in from smokin' the bong
Koran Don, set to explore like napalm
Cataclysmic, with a habit to form collisions
Various visions, intellect sharp enough to injure
Like incisions with the deadliest intentions
To grab the heat and bust niggas into different dimensions
I had thoughts, had thoughs of electricity
Murdered by millions of volts
I got a forty cal cold
I'm all about business
Life ain't what it seems in two seconds
I peeped the red beam, I tried to dodge
Grabbed the chrome plate, I dumped once
But I was two seconds late cause the size I was
Was the first mistake
My moms came and shook me I didn't awake
Cause in my position that's the chance ya take
In the dream, in the world with no way to escape


. . .

(feat. Xzibit)

[Man talking]
He repeats an alleged conversation
Between Snoop and an unnamed L.A. sheriff's lieutenant
[Officer:] I think I know who killed Tupac
[Snoop:] I do too, the guy who was seated next to him
[Officer:] You mean, Suge Knight?
[Snoop:] Yes

[Daz Dillinger]
Awww shit!
How the fuck can you niggas be on TV live
On channel 13 but call yourself a gangster?
Nigga, ya better stop doin all that dry snitchin
When you know it ain't real, 'fore somebody come getchu
This Big C style, Dogg Pound gangster for life

I move bricks and llel, I freeze 'em with ice
I keep my business seperate from my personal life
My and me niggas hustle enough, move enough weight
To buy real estate, vehicles, paperwork straight
Little niggas try to calculate the money I make
I ain't havin it, I keep the gauge cocked in kitchen cabinet
Grabbin it, for any altercation
Catch a permanent vacation, fuckin with the Son of Satan
And I ain't waitin for the one time they catch me
Arrest me, and rape me, humiliate, distress me
Telephone rang, when I answered then they hung up
Three niggas kicked the front door with they guns up
Cover my son up, and let the lead off
Pumped the pump, Xzibit took them niggas heads off

[Chorus: Kurupt (Daz)]
Livin the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
We live the gangsta life (Live the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Hah, hah, hah, hah)
Live the gangsta life (We live the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Live the gangsta life)
We live the gangsta life (We live the gangsta life)

I wake up five in the mornin, smoke a sack in the head
Sneak out the back, ground was trackin, thuggin, dodgin the feds
Slangin, hangin on the corner, regulatin the hood
Bangin and robbin, transportin the goods
Hop in the Buggy and throw my cell in my pocket
Grab my strap, cockin to see my homie, hop in the fo' (Sup cous')
Watch the young hoes jockin that gangsta life
Niggas is heated, down to jump on site, nah
I just swerve the boulevard and maintain the status of a G
Cuz ain't nothin but the hog in me
Niggas around my way don't get along with me (Why?)
Cuz they jealous that I packin more than thirty G's, nigga
Cocaine and weed was the only factor in my life, I'm comin up
I'm runnin on anybody who postin rent up
Everbody in my family path was dead
Heaven to Hell, that's where my homies'll dwell
Straight gangstas

[Chorus: Kurupt (Daz)]
Live the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
We live the gangtsa life (Livin the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
Live the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta life)
Livin the gangsta life (Livin the gangsta's life)
We live the gangsta life (And live the gangsta's life)
Livin the gangsta life (Hah, hah, hah, hah)

Yea, and if ya bang say, what, gangsta life
Give it up to all the homies say, gangsta life
Check it out
Gangstas let it all go, no games
No snitchin allowed, spittin no names
I'm G (I'm G) and you ain't (you ain't)
I can (I can) and you can't (you can't)
Ever since you dropped names, you outta sight
Snitchin on ya homeboys - that ain't right
I always grew up since eighteen and up
With somethin to throw up, the hood we threw up
(Look at this Dogg Pound Gangsta)
Flashbacks, of times we got bust at
Turn around bust back then scat
Movin on up to the top of the map
Cuz gangstas'll be here 'til the Curl come back
This is our world - land of the gangsta macks
Patrolled by the blue and red rags
Out here we ain't into ice
Just bangin, dicin, the gangsta life (homie)

[Chorus x2: Kurupt]
Livin gangsta life
Livin the gangsta life
We live the gangsta life
Livin the gangsta life

. . .

(feat. 2Pac)

'Pac, Dat Nigga Daz (yeah) Kurupt
All up in this bitch

Don't stop, keep goin [x6]
Don't stop..
Don't stop..

[Spoken over Intro]
Keep it goin, got my nigga Slip Capone
Hahahaha, hell yeah, lot of fakers is out there
Niggaz get around these backwoods
Get around they mommas, pull up they pants
hide they rags and start to act good, hahahahaha!

Who mashes with the crazy, illest niggaz in town? (I do)
Killin willingly, who got the right to make a sound?
My sound break block, corners, avenues and drives
It's about time the mashin is arrived
I take you on a mission, be on a mission, I'm packin steel
Steadily givin these niggaz no passes on livin (no passes)
I spend major loot on khaki suits
Nikes and kroker-saks to sweat suits, and leather boots
I box niggaz twice my size, I bust wit a fo'-five
Lick you up in yo' eye, blast, make the party live
I live the unusual, crucial life
So pay attention when I come through for you and your crew
as just a man and his music, I ain't afraid to use it
Bruise you badly, you want confusion, I mean it's useless
to step to this, we in effect, we dangerous
Contendin mental murderers and ain't afraid to diss
Biatch! (yeah)

Now I been called crazy, to fade me it's not possible (haha)
I give a fuck, what you thought, or who you brought witchu?
(Bad Boy killer) A Bad Boy killer, Biggie annihilator
They wonderin why he breathin, but bitches is dyin later (ahh)
Better laugh now, then cry when I come to get you
I hit you with two glocks, and leave you with scar tissue
On some loco shit (loco), my pistol smoke yo' shit (smoke)
Let's go for dolo BIATCH, and watch me flow yo' shit
Mr., Makaveli movin pieces like telekenesis
It's like a chess game, let's play wit real pieces (hell yeah)
Shots rang and niggaz brains were spilt
Another Bad Boy affiliated (Bad Boy killer) nigga was kilt
I hit the funeral and busted his folks
and leave the scene like a shadow in a blaze of smoke
Don't stop, keep goin

Don't stop, keep goin [x6]

Well it's that seventeen shot glock cocker, the block rocker (fool)
Hardcore hooligan, verbal assault chopper
Finally televised - Kurupt, Daz reside (resides)
Lethal with mics like guns, bats and knifes
Those who oppose are my foes, all stand in rows
Deadliest MC across the globe, Kurupt Capone
(That's that nigga) I packs heat when it's cold
Too much pressure makes ya fold, so lo' and behold
Why you waitin for the poetical Satan?
Creatin slaughters, runnin through camps like Walter Payton
I snatch ya breath (aah!) and bust 'til there's no one left
Who goes against the program, I'm the Man like Meth
(I'm the man nigga) I don't trust ya (I don't)
The second I get a chance I'ma bust ya
No matter where, you could be in Russia I'ma touch ya
(Like that) Vocal assassin, motivated by cash
Shoot for the loot, brownies and black mags

Don't stop, keep goin [x7]
Don't stop, don't stop

Let the speakers bump - BIATCH! (let the speakers bump)
For everybody out there that got the humps in they Jeep
Big Suburbans, they Lexuses, they Beemers
We gon' break it down a lil' somethin like this
for you to get yo' sub on throughout yo' neighborhood
Turn it up, check it out

They claim to be down, they say they down (man fuck you

. . .

(feat. Beanie Sigel, DJ Clue, Jay-Z, Memphis Bleek)

[Kurupt] Daz Dillinger
[Jay-Z] Talk to 'em
[Kurupt] Kurupt young Gotti
[Jay-Z] Talk to 'em
[Kurupt] Big Jigga nigga, what?

[Kurupt: sung]
Psycho, like no, bitch-ass nigga so
When you see the D-O double G sneak creep low

In the memory of the Notoroious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur

[Kurupt: sung]
Psycho, like no, bitch-ass nigga so
When you see the R-O-to-the-C sneak creep low

Young Hova in the house, world wide hustler
R-O-C, D-P-G motherfuckers..

.. hold up love
You know Jigga Man resumé, blow up drugs
Blast round, full pound, no mask or gloves
Face down on the gravel, have gun will travel
Out the blue steel barrel get ya crew killed
Perro ass niggaz can't touch I, muh'fucker what's my -
- name, Young Hov', gun blow like AC
R-O-C (With the D-P-G nigga!!)

Hold up (hah) wait a minute and
All my thugs get (get what?) gangsta with it

Gotti Jigga and Daz Dillinger, killin ya with the pound
with Roc La Familia (y'all niggaz ain't feelin us)

Deep in and out, out gold Daytonas
D cut through with 2-way Motorolas
Nigga the Dynasty and the Pentagon MOTHERFUCKER
Hollow tip, stainless teflon MOTHERFUCKER
Jigga trigger, cock-a-poppa, nigga chest rocka
with the chrome chopper, glock'll pop a nigga so quick
Saddam Niastra, y'all done stepped in the mud
and about to feel ery'thing from the flat foot
Calicos collective, have you ever seen a
four so clean like a brand new nina
My nigga Daz (Sigel Sigel)
Jigga, Memph, in bad-ass Impalas
Butt naked bitches and pop collars
The popular scholar, this is the beginnin
with the hollow tips soarin, chrome wheels spinnin
Never have you ever seen a G like me
Rollin with the Roc, straight D-P-G

Don't change the game for these hoes
who plays the game like we supposed

[Jay] That nigga Daz in the house
[Daz] D-P-G-C fo' L-I-F-E, Roc D-O-double-G

Don't change the game for these hoes
who plays the game like we supposed

[Jay] Young Gotti in the house

Two-shotty, quick to catch a body
So put a dick in ya mouth, ya bitch

Don't change the game for these hoes
who plays the game like we supposed

Young Hova in the house, world wide hustler
R-O-C, D-P-G motherfuckers..

B-I-G still talkin through the voice of I
For Tupac they yellin ra-da-da-da-da-da
Not a Blood or a Crip but I put drugs on the strip
Put dubs on the whip, got bigger guns
than the fuzz on my hip, cock back let it rip
Won't stop that 'til the whole clip's gone
(click..) CLICK! Okay, let's not forget
cause you got a vest on all I'm aimin is teflon

[Jay-Z and Kurupt]
I'm psycho, like no, other motherfucker
And this rifle, right for your head motherfucker

[Jay] Young Hova in da house
[Daz] Everybody get down
Roc-A-Fella, Dogg Pound, nigga tell me how that sound

[Daz Dillinger]
Cha-pow, layin all you wack niggaz down
Blowed out chromed out, swervin through ya town
What up? Jigga Man, my nigga Kurupt
Laid back actin a nut, waitin to 'rupt
No remorse as we bust, let you feel the dust
Dogg Pound, Roc-A-Fella straight fuckin it up
Let it be known; Daz Dillinger, rough to the bone
All alone, roam ya neighborhood high exhaust
High stylin, profilin, y'all comin after me
In actuality they fake the technicality
Dogg Pound Roc-A-Fella that's my family
On site niggaz died for they salary
We the gang and we walk like we talk
And we stalk and we do what we do after dark
Get one shot Dillinger Roc La Familia
(Now y'all feelin us! Now y'all feelin us!)

Don't change the game for these hoes
who plays the game like we supposed

[Jay] Sigel Sigel in the house

[Beanie Sigel]
Uh-huh, sick bastard
Even mo' sicker ya brain get mo' twisted

Sigel, two Desert Eagle hit you niggaz up quick
Got 'em diggin ditches up quick
Got you niggaz spittin up cause I'm sick
Gettin up slow from hits from the fifth
Let a row go quick from the clip
Shit, sit a nigga down quick when I'm pitchin a bitch
You see light then you takin a trip
Five hours, spill a clip and make the hammer dance
I'll holla, while you holla in the ambulance
STOP ... it's the Roc nigga R-O-C
With the D-O-G on ya block
Fuck the C-O-P's, let me see those trees
No stems, no sticks, no seeds, just breathe

[Memphis Bleek]
Relax bitch, don't act bitch, we don't stop
It's the R-O-C, geah who forgot
You never thought Bleek walk on a track before
Hit a switch in a black 6-4 before
Down on Sunset I run sets, I does that
Niggaz look at me and be like damn I was that
I'm "The Understanding" with my peeps, fuck foes
Got a house in the back with a Benz and dough
Get cha mind right nigga 'fore you mention me
Your click ain't too thorough to mention we
Don't matter who we collab' with, nigga it's a classic
Dogg Pound linked with the Roc could cause traffic
Who want rump, get it crunk with me
I'm Bleek, you a got a gun wanna dump with me?
You catch Bleek in B.K. (or) down in L.A.
With my W and E up nigga, who want play?

[Kurupt: sung]
Psycho, like no, bitch-ass nigga so
When you see the R-O-to-the-C sneak creep low

I will not, lose

. . .

[Chorus x2: Daz Dillinger]
All my niggas won't you Crip with me
All my bitches won't you Crip with me
If you ain't Crippin, you my e-ne-my
Everybody won't you Crip with me

Emcees I assassinate
Don't play no games, don't procrastinate
Got my homeboy Slip, playin 'round with the clip
Ready to slap a bitch, and poppin' off at the lip
Whatchu want somethin', get my gauge and pop somethin
Quick to pull it out, clop ka-pop-pop somethin
What the fuck all y'all niggas want to know about the Gang
Actin like y'all niggas ain't really knew my name
Nigga you see, we gangstas, hearts and all
Let it spark, get the niggas through the dark and all
See 'em all runnin through the parkin lot
Give a fuck homeboys cuz we sparks it off
I'm a R.A.W. dog assassin from the D.P.G.
And I'll be one precious and duchess emsee
When ya catch us in the cut and ya lookin like what
Best believe it be Daz and that nigga Kurupt
We got it all locked down cuz you ain't hittin no mo'
Washed up, what the fuck, you ain't hittin no mo'
The radical, dramatical assassin, my gat is askin
To motherfuckin blast it, stretch like elastic
Now you been a has been, took out the game
Ran smack dead into a train, motherfucker
And gettin busy like an everyday thing
Long Beach, Eastside insane, motherfucker

[Chorus x2: Daz]]

Ske-daddle, emcees, well these two ranest terrorists
Pterodactyl overlookin the plains, off a propane flame
Stickin niggas paraputic, poetical, we theraputic
Emcees propurized, punished, and executed
Don't say I shoot, homeboy shooted
You up against the grizzly, cuz McKenzie
I'm on a friend, ain't nothin fun or friendly
I'm headed to where your friends be, yea motherfucker
You wanna bust it in or off the head motherfucker
You heard what I said motherfucker
Yea Kurupt, what the fuck, kidnappin 'em duck

Niggas like you don't make it over here
Where it's all about your heart and the clothes you wear

I move out this bitch at the age of sixteen
Got my first M-16 at eighteen
First thing I knew was 11-8 gangstas
Then don't ya know, moved by the 6-0's
Ya ever got quoted, well I did nigga
Quoted on by, ?, Embart, and Harthone
In this land we in homie it's all about stripes
The fool thinkin a nigga settle down with kids and a wife
Fuck a bitch homie, but I warned you homeboy
You can't beat on 'em in California, they'll call the cops on ya
Born in the illy philly Philadel
When from Sheltoe and Dekes to heat and Canishel
When from rhymin on the block, to mini-macks and knots
The macks, petas, mini-mags, and glocks, motherfucker

[Chorus x2: Daz]]

Oh yea, we are most definately in effect
Right about now
Dogg Pound gangstas
Kurupt and Dat Nigga Daz
Pushin all them other suckers to the side
All the niggas ran out on us
Shit, we're soundin dope, we right here
Kurupt and Dat Nigga Daz [toilet flushes]
Took five years to digest this shit
So now you got it, be-atch!

. . .

(feat. Kurupt)

[Intro: Soopafly]
Yeah, you know, I'm slidin y'knahmsayin?
Rollin' down the streets doin' my thang y'knahmsayin?
That's the flow, whattup?
Smokin' my weed, y'knahmsayin? Drinkin' my joint
This bitch man, this bitch roll up to me man
This bitch pull up inside and shit
Roll down the window and shit, I'm like - "Fuck you want bitch?"
Bitch, tell me, y'knahmsayin?
She tell me "Turn that shit down, Tha Dogg Pound broke up"
Heh, hehehe, haha, I had to laugh at the hoe, y'knahmsayin?
That's some funny shit
For real though man, tell these motherfuckers what's happenin'

[music starts]

[Chorus x2]
What you about nigga?
(Dogg Pound for life)
Do ya smoke nigga?
(I'll smoke a pound tonight)
How ya feel nigga?
(I feel larger than life...
Dogg Pound for life)

Life without money - that's like breathin' with no air
Prepare, there's no love in warfare, engage
I'll make the front page, like Nicholas Cage
And get served, front and center stage
I'm breakin' through, throw up your teflon barriers
And get penetrated, teleconnetic superior
Hostile, verbal apostle in 3D, hittin' every galaxy throwin' up D.P.
Now I could be quick as a cheetah
And rip through ya shit like a motherfuckin' wild hyena
From the city where lights shine bright at night
Emcees is unique when speakin' upon the mic
From L.A. to the city of Phil' (Phil')
When you approach Kurupt approach with skills
Cause if you don't you'll get shook - and broken
Nigga I rock it and break it open

[Chorus x2]
What you about nigga?
(Dogg Pound for life)
Do ya smoke nigga?
(I'll smoke a pound tonight)
How ya feel nigga?
(I feel larger than life...
Dogg Pound for life)
(What you about) -

You servin' me? (hell nah) I think not
That's facin' a blizzard in a fuckin' tank top
I took trips from New Jers' to Cape Cod
You could be adventurous up againt tremendous odds
And face a poltergeist, I'll bring it to ya nice
I had the whole scenery surrounded like the vice
Who could it be comin' through in all blue? (Who?)
Dogg Pound Gangstas - number one, number two
Never evade the principle, the top principle
Up against the top invincible, rhyme assassin
I lay the cards on the table, take a pick
The wrong choice'll get your whole chest cavity split (ahh!)
That's when all the bullshit ceases
His whole frame and format crumble right before his eyes into pieces
Fake ass assassin with no heart, no mind
No money, no hoes, no flows and no rhyme
Waitin' for the poetical Satan
Creatin' slaughters, runnin' through camps like Walter Payton
I'm all about money makin', and not makin' mistakes
You're only worth what you create in a garden of snakes
Now all I can do is survive, and stay alive
Money 'til I motherfuckin' die
Stranded on the Row, I'm in this motherfucker to grow
And make fetti like I'm sittin' on a mountain of snow

[Chorus x3]
What you about nigga?
(Dogg Pound for life)
Do ya smoke nigga?
(I'll smoke a pound tonight)
How ya feel nigga?
(I feel larger than life...
Dogg Pound for life)

[music plays to fade]

. . .

(feat. Mac Shawn, Soopafly)

[Mac Shawn:]
Daz nigga wanna hoes right here man
These bitches better have a rack on
A G strap

[Daz Dillinger:]
I had one hell of a night
Two freak ass ???
Fucked me and sucked me
Like hell of ???
Name Jackie
Sweat like ???
With an earing on her tittie
and a ring on her toung
I said lay back and let me hit the cat
Down to fifty hennessy
and plus we smoked a sack
I got busy on the cop
In back of the track
I'm like word that you heard
Nigga don't stop

Mac Shawn
I had this bad ass bitch
She was freaking me
All up on that ecstasy
A bad defeat
Malcome X
Nothing going on
but some serious sex
Throw your hands to the back
Like a porno fleck
What's con is it
Don't bust a glock
Layed back
Fuck bitch
and I'm gonna rock the cock
See I'm back again
With this fresh pimp
and all my nigga
We all in
and everything
Is on a hoe
and some of you niggas
Just don't know

I said you just don't know
I said you just don't know

[Hook x2]
You know {you know}
and he knows {and he knows}
and we know {and we know}
That yourgirlfriend is still a hoe
You punk bitch

[Daz Dillinger:]
She was a pretty thang
but a nasty freak
They used to fuck her older sister
By the name of ???
She used to sing love songs
Why she was fucking me
pussy, tittie, ass shaking
Pry to god
Hoe don't scream rape
but i busta like a cherry
and i squeeze it like ???

[Mac Shawn:]
I put the dick in her face
and she loved the taste
Now understand why she loved that face
Cuz it's a freaky thang
but a good thang
Not knowin tonight
She going to do thangs
She preformed on one of us
Like never before
Imagne that
When she hit the flow
She sucked and sucked
I fucked and fucked
She paid Mac Shawn
and i straight got up

Bitch heres a towel
Wipe the nutt of your butt

[Hook x2]

She came over to eat this rap dick
Yea I cocked the hoe
Yea I kicked game and knocked the hoe
A lil' dick love in bitch
By the name of ???
I really did'nt kick no game
All i said was hey
She tourned around
Half ass like she was frome the bay
Her teeth were so fucked up
Made it hard for here to say
What she wanted to do with this dick
I gave her a tip
Grab this dick like it was a toothbrush
In between your lips and scrub
Come on bitch scrub
I came with that favorite toothpaste you love {sperm}
Snatched it out her mouth
Kicked that hoe out
She begged for the number
Like please don't end ot
Man I gave the bitch a number to the dentist
Sent her on the way
Like just don't smile
Cuz if one time they see that grill
you know they gonna kill you

[Hook: x3]

Mac Shawn:
Bitch you was nothing
Never will be something
We burn rubber on you
Raggedy bitch
You nothing piece of hoe
Imagne that
Soopafly the high prince
Young Daz
Mac-N-Ass Shawn
It don't stop bitch
raggedy junky hoe
Fuck you and your friends
Bitch and your mother

. . .

(feat. Kurupt, Lataya Williams)

[Hook: Lataya Williams]
(Feels so good)
Feels good to know that someone loves you
(To know someone loves you)
Feels good to know someone cares
(I wanna feel you)
It's been a long time since I felt you
Just call my name I'll be there
(Feels so good)

Young Daz rollin through high surbuban, swervin
Down the block, catchin eyes and cutie pies
Observe, that is somethin particular, met 'em ??? town
Homegirl what's ya name, she replied the same
Yo baby lookin fly, I could see it in her eye
Respect me, you best be prepared when you sex me
Since I let you tell it girl I could rock you 'til your heart stops
Down to your knees like just like havin a seizure
Please you with the conversation ?? ???
Later on, have you chillin talkin 'bout livin lavish and bubble bathes
Kickin it on the Ave, young Daz trippin off the times we had
Wasn't usual but it was crucial, that I had the bomb and you had it
Couldn't even get mad, it wasn't expected from the baddest girl around town
I paged you early in the day, by 10:30 have it all locked down
What you did to me couldn't be duplicated, you made it the bomb
Even playa hated sometimes, keep in mind
When you layed your head, you knew you layed it in the right place
When you gave it up girl, you knew you ran the right race
Make it hot and sweet, give your body to me
Young Daz, sho' 'nuff gon' get it, homegirl
And it feels good baby


In my mind's eye all I see is time passin by,
will I make it to the other side
Ready to ride, we was all born to die
But will I die alone, baby girl what's it gon' be
She got the bombest shape I ever seen before
Man, she got a brother thinkin 'bout never doin wrong, man
Go on girl with your bad ass,
she got her own bank account, makin her own cash
I might be movin to fast, but with an ass shaped like that
She's the shit, plus she makes her own money, she ain't after my chips
I mean what more could I ask for, what else would I blast for
Catch a G dippin by high at the sky, I lace the game
Everybody wants the best, and every gangsta has a gangstaress
When I pulled on the block lovin the hood like a muthafucka
Then I seen my girl, felt good from that moment on


Yo Daz (get busy)
Kurupt (get busy)
All my ladies (get busy)
It don't stop (get busy)
Ay yo Daz (get busy)
Kurupt (get busy)
It don't stop y'all (get busy)
It don't stop y'all (get busy)

Who ya down for (you)
To ride or die, to lie, baby just for you)
Wouldn't trade you for no money or no girls
It was me and you to rule the world
(it was me and you to rule the world)
She cruise my neighborhood draggin the ground,
layin it down on hundred spokes
Flossin with her homegirls with no shirt
Pull around the corner, Dana Dane's shinin
She see me on the grind and on the front line and
You know where I hang, about handlin things
Be on the corner where the bangers bang
Flossin the neighborhood with your homegirls yellin "whoo, whoo"

Lookin extra cute, G'd in my Coupe
Get your bounce on baby girl, I love her
Plus you'll bounce with me, I adore her
'Cause she'll blaze an ounce with me (say what)
Khakis more creased than mine
She's gangstafied, she wears Dickies not Calvin Kleins
Never ignore me 'cause she adores me, ya know, ya know

[Hook to fade]

. . .

(feat. Soopafly)

[DJ scratching]

Yeah we kind of like that shit, yeah
That's all we do, huh check it

Now what I'm not gettin' is that (why you)
Can't understand you can't rock a mic like (I do)
I fuck around with niggaz but then they (try to)
Take advantage and take for granted so I (slide through)
With the automatic to stay on deck - (dust some niggaz)
I always look em' in the eye, I can't (trust these niggaz)
I'm bein' real, what you seein' - (Soopafly)
Don't be goin' for no shit it's (do or die)
I be hangin' with niggaz love to do the (gangsta walk)
When we bust - hush, hit it, that's (gangsta talk)
I freak a hoe every now and then but (don't pay)
I'm actin' funny with my money, uh-uh (no way)
Now if you think you ran into some riches - (wrong way)
Turn around but you can still hit this (bombay)
I roll around through the hood with the (top down)
Hit the switches for the bitches make it (drop now)
Jealous niggaz playa hatin' can't (stop the sound)
Askin' where I'm from, hit em' up - (Dogg Pound)
In Tha Gang where we blast just to (maintain)
And the weed, alcohol got us (insane)
You can run but sometime ya gotta (feel the pain)
We drop the kick bumpin' in your (system man)

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All my niggaz they can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp struttin' as I walk in
(Say what?) Hearin' all my bitches talkin'

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All my niggaz they can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp struttin', I hear all the homies talkin'
At the party all the homies C-Walkin'

I make a left on Atlantic, then I (ride by)
Seen my niggaz from the Pound so I (slide by)
Say what's happenin' to them niggaz that don't (know my)
Name and my game, give a fuck I'm (so high)
Ran out to get the plan out the (swoopty blue)
What's happenin'?, crack a nigga with that (whoopty woop)
Hit the back shack, stepped to this (rack that crack)
Laid down the game, gangs can't (stop the mack)
I say I'm a pimp and (I am)
Hard on a hoe, make her say (god damn)
They say "what you want?", I say girl (why pick?)
They say "give up cash", I say (eat my dick)
I hopped back up into my Lincoln, the (beat knock)
I need somebody, rolled up my weed bust a (G-ride)
Roll two joints, a blunt, leave the stash (up front)
While I turn up the beat and give 'em (what they want)

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All my niggaz they can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp struttin' as I walk in
(Say what?) Hearin' all my bitches talkin'

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All my niggaz they can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp struttin', I hear all the homies talkin'
At the party all the homies C-Walkin'

You know how gangstas do, all we do is (make ends)
And everything that ain't ours nigga we (takin')
I saw your bitch and she wanna eat a (fat dick)
Make a nigga grip the heater and (blast shit)
All the homies C-Walkin' in the (parking lot)
We in khakis, blast niggaz in (Karl Kani)
Nigga this a gangsta party, and you ain't s'posed to be here
Nigga best to beware, prepared - (look a here)
I'ma tell ya how (G's do)
Dip with the chrome, with the all gold (D's too)
Soopafly and Kurupt and we're (back again)
If ya trip then trip, gangbang blood or crip
Come equipped, or don't come at all to the strip
Or ya might get hit with shit that make ya flip
And if that ain't the case, I'ma tell you to your face
As the sun shine on my palm, fuck all y'all

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All the bitches wanna blow off my socks and
Pimp struttin', I hear all the homies talkin'
At the party all the homies C-Walkin'

It's like way too often, I keep rockin'
All my niggaz they can hear my beat knockin'
Pimp struttin' as I walk in
(Say what?) Hear my bitches talkin'

[Outro: Soopafly]
Tight ass niggaz huh?
Yeah, Soopafly, Kurupt
Not givin' a fuck about a bitch
Hoes, sluts, tramps, tricks, y'knamsayin'? Skanks
Why? - cause this for my niggaz
Yeah we keep puttin' it down like that
If y'all niggaz out there got that gangsta shit
We got it
Keep goin' on and on
Don't stop, don't quit
Uh, we give a fuck about a trick ass bitch
Two niggaz, yeah

. . .

[Intro: Daz]
Man, nigga [?] is tore up, knahmsayin?
Shh, hop in the car, yo-yo-yo turn that music down
Yeah-yeah, y'knahmsayin?
Let's jack these niggaz for what they got, knahmsayin?
Heard these niggaz got some big paper on them
Dope sacks and all that shit
Get the gauge nigga, c'mon, let's go, we out!

It's another bad day in the hood
My clientele's doin small, my profits ain't nuttin good
Hit a couple licks (hit 'em up!) in a matter of seconds we rich
Now it's all about kimo bricks, and fresh toxics to get is in the mix
It ain't hard to tell my clientele by makin mayor
but fuck the cops and these feds tryin to take this rack to jail
Hop the gate (hit 'em up!) to get away, this pack ain't gon' catch us
and a undercover G, ahh, our plates is from Texas
Got the bombers, fuck the moto that niggaz never smoke
Got the weed that when you take a tote you gonna choke
Out of town, we put it down in a major way
Never knew or had a clue that we could make some major pay
Load up by Rucker's
gettin step and never know who gon' get shady doin business
So we never slept in powder box and hot, snitches
and fiends, and cops, makin niggaz shit hot, so we relocate the spot
We got some bitches doin dirty work, outta down [?] the work
Come back wit our bread, break a nigga or some hands (BIATCH!)
That's the way I love it, you know I love that shit
The way I fucks a bitch and clock the green

[sung] Because it's all about the money man
[Daz] You can't get nuttin without it
[sung] It's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] That's what the ballers got
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Cash dollar
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] You can't get nuttin without it
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Get it, get it, get it
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] Aww
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Run it, run it, run it

Fresh broads and five hundred thousand dollars homes
and mobile phones (yeah!) better play the coke
Smokin weed by the zones (the pound)
Got a down ass bitch to help me get through shit
When times get rough at times you know you can't trust no bitch
Keep my eye for them high, and a motherfucker tune it out
Zulu's out, livin life homey, that's what it's all about
Bustin niggaz, dustin niggaz, fo' all out, respect
Sprayin niggaz down wit the tec, aww shit
Maintainin bangin me mad, still I do my thang
Fly my niggaz in stadium style, from the gang
Three-fifty-seven's, forty-fives, get the party live
Get the dumpin the niggaz that runnin for they lives
(FUCKER!) Me and my potnahs in the town, slang dick deep
Through twenty pieces, quarter pound to support the kings
Whatchu need is what we got
from the break you diss me to your favorite block
We be settin up shottin what's mine, tec wit a glock
To let you know, motherfucker that it don't stop
Makin bills for a quarter mill', this life we live is way to real
From hustin rock to fuckin bitches that's top knotch (biatch!)
This fast life made Shaq crazy, at actin outta control
To let you know-know what the fuck we rollin, ganja, ganja rolls
Swoopin through the streets to let you motherfuckers know (know) ..

[sung] .. that it's all about the money man
[Daz] Can't do nuttin without it
[sung] It's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Yeah [??]
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] Can't be cheap
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Yeah, yeah, yeah
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] Money, money, cash money
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Cash scrilla
[sung] Said it's all about the money man
[Daz] Can't be cheap
[sung] Said it's all about the money, money, money, money
[Daz] Money, money

[Outro: Daz]
Yeah, keep your motherfuckin head up and watch yo' back
Cause everywhere you go some nigga out there tryin to, jack on yo' ass
Y'knahI'msayin? Ain't nuttin nice about these streets, y'knahmsayin?
Every G out there for they selves, that's how it goes down, y'know?
So y'all check game, peep game so y'all understand
It's all about that money mayn, that chedder y'knahmsayin?
Fuck these sucker ass niggaz out there my nigga

. . .

(feat. Snoop Dogg)

Every single day, oooh, every single day
I've got to have it, every single day
I gotta have it, every single day

Yo it's on nigga, a stick up motherfucker
"Boo-ya!" went the fo'-fo', there goes another
Nigga, playin, the roll of the tuffy
Ridin me like a Huffy, niggaz that's tryin to bust me
Watch ya back, cause I'm comin when ya least
expectin a nigga to start wreaken like a beast
Beauty, it's my duty to gets wild
Grips the mic and kicks back mad style

[Snoop] One, two, three and to the fo'
[Kurupt] It's the K-U-R-U-P-T wit tha chrome fo' fo'
[Snoop] Rat-tat-tat-tat niggaz fall to the flo'
[Kurupt] And Dat Nigga Daz come steppin through the do'!

[Snoop Dogg]
Uhh, open up ya mind for a second, now pause, freeze froze
Close doors, Doggy Dogg's in the motherfuckin house once mo'
A little taste for them niggaz that be bitin my flow
Yo, put ya gun away, run away, cause I'm back (got it?)
Hit 'em up, get 'em up, spit 'em up, did 'em up like that
Nigga, so what the fuck can I say?
We droppin shit like this like every single day
I keep a strap in my pocket when I step
cause niggaz be trippin thinkin I'm slippin but I ain't slip yet
I ain't sayin I'm untouchable
but if ya fuck wit the Dogg I'ma buck ya though
So, play me if you wanna get played
but what about now Dat Nigga Daz 'bout to get my back blazed
Creep wit me, as I crawl through the hood, every single day
Every single day (every single day) every single day, every single day
Every single day, every single day, every single day, every single day
Every single day, every single day
I come creepin through the fog wit my saggin duce
Eastside, Long Beach in a seven-eight Coupe Deville
Rollin wit the G folk, bumpin in my shit, and it don't quit
Droppin on the one motherfucker put together, that's it
A nigga wit a grip off that gangsta shit
Wit a fat ass sack, some Tanquerey and a bitch
Booty hole naked on my flo'
Give it to the dizzo, let the bitch go
cause bitches ain't shit and I don't LOVE that hoe
All I be smokin is that bomb-ass chronic
and in a minute I'm feelin the bionic
See, I come back like a champ, Tyson hit hard as Snoop
he gonna be rockin on the mic when he lit it up, hit' em wit the Pound
Blood, flying through the sky like a dove
Gotta stay above, H-O-E to the S-N- double O-P, D-O-double G
Pass the number one spot like a ball
From the-the-doc to the motherfuckin Dogg
Yiggy yes y'all cause I fades 'em all
When I'm steppin through the fog and creepin through the smog

I gotta whole army of forts, I gotta whole brigade of ryhmes
In a mental state, time to time, I'm engaged in the crimes
Whether in a fix, my experience leaves me to notice
in the mix, no negligence, have you the audacity
to come blastin me, actually I cause catastrophys
down at blast for me, I'm catastrophic, the shit you must do
Shaky-ass nigga, now how the fuck can we trust you
We're the cashy, ashes to ash to ashy, dust to dust
I bust when I'm here, when heat flashes
My heat sends heat strokes, my scraps put the senorita
Make niggaz choke like inhalin, end up the smoke
So take one toke off the automatic I got stashed in my coat
Under pressure, I come to test ya, extra
Extraordinary, rough texture, rough rhymin texture
Expect a, next a, hittin balls to hard balls subject ya
The romantic buildin is the beginnin of ya destiny
Destined to fall, praise to me and D-A-Z
We mash, leave no flaws, we break jaws
Smoke all the chronic wit Daz and my nigga Doggy Dogg

[Snoop Dogg]
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Smokin on the chronic like every single day
Every single day, every single day
Bitches on our nuts like every single day

[singer repeats "Every single day.." to end]

. . .

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